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Legends of the Third Age: The Fellowship of the Ring

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Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 12
Version: AoM: The Titans
*****PATCH NOW OUT!!!*****

Download here:




Check out the youtube trailer!



Winner of 'Best Campaign' January 2007
Winner of 'Best Modpack' January 2007


The Modders and Mappers of the Liquid Fire Studios: Legends of the Third Age Team Proudly Present....


For over 2 years, the Legends of the Third Age team have been working to re-create the first installment of Tolkien's classic Lord of the Rings trilogy in AoM. In this long-awaited campaign, the player follows the adventures of the nine members of the Fellowship in their quest to destroy the One Ring. The scenarios are made to the highest quality by some of the best designers in the community, and will lead the player from the sweeping rural hills of the Shire to the deepest depths of Moria to the wooded ruins of Amon Hen. Complex map design and amazing eye candy will keep gamers coming back simply to watch the brilliantly created cinematics. Even more fantastic is the completely original soundtrack created by a true genius at his craft. From Rivendell to Mordor, Legends of the Third Age: The Fellowship of the Ring brings Middle-Earth alive like never before.

Aside from the excellent scenarios, The Fellowship of the Ring boasts what may be the largest and most expansive modpack in Age of Mythology history. Each weapon is authentic, and gamers will feel the fires of the Balrog and hear the crack of Gimli's axe. Each face of each hero is authentic and detailed, as is every structure in the many exotic Middle-Earth locales. The mods were made by legends in the Age of Mythology community, and the quality does show.

The Fellowship of the Ring has features such as:

- The world of J.R.R tolkein created in AoM for the first time!
- 12 beautiful maps, pain-stakingly made to the finest quality by some of the best Age of Mythology mappers out there.
- The largest and most detailed modpack ever created in AoM!
- Original and never before seen game play.
- Extensive and professional sound track.


Project Founder: Coolsk8r

Project Lead: EazY_Ben
Lead Scenario Designer: Guardian Of Isis
Lead Modder: Dnas
Public Relations: Zeus174

- Guardian Of Isis
- Deianeira (BlueDragon27)
- EazY_Ben (EaZy)
- Blackhunter
- Razzia
- Myst

- FlipBizcut (1979-2005)
- Dnas
- Coolsk8r
- Antisback
- Waveslave610
- Stephen Caines
- Guardian Of Isis
- King Jared
- Sjouke
- Daemon Crudelis
- Dude12345

- casper15
- DeadHead
- Oscar
- Guardian of Isis
- Deianeira (BlueDragon27)
- EazY_Ben (EaZy)
- RiderOfEternity

-Msc Mixer

Big thanks to Ykkrosh for creating the BAR loading mod, of which this project makes extensive use of.

**This project is dedicated to the late, great Flipbizcut (1979-2005).**

When installing, you extract the extractor to your AOM INSTALL FOLDER,
not the folder you downloaded the file to.
Your AoM install folder is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\.
It is NOT My Documents\My Games\Age of Mythology.
If you extracted incorrectly,and re-extracted, you must run the
lta.exe inside the AoM folder, NOT the one created from the
Please do not pester us about something not working if you did not
extract to the AOM INSTALL FOLDER.
If you are getting an error about rockalldll.dll, you have not
extracted it properly.

*****PATCH NOW OUT!!!*****

Download here:

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Cirdan Elf Lord Thanks. :)

Oh and by the way, ive solved the mods problem. thanks for your help!

[Edited on 11/17/07 @ 09:06 AM]

DarkAce Hi, i've been playing FOTR lately. It's a great game by the way, genious. However, when i reach rivedell, some triggers don't happen. For example, after i checked in the editor, frodo was suppose to say to Elrond, "I've lost the ring." But no matter how many times i click him, he dosen't say anthing. This is the same with the merry/pippin drinker contest and gandalf's riddle. Thus i couldn't finish the Rivendell level and had to skip...
Please help!!! Thanks
Cirdan Elf Lord Did you get the message asking if you want to accept the side mission?
DarkAce No! All i heard Elrond say was,"Frodo!, you've finally awakened! If you need anything, just come to me." Or something like that. Then, he wouldn't say anything else.
Pipin and Merry's drinking contest just says ,"we need your help frodo, which of us is the biggest drinker? C'mon frodo, its a once in a lifetime oppertunity.
And Gandalf just say, " are you interested for a riddle?" ....
Guardian Of Isis Well, all those things are happening because a trigger effect called Choice Dialog doesn't work with you. Other people have had this problem. Don't know how they got it to work again though... Do you have the trigger effect anyway??
DarkAce Yes, i do have the trigger effect. Which is a curious thing, since the choice dialog at the statues in Caradhras works well. Several choice dialog also works in the later levels without difficulty. i checked in the editor if i achieved all the trigger functions in every scenario, and i did. Unusually, only the Council of Elrond seems to be the oddity because the triggers don't work.
However, i added an effect to SlecetElrond1 in the editr to fire event SelectElrond2. This caused a dominoe effect on everything so in the end, i was able to see the council. But the situation and gandalf and merry and pippin seems to leave me at a loss...
And if you don't mind me asking, towrads the birdge Gandalf's on, frodo says, "Hey, whats this?'... So what is it? Thanks in advance
Guardian Of Isis Well, the Merry/Pippin thing is a drinking game where you have to pick one of the 2 Hobbits you think is going to win. It's always the same guy who wins (Pippin, I think), but it might be fun to update it so it'll be a random guy out of the 2 every time. The riddle Gandalf gives you is: "It shines in the sunlight, yet does not give light. Though it is never honored, it saves many a warrior.". What do you think is the answer? ;-)

The side mission you get before you reach the bridge involves Frodo finding out he doesn't have the Ring on him and you have to ask around where it's gone off to. You find out eventually that it was being kept safe to the north of the map, outside the gate you may or may not have noticed.
DarkAce Oh that seems pretty clear...
i was able to trigger some effects by firing some events, so i got to see everything. So thanks for your help. But, can someone pls answer this question, frodo walks to the bridge gandalfs on, hes just pas sam on the left and merry/pippin on the right, he suddenly says,"hey whats this?"...and then there no more messages after that...
So what is it???
Cirdan Elf Lord I think thats when he notices he doesnt have the ring.
Guardian Of Isis Cirdan Elf Lord is right. =)
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