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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Legends of the Third Age: The Fellowship of the Ring

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Legends of the Third Age: The Fellowship of the Ring

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Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 12
Version: AoM: The Titans
*****PATCH NOW OUT!!!*****

Download here:




Check out the youtube trailer!



Winner of 'Best Campaign' January 2007
Winner of 'Best Modpack' January 2007


The Modders and Mappers of the Liquid Fire Studios: Legends of the Third Age Team Proudly Present....


For over 2 years, the Legends of the Third Age team have been working to re-create the first installment of Tolkien's classic Lord of the Rings trilogy in AoM. In this long-awaited campaign, the player follows the adventures of the nine members of the Fellowship in their quest to destroy the One Ring. The scenarios are made to the highest quality by some of the best designers in the community, and will lead the player from the sweeping rural hills of the Shire to the deepest depths of Moria to the wooded ruins of Amon Hen. Complex map design and amazing eye candy will keep gamers coming back simply to watch the brilliantly created cinematics. Even more fantastic is the completely original soundtrack created by a true genius at his craft. From Rivendell to Mordor, Legends of the Third Age: The Fellowship of the Ring brings Middle-Earth alive like never before.

Aside from the excellent scenarios, The Fellowship of the Ring boasts what may be the largest and most expansive modpack in Age of Mythology history. Each weapon is authentic, and gamers will feel the fires of the Balrog and hear the crack of Gimli's axe. Each face of each hero is authentic and detailed, as is every structure in the many exotic Middle-Earth locales. The mods were made by legends in the Age of Mythology community, and the quality does show.

The Fellowship of the Ring has features such as:

- The world of J.R.R tolkein created in AoM for the first time!
- 12 beautiful maps, pain-stakingly made to the finest quality by some of the best Age of Mythology mappers out there.
- The largest and most detailed modpack ever created in AoM!
- Original and never before seen game play.
- Extensive and professional sound track.


Project Founder: Coolsk8r

Project Lead: EazY_Ben
Lead Scenario Designer: Guardian Of Isis
Lead Modder: Dnas
Public Relations: Zeus174

- Guardian Of Isis
- Deianeira (BlueDragon27)
- EazY_Ben (EaZy)
- Blackhunter
- Razzia
- Myst

- FlipBizcut (1979-2005)
- Dnas
- Coolsk8r
- Antisback
- Waveslave610
- Stephen Caines
- Guardian Of Isis
- King Jared
- Sjouke
- Daemon Crudelis
- Dude12345

- casper15
- DeadHead
- Oscar
- Guardian of Isis
- Deianeira (BlueDragon27)
- EazY_Ben (EaZy)
- RiderOfEternity

-Msc Mixer

Big thanks to Ykkrosh for creating the BAR loading mod, of which this project makes extensive use of.

**This project is dedicated to the late, great Flipbizcut (1979-2005).**

When installing, you extract the extractor to your AOM INSTALL FOLDER,
not the folder you downloaded the file to.
Your AoM install folder is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\.
It is NOT My Documents\My Games\Age of Mythology.
If you extracted incorrectly,and re-extracted, you must run the
lta.exe inside the AoM folder, NOT the one created from the
Please do not pester us about something not working if you did not
extract to the AOM INSTALL FOLDER.
If you are getting an error about rockalldll.dll, you have not
extracted it properly.

*****PATCH NOW OUT!!!*****

Download here:

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Shrink That's a little premature of you. :p

There's been no flaming, or even real arguing.
king movert um again im still stuck on the riddle i suck at this and cant figur it out maybe someone could give me a hint?
Dnas Better to say it before arguments arise than when it's too late. ;-)

[Edited on 04/28/06 @ 03:00 PM]

Archaeopterix --- Quote ---
What who said the mods deserve only 4.0? The balrog alone deserver a 5.0.. dear me XD! People can give individual mods 5.0s, why not this? Ah wait a minute, there's no Mod score :(
Nobody, really. Gaurdian only said so as an example, and I just used the same example over. By the way, it is a misunderstanding that "a certain part of the project deserves a 4.0, so the entire project deserves at least a 4.0" - I honestly don't know where that idea comes from. A project's score is the (possibly weighted) average of it's components, not the max of it's components or whatever other maths trick you want to deploy on it.

If you'd release the modpack alone it'd probably get a lot of 5.0 reviews - simply because there are so many and also a lot of very good ones, regardless of the few bugs.

Let's just see what other reviews this project gets, and if it's disappointing, then just remove this file from the downloads and re-release it in the mods section, where the scens will weight less heavily. :P

[Edited on 04/28/06 @ 04:22 PM]

jonathan1222 Yes, once everyone else has finished the campaign and reviewed this, the rating will be brought up by a lot.

Similar to the Guardians campaign: it had a rating of 5.0, but some ratings that were below 4 brought the average down to 4.5, the rating WILL pick up.

My opinion of this campaign is that of a designer who has been designing for almost 3 years, so you can understand why I might have rated so harshly.

@Guardian of Isis:
The Map Design I agree was above average, if it were not for how well it portrayed the places in the book and movie. That's why I brought it down to a 3. You'd agree that Rivendell didn't look much like Rivendell, wouldn't you?
File Author
Its just about as good as you can get it in the AoM engine, without having to mod new buildings.

I notice AD members have been eager to give out the criticism :P You'll all be more than welcome to playtest TTT when it comes out :)
Gaurdian_112 'The Map Design I agree was above average, if it were not for how well it portrayed the places in the book and movie. That's why I brought it down to a 3. You'd agree that Rivendell didn't look much like Rivendell, wouldn't you?'

If it was above average, why a 3? 3 is the rating for average maps.
Tiber Septim Playability: 2
I didn't really enjoy this campaign as much as one like Hero Chronicles (not Heroes Chronicles, the other one), but it was fun to see the mods. Here is the thing that scored the points:

1: The mods where fantastic, the balrog's whip I especially enjoyed - although I had to open the editor to actually see the balrog, as bugs stopped me from seeing it in the campaign.

2: The scenarios where all very good, I disliked Rivindel, but Lothlorien was very good. I enjoyed the camera track (which was very well balanced) when it zoomed quite fast into Galadriel's well.

Balance: 1
Too many bugs. The dog scene would only work on the condition that I am dead, no matter how long I wait (ten minutes is enough time to get carrots?), and the locust thing was impossible. Also, when Boromir says "they have a cave troll" in Moria, is he having fantasies or something? Many scenarios I had to cheat to get past.

Creativity: 4
Lord of the Rings isn't exactly unpopular, but Legends of the Third Age is one of the only good Lord of the Rings campaigns/scenarios I have played. The only other good one is multiplayer, only Istari's scenario equals this one. Very well done to you all on the LTA team!

Map Design: 3
Not exactly candy to the eyes, but it was something. Out of interest, who made Moria? That was the best map, in my opinion, and whoever made it must be an extremely good designer. I would suggest, instead of using one-square hills for the archers, using cliffs instead though, it looks more realistic. But as Gaurdian said, it isn't all about the map, more about the mods.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions, in my opinion, where terrible. Sorry about that, LTA! The story was good, though. I liked the idea of the Hobbiton scenario (for a moment I thought you had devoted a scenario to each chapter). But still, this deserves a four, and thank JRR Tolkein for that. Not meaning to offend you, or anything...

Additional Comments:
Overall, not the best campaign, but a good one, nontheless. If you wanted to give the impression that this was about the modding, why did you put it under campaigns?
File Author
2.8 :) Higher than I expected.

[Edited on 04/28/06 @ 05:39 PM]

Guardian Of Isis There HAS to be. ;-)

[Edited on 04/28/06 @ 06:43 PM]

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