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Mouse Overlord
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Version: AoM: The Titans
Watch in awe as...

Four Villagers were abducted during a small hunting expedition less than a mile from their camp. A small raiding party of Ugrali slave-drivers travels throughout that area in intervals and grabs any men, women, or children they can find. They're sent to an Ugrali Camp deep in the mountains... where they are sacrificed to horrible monsters or to mine the rich ores of that area. This is not the story of the Ugrali, but how the adventure transformed 4 ordinary people into Heroes.

This is the single-player demo to the upcoming multi-player RPG "LOST", by CIRROW (Jasper, Turd Fergasen teh 2cd). Cirrow has asked me to post this on the downloads section for him. See the awesomeness... before it's finished! Download this demo now!

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The Guarding One It's about time Cirrius released this!

fruc This sounds good, downloading
tombit Ahh, downloading now. I'm looking foreward to this :D

EDIT: That is awesome! Its a good indicated of how good the Lost RPG is going to be. This will kickass with 3 other players even more then it does single player!

Nice work Cirrow :D

[Edited on 05/11/06 @ 04:16 AM]

Cirruis Woo! Thanks tomibt!
Some modifications from the origanal version...
-Stronger main unit
-Free priest to heal (Player 4 would be a priest)
-Specail Winning cinimatic
-Amount of units and strength slightly adjusted
Aomts_help911 It was ok cant say much because it wasnt done enough although pretty good O and that was not depressing music!
The Guarding One This was better than I thought it would be! :)
hill When is the real one coming out?
Cirruis I've made a lot of progress, it'll be out in two months I think. I'm working hard to make the whole scenerio as fun as the first 10 minutes. Surprises, action, and high-quality cinimatics.

I'll just say that it gets better. :)
AdZyZ Its bloody awesome. Its like an escape from some haunted place, (but thank god its NOTHING like an escape). Love it, cant wait for the rest
I Love Bananas
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The map had nice playability, and it was always easy to see where I should go. Following a path is not neccesarily the best if you want variation, but it's very useful if you want to get the player where you want him/her, without getting lost. Using relics as keys to get through gates, you added another nice element - not much creative, either, but useful and playable. And, almost the most important, it didn't require too much time.
The opening cinematic was not too long, not too short, and had somehow dramatic subtitles. It told parts of the story, but not everything that had happened. And the camera tracks were nice, not dramatic or exaggerated, but something that fitted the storyline perfectly.

The two reasons I took off a point, though, was that the relic triggers used a lot of time to fire in some places, and that was a little annoying. Also, the scenario looked like it was supposed to be played in multiplayer, and it most likely is (:p), so I guess it will get better when the full version is released.

Balance: 5
No battle problems. I came, I saw, I won, after a battle that gave me the resistance I wanted. When the myth units appeared, I used the priest you had given me. No problems there, except when an Ulfsark or two decided to attack him instead of the swordsman, but I managed to fight them off. After a battle, I could heal the swordsman, and go on to the next. So overall, the balance was perfect.

Creativity: 3
I guess you know why this is only a three. It's an RPG, it's a multiplayer RPG, even, with a full feature levelling system. Even changing the name as you progress through levels. And that is horribly overused in AoM scenario design. Even the concept of having four players is horribly overused. I don't know if you plan to make the four units different, but even with that added it is horribly overused.
The concept of following a linear path is also not the most creative. Fighting off units. Finding small tasks to do before you can proceed.

I don't think this is worth less than three points in this section, though. It was not the worst I have seen of creativity, after all. And you haven't copied the AoM or TT campaign in any way.

Map Design: 4
The parts that were designed, looked pretty good. The rock piles were nice, and pretty natural... at least that's how natural you can get it in the underworld, and with Trolls and Einherjars. Though, the huge black and undesigned areas were visible to the eye, and they were even accessible (I could walk on them). The Achilles units were visible as well.
Another reason I took off a point is that there were almost no embellishments. There were a few buildings, there were enemies, and rock piles in the edges of the path. I think I saw some trees somewhere as well, but I'm not sure. I think you could improve on map design by adding something more interesting to watch instead of just Hades terrain. Oh yes, and while I'm at it, mix terrains a little more - it makes everything a lot more exiting. :)

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was interesting, but not very creative either. It served its purpose, without giving away everything, as I already said. Four villagers rising towards hero status while escaping a campment. Not the most engaging I have seen, but it worked.
The instructions were also a little mediocre, there was one instruction throughout the whole scenario, and that was "Escape the camp, find keys to open the gates". The scenario in itself was fun to play, but it could have been better with a better storyline and more diverse instructions. I guess there will be more instructions in the full version, and I hope they will be a little varied. Until then, I'll just wait. ;)

Additional Comments:
This demo is short, and most likely not reflecting the scenario in its entity. I think the full version will be much better, if you'd just finish it and release it.
Good work overall, and good luck further on.

Regards, ILB

[Edited on 11/28/06 @ 01:31 PM]

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