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Help9113's Cat and Mice

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# of Players: 6(5players)(1comp)
Version: AoM: The Titans
A tyrant cat has taken over and must be stopped. The cat used to be a mouse until the fatefull day when he was transfromed into a cat. 5 mice have tried and failed to stop him, but will not give up. The cat can summon 3 extrordanry units to kill all who oppose him and would have succeded if these mice didn't have one advantage. The powerful relics that litter the kingdom are the last hope for these mice. To name a few there is the Farms 2 Statues relic that turns farms into statues of lightning, 2 roc relics that are slow but an excellent source of transportation, and the guardain killer relic that is so powerful it can kill any guardian near it. Unfourtainetly for the mice though the cat can take and hide these relics 2 and some may benefit him like the roc relic or even omniscience.
Since this is a random cat the game is usually different and can lead to many stratagies. Even some advanced ones i don't dare to try but have included The only person I need to thank is raiderfan for his excellent idea on random cat and super relics please don't take creativity off for there is no other way to make a random cat
~Created by help911(help9113) of SyncCreations~
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Christopher_Kott No one enjoys these games anymore dont bother
File Author
People are still hosting C&M's and even asking me to host it!
nottud Yes, but unfortunately the cat and mice are a bit rubbish. The only decent one I ever see hosted is raider's. But raider's cinematic is too long.
File Author
yeah raider inspired me
V01ture Put thought into your reviews, just because it is a cat and mice, does not mean it is bad. Hell, look up Fly by Night, and download it. It is a cat and mice, and it is great. From the sound of it, he put a lot of thought into his work.

I'm going to get King Jared to delete your review, sorry.
haplothelonely your right well done help911

a pretty nice cat and mice!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The map was playable enough except 1 thing!! The diplomancy did not change! So This meant that the would attack each other! This also needs to be fixed because they fight in the cinematic. I am afraid that will need fixing and is a major error.

Balance: 3
I though that the balanced seemed a bit overweighed against the cat. The mice are really fast and they they have too much health. Other than that it was pretty good. People could join your game because they might not be cat.

Creativity: 4
I thought that the map was very creative and had had plenty of good idears on it. I liked the idear about the increased size lava pool so that it moved up and down more. There were patches there it may have had to be improved but I thought it was an interesting cat and mice.

Map Design: 5
The map design was perfectly fine. Nothing would get stuck or any bits that really was too much advantage for the cat or the mice. I liked the mouse trap idear but people would not know what it was untill they clicked on the relic.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions were clear enough but there wasn't much of a story if any but I am glad you didn't add a story or the cinematic would be too long. Instructions were not too fast to read so that was good too.

Additional Comments:
Random cat needs fixing. You need to sort out it's diplomancy. Other than that, about an average cat and mice.


[Edited on 02/24/06 @ 07:56 PM]

File Author
Ok then andrie lets c wut u can come up with then and give an acual rating
Also i think that cat is a lot easier to be then mice ive won many times as cat
Hey andrie i just checked wut maps uve made and i c a little thing that says aom only not titans hmmmm wut should that mean o yeah IT MEANS U DONT HAVE TITANS AND THIS IS A TITANS MAP SO U COULDNT HAVE TESTED IT AND SHOULD BE BANNED FOR ACTING LIKE A RETARD
O and nottud i think that the fighting dosent really matter that much theres no serious damage ive checked and that also can provide a different type of gameplay so i kept it like that. Also the health idea i agree with u and ill go change that right now and update this

[Edited on 02/19/06 @ 05:03 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This map was easily playable, the only bad part is when you're looking for people they don't really realize it's a random cat. So it's always hard to get that last person in, it still got a 5 though.

Balance: 3
I have to say, Cat and Mice can never really be balanced. What kept it from being a 1, however, is the relics. It gives the mice more of an easy time, ranging from rocs, to changing farms into statues. The relics helped push it up.

Creativity: 3
There were a lot of new concepts here to cat and mice. The relics were main boosts on the creativity. I couldn't give much credit for random cat though. Normally this would have been a 5, but Cat and Mice has been going on forever, and it really isn't anything new.

Map Design: 5
The making of this map was great. There were no areas that the cat could not go, and no massively blocked areas that takes the cat 30 minutes to get through. The lava was well done, with the flowing of it. Flawless.

Story/Instructions: 3
Well uh, a story, there isn't really a story to cat and mice. I know you mentioned story in the posting of file, but people that don't go to aom heaven and are just getting from in the game would have no idea of story. The instructions were decent though.

Additional Comments:
Nottud, just so you know here is how teams were supposed to be setup. The first 5 players are team 1, and slot 6, is a computer on a different team. I'll say the before anybody even says it, if you think my ratings are too high, you can take your comment and shove it.
AndreiM I have Titans maps. Only I think this map is good but not really my type so I'lll give another rating fdor it....
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