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Vesuvius - Volcanic Islands

Author File Description
TwentyOneScore UPDATED 3/4/03 - Added In Game RMS Icon.

Vesuvius is a island map with volcanos and cliffs. Players all start on a central island unless the map size is set to large, then each player is put on their own island (teams are connected via land bridge) and given a transport to explore. The map can come up in any of four skins, one for each season. This is a fair and well tested map.

There are 3 versions of the map provided in the download:

Vesuvius-v1: Standard Version. For tournament play. Contains no special triggers.

Vesuvius-v1mm: MythMatch Version. For tournament play. Contains triggers to grant 420 resources to each player every 60 seconds and increase heroes and villagers speed every 3-5 minutes. Like deathmatch, but slower pace start and a need to build an economy.

Vesuvius-v1e: For fun play. On this map, triggers cause the volcano's to erupt. The gold mines around the volcano's also shape-shift into nidhoggs/fire giants and move around the map.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Bailx I think this is a really well done map. The author obviously put some time into it's creation, and I think the variations he's included are great. I especially like the option of having the smaller island (although I hate islands games in AOM for some reason) right next to the larger island. The way in which he did it works... I highly recommend this download...

One thing I did notice was that sometimes the volcanos don't generate properly... seems half a volcano joins a larger one.... but its not a big deal.

Great Map!!
Rating: 4
Map Being Reviewed: Vesuvius
Author: TwentyOneScore

Okay, I reviewed your Vesuvius Random Map and I have to say that I am impressed. Obviously you put some time and effort into scripting this map, and it was an enjoyable experience.

Playability: 4 out of 5
It has the potential to be a new favorite on my list of random maps that I play frequently. Map 1 is interesting because I did not know what was coming next (I played it on large, so I had 3 separate islands, 2 smaller islands with enemies and one large island, kinda like Vinlanslaga). The only problem that I found with it is that the mountainous terrain sometimes made the unit pathing almost impossible to control.

Balance: 4 out of 5
I mark this category down slightly because I tried playing a team game, and I noticed that there was another inhabitant on my island (my teammate) and they had a bit more huntables around their TC than I did. This basically made me have to build by them and it kind of got a little bit annoying (you know Americans, MINE!!) but that might be because I wanted it all. You might also want to try scripting larger gold mines on the main island. I noticed that they were all medium and small.

Creativity: 5 out of 5
I give this a perfect score because of the innovative use of putting Fire Giants in the volcanoes in map one, the god powers (Vision, Earthquake and Meteor) to simulate volcanic eruptions, and the granting of upgrades and resources made for totally different gameplay experiences in each map. You weren’t ‘gaudy’ with effects (you didn’t overuse effects to try and impress people) and that makes a map good. Simplicity is better than complexity in most cases.

Map Design: 4 out of 5
This is the same complaint that I had in the Playability section. Tight spaces and impassable(sp?) terrain made it difficult to move units and to find places to build (most of my games were 1 vs 1 or 2vs 2 so maybe if I made it a much bigger map it would be easier). The maps were very creative and had beautifully crafted terrain with good scenery that melded perfectly. I really like the volcanoes

Story/Instructions: 5 out of 5
Vesuvius was a real volcano, so the map did pull from history. I don’t know how you could do it, maybe through triggers, but you might be able to tell the background of Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii in the Objectives menu (under Spotlight) for those who don’t know history that well.

Additional Comments:
I’d say on average, 4.4 is not a bad score for a creation. It was innovative, unique, and enjoyable. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to play another well crafted map! (Runs off to play more games of Vesuvius).

Rating: 5
This map is fun. I've had it for a while now, but the volcanos did not erupt on-line. With a latest patch, this was fixed and now this makes a great map for playing on-line. The special effects when a volcano erupts are awesome!

Additional Comments:
I like the way the gold near a volcano turns into fire giants before it erupts. I wondered where those dwarvfs went!

Also fun is playing this map as an island map. Very nice addition.
ARKASIAS im having trouble. for some reason the map isnt on my game
please tell me how to make it work
i read the instructions but it still wont work plz send an answers oon
rio200340 every time i try to run one of TOS' Maps , it says 'sync error' about a couple of seconds after starting the game?

Rating: 4

Additional Comments:
NPC's don't build docks on the large map, that ruined one of my games. Other then that I think its well made and fun to play!

IAmAnubis Hopefully this will get a reply... But The Admiral AI don't seem to function right on this map. They won't even touch the center island at all. Should I use the default AI instead?

[Edited on 08/02/11 @ 09:55 PM]

Enki Try any of the default AIs first and see if it works. If you have the Titans then switch to AdmiralX AI and try that. You can also try the AoModAI (which is a modified version of AdmiralX AI) although I don't think it's optimized for naval. You could always play the map on normal size (only 1 island) if all else fails.

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