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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » 1vs1 - Norse vs. Greek

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1vs1 - Norse vs. Greek

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Midgard
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Pls comment
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File Author
I had a really hard time owning this guy pls comment this after u see it. I't appreciate tips and recommendations so i can improve.
Lord_Erik0173 You rated 10 people's recorded games with a 1.0 and now you expect them to give you feedback?

I have read your reviews and all of them consist of 1 sentance saying that its stupid. I will tell you this once: Stop. Its degrading and pointless, and you are rating games on the wrong scale. I won't be surprised when every single one of your ratings is deleted - and thank god they will be.

How would you like it if someone came along and did the exact same thing to you?

Maybe you need to revisit the golden rule: "Treat others as you wish to be treated" If you treat other people like crap, they'll do the same to you.

I can certainly guess you'll start copmlaining that they didn't deserve to be at the top. Really? So just because they aren't perfect, yet they get a 5.0 rating, gives you the right to give them a 1.0 for no reason other than you don't like to see stuff like that at the top? Even if it sucks, you need to give reasons, you don't give a guy a 1.0 and say, "tx - another noob game". Wonderful description, i congratulate you.

Stop it.

[Edited on 02/11/06 @ 01:40 AM]

File Author
Hey u Trojan Wall and Sheep scape player( yes dude i checked ur stats.....), tx for your stupid answer, but the games i ranked really sucked. It is not meant to be, giving each game the highest note. Or do u even undestarnt wots abiut in this game ? Did u even check the ratings of the "5"-points giving people ? Keep it short, and come to the point and if u see, check out the game that says "Me loosing". If somebody really has problems the meaning is to help, not to say them they are good and not at all telling them that they are the most action loaded games i've ever seen. Do u know how depressing it is trying to download the highest ranked games and then find out that those games actually suck ? Cause some hardcore noob gave them a 5 ? The idea is to give a note corresponding to the real value of the game, not something standard !!!!! I hate those 5-Valuers And did u even see the games i rated with 1 ? OMG, just see them before letting ur stupid commentaries on me. And if somebody is able to upload, then they will be sure able to download "good stuff" and go and corrige their opinions after having seen some good games. Are u one of those euphemistic guys trying to be political correct ? If so then forget wot i wrote and do wot u are required to do.

But i'm not ready to let those guys giving a game that is actually not more than 3.5 a 5 !!! never. So i give a 1 for the average rating to come down. I'd be an asshole if i would get several logins and to each of those games and put more "ones" on them. But even if I know how , i don't do it. So u see the point is "average". Did u have maths at school ?

[Edited on 02/11/06 @ 06:43 AM]

extremedragon omg ur both being really stupid over this! Jonsox you cant rate! you give people 1s even if you dont like giving people 5s dont give them 1s cos its pointless and you have no reason besides another noob game!!! This does not give the player any help at all and so just gives them a poor rating and now you expect people to say yours is great? get a life!
chucknthem thor is my main god and from my experience, he has a hard time against greek especially in classical.

about the game:

macro: you're probably the most defensive thor player i've ever seen, you played thor like a defensive greek god, building a second tc right away, boom and make alot of cavalries. you shoul advance much earlier against posieden, he could have rushed you. at first I thought you were trying to go FH since you had so much resources in archaic, but then you changed to a classical boom and fight. you should pick a strat and stick with it. if you want to boom, do it in heroic(note: i'm a much more aggressive thor player, so you might want to get other ppls opinion on this), as norse it's already hard enough as it is fighting greek in classical as it is, when you boom he can either choose to raid you or boom as well. he chose to boom and get heroic which is very bad for norse since now he has counter units, siege and skyla(?) to attack your dock

micro: when he cast bronze sheild you should have avoided his army untill it wore off, you lost most of your army fighting him and he lost hardly any. just run away and let him destroy a few buildings, it's easy to rebuild as norse. better loose 600 wood in buildings than 400 food+300 wood and 400(estimate) gold on units. luckily later on he did the sam by sending his army into your army when it's much weaker so you evened out for a while. I was suprised that he quit at the end because he clearly had you, he probably should have started trade earlier, but he could have alteast sold some wood/food for a while.

some other stuff i noticed: you should emediately start producing villigers from you tcs when you build on them. (again, I don't normally boom with thor so I can't give you more detailed tips on that)

what I would've done(agressive strategy): in the beginning, you should have made fishing ships quicker because it would have helped your advance time. I normally cast dwarven mine right away for my starting 2 dwarves then the next 3 or 4 villigers on wood, as soon as the dock is complete my ulf builds a house and dock starts to produce fishing ships, the rest of my villigers/dwarves go on food or gold. only make about 7-8 ships before going classical because u need the wood for the temple and a couple houses. you should get a good 5:00 to 5:40 classical. here you have 2 options, you can either go for a classical fight or rush or go heroic. if classical fight, make some hesirs during advance. send valk to enemy wood and burn it, try to send a couple units with it too to take out a couple injured villigers. make barracks and start spamming ulfs first because they train faster and counters cavalry(which posieden usually uses), then when you forced him to make a few tox, switch over to RC. it's also a good idea to make a few valks since you should have more food than land maps becuase of fishing. the rest is just raiding villigers and fighting your enemy when you can win. the idea is to force him to turtle and you gain map control or make them resign from frustration.

if you choose to do FH, then only make 1 hesir during classical advance, make some walls near your weak resource spots incase he raids, and maybe build another dock before you even start to advance on the other corner of your side of the map.build a armory during advance to classical, build some more fishing ships and a barracks incase he attacks. keep making dwarves and make about 2 villigers depending how much gold/food you have. advance when you can. you should get a 7:30-8:00 heroic, as soon as you can advance, start making barracks and pump out units. after that, make a coupld seige ships to harrass his fishing, build a fortress if you have the resources and attack once you have a full pop army, try not to let too many troops die at first but focus more on his economy, hopefully he will waste his cease fire and you can safely use your flamming weapons. make some battle boars and set up trade.

another thing you can do, which i normally do is a semi fast heroic. attakc a bit in classical, force him to make an army and stay in classical. try not to loose too many units by avoiding his tc fire and army and jsut raid his villigers outside his base. get heroic around 9min to 11min, again hopefully he has wasted his cease fire, and u can cast FW. if he turtles really well, you can always try to get mythic and rag, or fimble winter to destroy his economy.
Lord_Erik0173 huh? Trojan wall? I never play trojan wall. Nor whatever "sheep escape" is. Doesn't matter, really, this entire thing is pointless and stupid. We'll see what the admins do to your reviews.
File Author
Tx. Chuck. I was really having trouble on the beginning, specially getting enough wood to make the necessary ships. I use to make some dwarfes then develop axe chop (+10%) and continue with the dwarfes til i had enough wood to fish. Bad, but i will try just the mine GP at the side of my TC, i saw it several times, but i thought of it as a waste of gold, as u saw my GP mine actually saved me sometime cause there were no gold anymore. Well I will still try to throw it at the beginnning. ;_) tx. I really wanted to know wot the reason for the early throwing was. Tx for the time targets for Classical and Heroic, i really was wondering wot a good time would be, and this is for me really helpful. Now im a little less afraid of those strong greeks in Classical ;-)

[Edited on 02/11/06 @ 05:58 PM]

PhenixFlash hm....lolz
i don't play norse often....
and plz stop given peps 1's, at least a 2 every now and then...
um... intersting game?... or not....?

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