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New Titan Project VOL 1.1 updated

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Version: AoM: The Titans
This is the first vol of the New Titan Project .This mod adds two very cool new Titan unites A female demon that burns and has flaming footprints ,and a male demon he also burns and has flaming footprints , They both have a new Titan gate and new sounds , They are based on Gaia and Kronos but they do not replace them in the editer, They are true new unites. They have also been balanced with the original Titans to be an even match .

In addition I have made all 4 original Titans new unites as well , they work perfectly and each can be used with any civ.

This Project is based out of Kalos Design Studios and we are looking for people with modeling experience to aid with future Titans if anyone in interested you can join here


Screenshots of the new unites can be found here


And here


PS. I would like to thank King Jared , Argalius And Stephen Caines for all the help on this ,

You can expect VOL 2 very soon , This is the result of a lot of work and many many hour so I would apresheate coments and or raitings

Thank You
Crazy D


new special powers have been added to Demon and Demoness and the sound problem has been fix for the original Titans.
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jonsox Hey - i have a question
Since the are new units, they wont be playable in eso, so everybody downloading this will be probably not able to play online. So, why didnt u just try to replace the Titan for each culture. I mean as example greeks got 3 civilisations but only one damm titan. Is it possible to give each civ, just another texture for each titan, without the need of introducing a new unit ? Im not much of an expert, so pls excuse me if this sound weird. ;-)
File Author
Well in fact that is one of the things I want to do , In the end I want to make a playable Titan for all 12 civ's , But I dont know how to do this yet , but before I can start trying to do this I have to have 12 Titans to start with , I will most likly have more than that when Im done , But untill I get that mod done other modders can use the new Titans for creating new scenario's and other mods , I hope that answers your qustion and thanks for the comment.
andyshevtsov Hi, i am new at adding mods. I added all the stuff where it should go. Put the protox into the data folder. I still don't see the new titans. They all still look the same to me! Can u help?
File Author
andyshevtsov , if I understand you , you installed this mod and then played a game and you want to know why the Titans in the game dident change , Correct? . The new Titan's wont be in the game ,if you installed them correct they should be in the editer . at the start up menu select more then editer at the top of the editer select objects then place objects at the top of the page you will find the new unite,s with *** in frount of them . at this time they dont replace the original Titans, but keep an eye out I will be releasing a mod that will very soon as well as a lot more Titans.I hope this helps but if you still need helpp let me know.
andyshevtsov Yeah, I get it. Hey do you know if there is such a thing like AOM mod cleanup? I added too much mods and now my game don't work. I can't reinstall it because i gave away the cds. I downloaded a no cd patch. It worked fine until yesterday so now i do not know what i should do.
File Author
Oh man you real shouldent have given away your CD's , Ive had a lot of problems with some mods and the best way to fix it is to reinstall, some mods may conflict with others.

If you cant get the CD's back to reinstall try removing all the mods you added that might work , What most of the time will cause the game not to run is the protox in your data folder I would try removing the protox.xml and the protox.xmb then see if the game will run.if not try removing all the mods a start over, if you still have trouble Email me and ill try and help.

ARKASIAS i noticed another pic in yuor album. it says titan projects. can i get those too. if i can are they texture or not.
File Author
ARKASIAS you can download some of my other textures here just do a search for crazydragon and it will bring up all my posted texture,s but you may want to wait, I just finished VOL2 I just have to pack it all up and do some play testing I should have it posted with in a week it will add 8 more new Titans with sounds and powers.Including

Bast ,Isis ,Hecate ,Skadi ,Cyclops ,Earth Elemental ,Fire Elemental and Air Elemental Titan

[Edited on 03/14/06 @ 08:18 PM]

ARKASIAS good. when are you making an aouto installer. because o man do i hate protox. i have reionstalled my game 6 times because of protox probelms. most people tnhink its ok but not me. i download alot of texture mods and it just gets on my nerves to do it all over again and again and again.and one more thing. i took a good look at the cyclops mod you made and thought of something. with a few little changes you could make it look like atlas. the only difference is the loncloth color and the 1 eye. ytou could make 2. 1 regular and 1 carrying the earth.

[Edited on 03/14/06 @ 09:06 PM]

File Author
Auto installer, that would be nice the only problem is I have no clue how , Ive only been modding for a little over 6 months and Ive spent all that time learning how to make new Titan's, But your right that proyox can be a real pain , I can give you a tip , Before you make any mod of the protox copy it, just make a folder right in the data folder called orig protox ,then if your modded protox fails you can use your backup and when you get a mod added to your protox and it works ,save it again before you add any other mods .

This will save you a lot of trouble, Before I started doing this I had to reinstall a few
times too.

Atlas cool Idia ,I dont know about the earth model I tryed to use it before and the sky was part of the model,I dont know how to remove it and if I could I dont know if it can be attached to another model but it would be cool.


new special powers have been added to Demon and Demoness and the sound problem has been fix for the original Titans.

[Edited on 03/23/06 @ 10:49 PM]

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