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Age of Mythology Center Heros

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File Details
Version: AoM
Pack name : AoMC Staff Heroes.zip
Mod made by : Vachu
Ideas by : Vachu & TheBlackKnight
Release date: Dec 10, 2002
Version : 1.0.1 (With the good uninstaller)

This mods contains 9 new heroes (based on existing models sadly. But still with different weapons and armors!) and 2 new non-hero units. See below for a list of units.

How to install:

Extract the files somewhere in your computer. Then, in the folder where you extracted the mod, execute "Enable this mod.exe".
If you want to disable the mod, (to play online with someone who doesn't have the mod for example) execute "Disable this mod.exe"

How to use:

Play the game and train the units when you can. Play with them...
You will have to play with graphic settings at high if you want to see the modified heroes.

New heroes list:

Disturbed Roach:

When Ra decided to make a powerful siege weapon, it had to look like a big insect. Therefore Disturbed Roach was born. Disturbed roach is not called disturbed for nothing. He never seems to know where he's going, so he walks slow. He can also attack units quite well. But as Ra decided it, he can destroy any building in a single shot. But since this takes a lot of energy, it can only be done once in a while.

- Hero that looks like a scarab.
- Special attack : Every 1 minute 40 sec, this hero can destroys a building in one single shot.
- Available in mythological age under Ra's power. Trained at the Temple.


TheBlackKnight was made when Zeus wanted a warrior who could deliver his biddings and if need be, fight battles with overwhelming odds against him. TheBlackKnight is nearly indestructible seeing as he is made by the gods. He has the power of Zeuses
lightning able to kill myth units in a single blow and bring great harm to mortal units. Zeus gave him mighty armor that all but deflects arrows. Unfortunately, Zeus forgot to make him a shield so he is vulnerable to concentrated infantry attack, although it still takes a great number of them to bring him down.

- Hero that looks like a Cataphract.
- Special attack : Lightning strike.
- Available in mythological age under Zeus's power. Trained at the Town Center.


When Thor created Partizan, he wanted to give him his powerful hammer. But when he sent him to earth, he completely forgot that he was holding it. Partizan had to find something else to battle with. It didn't took him long to "borrow" Eitri and Brokk axes. Wielding those two axes in battle can sometimes allow him to send a unit flying in the air, killing it almost instantly.

- Hero that looks like an upgraded Einherjar.
- Special attack : Hits units in the air.
- Available in mythological age under Thor's power. Trained at the Town Center.


Set loves animals, and Vachu is his own personal creation. This monkey can walk really fast and loves to jump on units while attacking. Also, being that fast, he's really good at picking up stuff and bringing it back home. Especially relics. But Set made Vachu really weak, almost like a human with no protection. But Set did make Vachu an intelligent being. Vachu is so intelligent that he can convince other monkeys to join his cause while also showing them how to fight and jump like him. These other monkeys may not be as powerful as Vachu, but together they make a great bunch.

- Hero that looks like a monkey.
- Special attack : Leap. Runs fast as hell.
- Can train a maximum of 5 friends to help him in battle. His friends are monkeys that are the same as him but with a tiny bit less power in every category.
- Available in mythological age under Set's power. Trained at the Town Center.

Son of Apollo:

Yes Apollo has a son. And like every good father, he teached his son what he was good at: Bow and Arrows. The result his quite amazing : Apollo's son almost never misses, he can always shoot two arrows at the same time and when he feels like it, he can shoot five of them at the same time. Apollo also blessed his son with his arrows. Those arrows can go at twice the speed of a normal arrow. In his teen age, Apollo's son was kidnapped by Hades and Hades showed him how to steal from others. To show his master that he learned how to steal well, Hades dared him to stole a Norse shield, which he did remarkably.

- Hero with the body of a toxote, the iron helmet of an hoplite, an iron bow and a big iron shield stolen from a Norse.
- Special attack : Shoots 5 arrows at a time at each 20 secs.
- Always shoots 2 arrows and has great aim.
- Has Apollo's arrows that travel faster.
- Available in heroic age under Hades's power. Trained at the Temple.

Long Siege:

Poseidon loves water, and when he created that cyclop named Long Siege, he thought too late that he would be pretty useless for his needs so he gave him to a Greek civilisation. The Greeks didn't showed him how to fight. Instead, they decided they'd show him how to build. Long Siege wasn't good at building at all. But one day he discovered the siege equipments and his passion for building siege buildings suddenly grew. Being strong and tall he can move materials faster making him build towers and fortresses really fast. Fast enough to build them in enemy territory. Long Siege can take hits while building and it almost doesn't affect him. He just keeps on building. But when he's done building, he got to get out of the fight cause he simply cannot attack. Poseidon, still keeping an eye on his creation, saw that weakness and decided to give him the power to summon classical and heroic myth units for defence purpose.

- Hero that looks like a cyclop with a small shield.
- Special move : This hero specializes in building towers and fortresses. But he unfortunately cannot attack since all he knows is how to build.
- Can summon myth units for classical and heroic age for defence purpose.
- Available in heroic age under Poseidon's power. Trained at the Fortress.

Slave 2 Freedom:

Although Slave 2 Freedom was freed from slavery a long time ago, he just still likes to build, gather, repair and farm. He knows he's good at it. In fact he once compared himself to other villagers to see how good he was. The results were amazing: He could gather twice as fast, build any building twice as fast and carry twice as much. In fact he discovered he was simply working as much as two villagers. When he was a slave, Isis granted him some warrior powers and some armor for being such a good worker. This helped him a lot to get out of slavery. Now he's just waiting in his house for someone to ask him to help gather, build, repair and farm. And if asked very nice, he'll even fight.

- Hero villager with a shield and a hat.
- Special move : Gathers, carry, repair and builds twice as fast as an egyptian villager.
- He's a villager but he can fight pretty well too.
- Available in classical age under Isis's power. Trained in any House.


This is Loki's favorite hero. BanDiT loves to do things fast. And in battles, he likes to hit wherever he can with all his strength. This is why when he's called, he simply takes an un-upgraded nearby Jarl horse, puts a Raiding Cavalry helmet on, takes an axe form an Einherjar, and then just ram in the battle, occasionally throwing units in the air. But BanDiT has another, and more gentle side. He likes to tame animal. It takes him great time but he can show a polar bear how to freeze enemies. And needless to say that a bear ramming a building can also be useful.

- Hero riding a Jarl's horse and swinging a big double sided axe.
- Special move : Hits units in the air and can summon is own polar bear.
- Available in mythic age under Loki's power. Trained at the Town Center.

Fire Lord:

Odin once decided to make a fire giant who would not be able to fight but would instead be able to heal. He thought that the giant's high endurance would allow him to infiltrate bases with warriors and heal them as they fight. So Odin gave Fire Lord a staff of healing but he didn't gave him the power to fight back. But Fire Lord never liked the fact that he wasn't able to fight. Each time he saw someone fight by his side, some rage grew in him. And one day, his rage bursted. Anyone going nearby him would get severe damage from all the fire and heat getting out of Fire Lord's madness. Seeing he may had make a mistake, Odin finally decided to give him the power to fight. Today, living near the forge of an armory, Fire Lord still has his staff and he also can inflict great damage in ranged and close combat. But his rage is still burning inside him, and the heat is still damaging nearby enemy soldiers or buildings.

- Hero who looks like a fire giant with more fire.
- Special move : If asked to do it, he can heal allies.
- Damages anything that is near him except his allies.
- Available in mythic age under Odin's power. Trained at the armory.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 5
This is a FANTASTIC modpack! All of the units are usefull, and not all are for fighting. This definetly deserves a 5!

Additional Comments:
What are the 2 non-hero units?

[Edited on 11/26/06 @ 08:09 PM]

Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)
All Right! This was the first original AoM mod I ever tried, way WAY back... I copied all the data into my Titans game, which works great. Man I love the Black Knight. BanDiT is pretty cool as well, along with the Fire Lord. Heck, ALL the units in this mod rock!

Additional Comments:
A definite download; absolutely one of the best.

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