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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Nottud's Ultimate multiplayer scenario map pack!

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Nottud's Ultimate multiplayer scenario map pack!

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: depends on which ma you play
Version: AoM: The Titans
A huge collection of maps made by me. These maps are up to date (since alot have several versions). The following maps are in the pack:

avenger race
bloodsport (1 round with 300 pop)
car race
cat and mice egypt
cat and mice greek
cat and mice norse
*catapult duel
death fighting
defend your castle with god powers
*escape 4 worlds
escaping the maze
*fighting fantasy rpg
guardians run
horse race
martain total war
mummy wars
mythdoea (another one)
*random way rpg
*the 4 pits of doom
the arena of mercey
*the 4 games arena
the hole of doom
*the pit of doom 8 players
tower defence

I will not give a detailed explanation because I will be here all day!

* = especially recommeneded maps by me

a few screenshots are included in the pack.

put maps in: age of mythology/scenarios folder


my documents/my games/age of mythology/scenarios

Either will do.

Upperdates for this might be made for this map pack depending on what happens and if i make more maps to add to it!

the old map pack available on this url


Please rate an comment on this pack!

Note: these maps have mixed different difficulty levels and learning curves but even some of the simplest of these maps can challenge an expert.

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File Author
Please say if you want any map explained in more detail.

[Edited on 02/06/06 @ 03:18 PM]

I_Love_Music cAn i ask u 1 question?\

when i conect to eso it ok and when i put my passwork in and clikn on login and it say cant connect to eso and something about invalid CD key something

what happen i cant connect to aom tt, but i can connect to aom 1
File Author
Someone might have the same CD key as yours, is your disk a pirate copy? If not, then do you have more than one account? If so, then use your old one or wait about 10 mins for eso to validate your other one.
I_Love_Music i think i got ban from aom tt eso
:( :( cant log in
Warriors_Blood Yes i no this happened to loads of people, something to to with a virus... im afraid u might have to buy another AoM TT game/ Gold edition.
File Author
I seem to be ok.

Could anybody please leave a review?
Please make sure it is detailed enough or it will get removed!
AndreiM Ps you could explain it. Ps make a map that something like dance contest. I already made 3 of those and they are fun.
File Author
You put somthing like it onto letters if you have something extra to say.

Any reviews would be nice for this

[Edited on 02/19/06 @ 03:29 AM]

File Author
Here is some of the maps in detail. This comes from something else I posted because I don't really want to type an explanation of all the maps. Some of the maps will not match but most of them do.

Defend your wonder - each player has a wonder in an empty base, you place houses that turn into towers and you are attacked by 100 guardians. The player to keep thier wonder alive the longest wins! To win you need to lead the Guardians to the opponans wonders.

The 4 pits of doom - just like the classic but with 4 pits and more idears, lightings, god powers and effects.

Catapult wars - battle accross a 200 metre deep pit! 3v3 and it's the first team to destroy the opponants. + 1 projectiles every 30 secs and effects happen every so often.

Mythodea - Mostly myth and heros, 7 levels of units to choose from, 5 monuments for each player to delete to cast god powers in centre. Based on a Tundra style unit choosing area, lushy desert arena and a hades god power area.

Mummy wars - Just like the priests in age of empires 1. The mummies convert the enemy ones into theirs. (doesn't change to minions) Players also get a lampades and rapidly turns the enemy mummies into lures.

Cows run - Just like the title says, you are a goat and you have torun from a group of cows. The cows get faster at and increasing rate! e.g. 1,2,4,7,12.

Guardians run - Quite an old map. Run from a massive bunch of guardians to a magical shrine. Unfortunately the path is blocked by wall. Stall the Guardians long enough to reach the end by any means you have for the guardians are supper speedy.

Death Fighting - Start with a minotaur and going around changing all the units on the map into army to fight with.

The battle of the Myth summoners - Must be played as loki. You start with a super hersir and when you fight, you get myth units. Get better myth and get them more often as you play and fight in a rich enviroment.

Escaping the maze - A very very old project of mine. Try to solve a maze in the time limit. Unfortunately your los has been reduced to nearly zero and the bacl map is reseting every second. As well, there are traps, helpers, doors to unlock and secrets to be found.

Random way RPG - A quite different RPG to everbody elses. In this RPG, the path has been randomly chosen. Each path has it's own mission, enemies and terrain landscape which all meet together at the end for the final boss

[Edited on 02/19/06 @ 03:33 AM]

goofa Andreim do you just vote 5 to everything? Besides where you messed up help9113 cat n mice rating being a noob. Try actually posting comments not just leaving it as

Playability 5
(Insert playability analysis here)

Whether u were giving all 5s or all 1s...ur being a noob in both of em.
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