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Ambush in the Ironwood

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Go now my son, and prove your worth to all.
- Aquilian Saying
Many, many years ago, the city state of Aquilia sent her armies to far distant lands. Egypt to the south, as well as to the cold, dark untamed northland. That was long ago.

Egypt was subdued after many wars. Several bloody battles marked the first of the North Wars. Thorn and Thern, the two brothers who ruled the valley of Kruzin, brought their army into the mountains after being defeated by the Aquilian forces under Kikalos.

They stayed there for many years and were soon forgotten, thought of nothing more than renegades.

Aquilia thrived. The empire created over Greece and Egypt prospered and grew.

But in the cold north, there was much chaos. The wild lands of Midgard remained unconquered and many a good man died in fruitless campaigns there.

That was then. This is now.

Send me to underworld or a bloody battle, but naught to the Ironwood, for there a forest is cursed.
-Norse Saying

A new campaign into Midgard is being formed for reasons unknowed. Young General Surin was sent north with his small band of troops to reinforce the army of Prithasolos. He was given a map by a commoner on the way.

The map showed a shortcut. It was called the Road into the Ironwood. Surin, without knowing the dangers, set off into the forest of the unknown.

What happened, you get to see if you play the scenario!

Ok, this is a fixed force scenario, in which you will lead a band of soldiers fighting through a dark forest. There are many obstacles and maybe a few surprises along the way! (Think Moria…..what did they meet their?)

READ THIS: Place MP3 File:Celtic_lands in file:Aom/sound.

SPECIAL THANKS: To RTR team for letting me use thier wonderful music. And to Unome for final editing and cinemetic making!
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Gun head Will play on friday this week and then come back.
Scenario not Scenarion. Hey, it sounds good. This scenario has insufficient comments.

[Edited on 01/11/06 @ 09:46 AM]

Tomasz It isnt bad, but also not very creative.
It is(for me) only a normal "walk and fight"
You could it make also a bit "smaller".
Will mean: not so huge armies and enemies, because it seems to be too overloaded.
The mapdesing isn`t bad, but you could put more
gras, stones e.t.c. in it and mix the terrain .

shurely not a bad scenario.

[Edited on 01/11/06 @ 01:39 PM]

File Author
Yea sorry about that. On final editing it was thought to be to easy and stuff. Try taking both routes, you will see different surprises each route.

Btw, does the music work? I hope so, I added it later on.
crazedbikerdude Playability: 5
Great scenario! You can play it twice and try both routes
Balance: 5
Nice balance. Made the soldiers as well as the creatures good attacks and stuff

Creativity: 5
Very creative! Ambushes in dark forest are great scenarios and I believe this is the first

Map Design: 5
Excellent! Gives you the feel for a dark forest

Story/Instructions: 5
GOod story

Additional Comments:
Make a sequel!

[Edited on 01/12/06 @ 03:49 PM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
The scenario is playable all the way through. There are two routes, without many surprises. So the scenario has a re-playability value. You lost marks because of two points:

-NO CAMERA CUT EFFECT. This is the mistake I find many mediocre designers make. They have no camera cut trigger at the start, so the player has to manually move towards his soldiers, village, city, etc. This takes away from the enthusiasm one has when he starts playing and made the difference in my choosing between 2 and 3 for this section of the scenario.

To improve you're mark to a 5, I suggest you add the camera cut trigger, make each route have it's own advantage and disadvantage to using, add music and unique elements to make this fixed force scenario a good one.

Balance: 2
When playing I felt that the troops I were using were overpowered and could stand to all but the forest demon, forest monster and enhijars. I also felt that you put in some big number for the monster spawns to make up for that.

For example, I find it quite unbalanced that the general can take on every opponent without much trouble (as in, he kills them in one shot). The soldiers to can handle most of the enemies and kill them without suffering much damage.

To improve, I'd variate the benefits each of your troops get. Hoplites are slow, well armored, have bonus damage versus the enemy infantry, and do allot of damage. Hypaspists are faster, medium armored and has bonus damage against myth units. The cavalry should be fast, weakly armored and do the most damage against everything, but can die quickly. The enemies should have they're own strengths and weaknesses themselves.

Creativity: 2
Generally you're average fixed force scenario. You march through on one of two paths while going on a killing spree. Little challenge is met along the way...no surprises either.

To improve, you could added hidden bonuses, such as relics that add to the armor or speed of the soldiers, ideal spots for enemy ambushes...

You could have also added ways for your enemy to create detours for you. Be it knocking over boulders to block your path, or have forests uproot themselves and form a wall of foliage.

Map Design: 2
My idea of a two is that you showed no new elements for map design, and you showed a lack of knowledge in the map design you're aiming at.

As I recall, you were aiming at a spooky forest. While you did add some suggested elements, many more could have been added.

Mists, tartarian gates, underworld terrain, skeletons, dead corpses, building ruins of long ago, narrower paths, wide open clearings ideal for ambushes, eerie swamps...and so much more.

Story/Instructions: 2
The instructions were very brief, and since your relaying it through message boxes, it's only there for a few seconds. After which, if you didn't get time to read it, you're lost.

While explained here, the storyline is not implemented very well into the scenario, and this is where you also lose marks. An introduction cinematic displaying the wealth and grandeur of the empire, and such else about your storyline could have been displayed to give the player a better idea of what's going on.

Additional Comments:
You receive a fair rating, take my suggestions and you'll get a considerably better rating from me.

Best of luck in that.
crazedbikerdude Hey are you going to have a sequel?

[Edited on 01/12/06 @ 10:38 AM]

File Author
I DID add music. Maybe you forgot to put it in the right file?!!?!? Read the directions man.
jonathan1222 Odd, when I downloaded the file I saw only the scenario file itself.

I downloaded it again and still saw no music file.

I suggest you double check the contents of the zip folder before uploading it and making a statement such as that. As I am sure that it is not there.
File Author
OK I think I'll fix that. But look, my rating is brought down to a 2!!!!Why was the other guy's review deleted?
jonathan1222 It was of insufficient length. Single player reviews need to have a minimum of three lines per area (playability, balance, etc.). More if it's a rating of 5.

A review rating a scenario a 5 should be around the length of my review.
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