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~Revenge Of Tartarus RPG~

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# of Players: 8
Version: AoM: The Titans
Every character in my RPG can switch weapons from Ranged to Melee, you can also play as a traveller which means you need to gather food or die...

I have put a nic elong puzzle in it while sailing down the river, you must find and destroy cyclops statues to open gates.

I think it is pretty cool, so why not try it and give me your opinion?!
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Map Design2.0
Hmm, multiplayer RPG, interesting. I'll give it a try.



A 500x500 multiplayer map with cinematics utilizing camera angles is a no-no, it lags quite a bit. Besides this, you have many a spelling error in your cinematics, which also weren't very captivating and interesting. You clearly didn't put enough effort into your cinematography, which is at the start, so it makes a very big impression.

And it seems to be one of those maps where you just march through, killing units in your way. You put some thought into the heroes, but not the enemies.

I'd also like to comment that in some of your cinematics, you can see the buying/switching area that you commonly see in blood maps.


The heroes aren't very balanced, very overpowered, which I find occurs quite often. The enemies are less then a match against 5 players with super strong heroes.

The enemies, I often find, are neglected. People put there attention to the heroes and just plop down some units as enemies.

Little consideration is taken into them, to make them unique and special.

The camera tracks weren't as smooth as they could have been, and at many times, you can't even see the person talking (like at the start).

And with the difficulties...

why would anyone choose higher then easy? What benefit is there in going higher? Being able to die of no food...


Well, You get a point here for coming up with a multiplayer RPG, otherwise, it is not creative or innovative in any way.

The puzzles are simple enough, easy enough to understand as it was only destroying statues in one of them. You could have implemented the difficulty level here so the puzzles would be harder every level.

No creative eyecandy, if any eyecandy...
no use of special effects or animations.

Animations as in, the units actually made gestures (that they do in the campaign) while they are talking. Special effects as in use of the many godpower SFX and such.

Map Design:

You receive a 2 because the blending is there, but you lacked on embellishments and elevation in the flat areas. Nothing can have as good an impression as map design. Unfortunately, for me, the map design was lacking, so my impression was the scenario was lacking, but I still went through it.

I suggest you have a look at the Scenario Design Library for more details on how to improve it. Or view the eyecandy thread on the forums and post questions.


I give you a 3 here to be fair. You thoroughly explained the features and how to use them. The storyline was lacking, could have been much more original, but overall, you got average here. Good Job.

You also lost marks because of the spelling errors.

Comments: Okay..

I seriously don't like how all my reviews seem to be rather 2's or 1's, Only a few surpassed 3, really, it's depressing in a way. But no matter, just view the Scenario Design Library, post questions, and view other peoples work to improve!

Ambition Designs

[Edited on 02/08/06 @ 10:37 PM]

Warriors_Clan ok well, ive got to say im gutted. By the way i made this...
i thought to get better than a 2. I mean has any one else come up with weapon changes or even a simple puzzle? NO! not even in doom lords. the sequel will be much better! All rpgs are basically get through a maze of bad guys and win! I had to modify characters cos people complained about how weak they were. and cinematics? isnt the first one pretty good with the camera angle and all that???
any way thank you for ur comments.
Warriors_Clan i hope u will reconsider your rating but its up to u... well i tryed my best. the game was never meant to be finished cos i stopped making it for ages thats why there is probably some (BUT VER LITTLE!!!!) mistakes in it. havent u got anything good to say about it?
Take a looke at ~Zelda Empire~ see what u think of that!!! lol thnks again...
jonathan1222 The camera track at the start is good, just that you can't really see who's taking, where was the oracle?

For weapon changes - THE GAURDIANS is one example, there are few others I believe.

Simple puzzles - Ring of the Nibelugen by the Vandhaal, Heroes Chronicles by Gaurdian and Elpea, and just about every other RPG (most of them).

Your map design was good, just needed some bushes, elevation and other embellishment.
I_Love_Music the GUADIAN THING MAP is crapp that map is auto upgrade by time not by kills

suck and cheap map
File Author
ok thnks jonathan ill keep that in mind for the sequel. bushes u say... ill spend more time on the sequel and use animations. thnks.
jonathan1222 No problem.

Err. I_Love_Music, I was talking of the campaign made by Oscar ans Sziggi.
Hell_Raiser777 Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 2
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Hey dudes! Now this game is good and i mean really good. Right this is my ratings for it and why:

Playability= 5 rating: i thot this cos its great fun to play and a new thing comes up all the time i liked the different puzzles and the bosses in this> Super Job!!

Balance= 2 rating: srry mate but i found that (like that other guys comments) that the heros were worked on alot and the the enimies were completely left out exept for the difficulty settings that made them heavt etc.> Mybe next time!!

Creativity= 5 rating: WONDERFULLY made. u could say it has a splash of absoulutly everything in it!> On your self mate!!

Map Design= 4 rating: i thot of this rating quite a bit i have seen better maps than this but they were not alot better i thot it couldnt be a 5 star so i gave 4> Good!!

Story Instructions= i thot it had an excellent storyline at the start the gates being opened and the revenge of tartarus it was kool. its just that the units or things didnt quite fit in with it all but i think it was still exellent or i woodnt give u 4 stars> Execellent!

Comments= i think that everyone who likes rpgs would love this so down load it its really amazing thx BaneXP

[Edited on 02/13/06 @ 06:22 PM]

File Author
Wow. Thanks alot Hell_Raiser777 keep the comments and all that coming in!

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Map Design2.0
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