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Alone in the Dark Part 1

Author File Description
Night Conqueror
File Details
Style: Role Playing Strategy
# of Scenarios: 2
Version: AoM
Hundreds of years passed without incident. It seemed that the world had calmed down, and that the old rulers had died out, and left the planet to the Humans. But one relic had been left behind from the previous rulers. A stone that could bring life and prosperity to any place. A seemingly innocent item, but with a darker intention. This is the story of how it was controlled, and how it was destroyed. And that in the hour of seemingly endless prosperity, the world, and its defenders were left alone in the dark..

Long ago the Planet was ruled by an Advanced people. Their names were not remembered, nor were their actions. Only a few even knew of their existance, but many relics were left behind. But time took it's toll on them, the relics were destroyed by nature's fury. But one was found by a man named Kemsyt. An insane soldier, from a war long ago. But his plan was good in his eyes, evil in others..this is his story and how he was stopped. And the world brought out of the darkess..

The Alone in the Dark game will contain two scenarios, one of them is a cutscene, the other is a well crafted playable level. Each level will contain

- New Sounds
- New Music
-Great Story
-Great Gameplay
-Bonus features

UPDATE: 3/22/04
-This campaign has been discontinued
The author is currently working on a SW:GB game.

-I'm still alive!

Questions? Comments?
E-Mail me at gioc42@sbcglobal.net
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I must say this is a very entertaining map with many uniquely different quests. I quite enjoyed playing this map. I'd say this is probably one of the most entertaining maps in the downloads section.

Balance: 5
Some good balance, it was a little difficult to find all of those myth units in the time alotted but overall, well balanced. I can certainly tell that a lot of work went into the scenario map.

Creativity: 5
Although I didn't quite understand the scenario plot, the game play was original and left a good impression upon me.

Map Design: 5+
Supurb! Definetly some awesome eyecandy and terrain mixin. Not much I can criticise but that the volcano didn't really fit in with it's surroundings, but I see it's purpose.

Story/Instructions: 4
A little weaker here, I think it was partly that I wasn't paying attention but I still couldn't understand the initial cinematic and why we had to defend (insert city's name here). The movie skipped a couple times so I missed some stuff. But all in all I think that it was well planned out and anything less than four would be insulting, considering the work that went into it.

Additional Comments:

Great scenario+movie, I really liked it.
Kudos to creator! I'm glad that, that earlier review was removed. Hope to see future work from you!
Night Conqueror
File Author
Thank you for the review, I will soon be updating the game to have a more user friendly playable level, and a improved cinematic, as to explain the story better.
HolsteinCow Playability: 4
I liked how you could get MUs before the battle, but 10 minutes wasn't realy enough.

Balance: 4
Polyphemus' army didn't even touch the temples.

Creativity: 5
I've never seen having to gather MUs around the countryside in order to fight an ogre general ever. Great job.

Map Design: 5
Next to Merlord Studios, your map design r0x0rs and 0wnS0rz

Story/Instructions: 3
The opening cinematic was confusing. From what I've seen that Kemsyt has something that makes him turn into anything he wants and there's an evil sorceress that wants to do something.

Additional Comments: i cant wate for part too!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111

[Edited on 08/20/03 @ 04:01 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
The general idea of the scenario is good.It seemed very fun to play at the begining,but i encountered many problems in the process.
The first time i played it i lost because one of the heros died and i didn't even know who it was.I even placed the heros in front of the temple,so the are at some distance from the action,but still some enemy units made it to the temples and killed one of them.According to those losing conditions one must keep the weak(at least)heros totally out of the main battle and i don't find that very fun.I think you should at least include warning messages when a hero gets hurt bad.
The second time i played it on easy,just to watch the ending of the scenario.During my quest for mythological units,i randomly right-clicked on the minimap and ordered my units to go somewhere.Then a cutscene starts,the heros stay in front of a priest and the rest of the units are being slaughtered by a nidhogg.Generally the cutscenes during the quest were quite boring and costed a lot of time.My suggestion is remove them completely and replace them with single camera cuts,so that the player has the control of his units all the time+you will eliminate the chance of two cutscenes playing simultaneously.

Balance: 5
The quest in the country was generally easy,but i reckon that the player isn't supposed to die during it.The main battle seemed quite balanced.Maybe it could be a bit more difficult,but i must say i didn't try the titan mode and i also reckon that this is the first scenario of a campaign,so it's normal to be a little more easy at first.

Creativity: 5
It was a very creative scenario and that applies to the objectives as well as the trigger "tricks" and the map design.I found new things that i hadn't seen in age of mythology yet.I liked the idea of the player having to search for a myth army and earn almost each one of the creatures with a different way.

Map Design: 5
The map design was the second best part of the scenario,besides its creativity.Carefully placed details everywhere,awesome use of elevation,nice terrain mixing...I think i don't need to say more.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions were sufficient and clear.So were the hints.But the cinematics were the weakest link of the scenario.The cutscenes and the dialogues played too fast,i rarely caught them up.The cinematics during the quest were not so good,because the units were placed many times in weird positions(people talking at the back of other people) and some times the units kept trying to walk,but always stayed
at the same place.I know it's difficult to make them perfect,but i got to rate it :).
Finally i thought the part of the story were you get to play the game with the clowns was a bit silly :p.It didn't fit with the rest of the story.

Additional Comments:
Generally it was a well thought out scenario with many creative elements,but it definately needs some fixing.It has the potential of a 4.8 rating.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
It was very nice, very playable...

Balance: 5
Balance was VERY well, it wasn't all in favor of me or the enemy I liked it alot...Very well done.

Creativity: 4
Creative design, I liked it...It only deserves a 4 though...You could have done better...But it didn't seem like you put alot of time into it, it looked like you did this quite quick(1-3 weeks)...But whatever I can't expect a miracle, still was a thinking mans game in some places...
Map Design: 3
Good map design, but it lacked some realistic effects to it, such as weeds, bushes...where are they? Anyways I didn't really ask for something super appealing to my eyes anyways, a map with a good story will ALWAYS conqueror a game that is visualy pleasing, unless we are rating this on apperance only, and this is no beauty contest...The one thing that ANNOYED me about your map was the fact that the talking was very, very badly synced atleast in the prologue, I am a very fast reader...I didn't have time to view the screen...just read, and read and read...And it was so badly synced that I couldn't really grasp it, one second it was a message then it was another and another and messages were just popping up everywhere, fix that and re-submit it, so some of us can understand that...

Story/Instructions: 4
I liked the story, kind of...Well it was definetly something new, I enjoyed it, I never finished it though...Because it was a bit of a pain in the...You know where. Anyways, good layout.

Additional Comments:
Work on the sync problems, and some of the issues with one of the heros...Jason, I believe he dies a little too fast...It's nice, but I sure do miss the good ol' AOC campaigns *tear*
Greenhighlander As compared with AOk campaigns this is pretty poor as are most of those which I have downloaded and played. In fact one "a force in the norse" wouldnt even play but simply crashed back to the desktop every time, so come on guys lets have some really good campaigns with more than one scenario involved, if you can't construct one with proper story lines and triggers then why dump garbage onto the Heavengames site and call it a campaign, shouldn't you wait until you have perfected it and increased the playing times? good effort but no coconut!!
Samuraiwally WOOOOOOOOOOW!
When will parrt 2 come out?
Night Conqueror
File Author
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. As for part 2, I don't know. I don't think I'll make it because of the general lack of intrest in this project.
Night Conqueror
File Author
Um, could someone remove that review? "Insert ??? here" is not a proper review. And if you feel this game deserves a 1.0 rating then please explain why in detail.
dragons89 Don't worry...he didn't write it in the form of a review, so it doesn't take any marks off your scenario's rating. :)
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Map Design4.5
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