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New Titan Project vol 6 updated

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Vol 6

Let me make this clear , I dident state on my other volume's that they were ment to be expansion's , New Titan project vol 1.1 is the base mod , vol 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 and now 6 are ment to work with each other , So if you havent already downloaded and installed the other volume's you need to do that before installing this mod

Now to the mod at hand , this mod includes 3 new Titans , Anubis , Aphrodite and Brigid

Anubis god of the dead and mummification ,special powers = summons mummys

Brigid celtic goddess of fire and healing , special powers , summons fire elementals and heals unites.

Aphrodite goddess of love , special powers , can cause human unites and villagers to fall in love with her and convert to her side ,this is a very strong power and is population based , Aphrodites birth gate gives her a automatic population limit of 50 , this determines the number of unites that can be converted , however if she builds a civilization buy converting a villager or being attached to one , her population limit will increase with the civilization,s , watch out she can become very powerfull this way ,
Her weakness is myth unites and seige weponds her convert power wont work on them and they distract her from converting other unites,

to install open the zip file and read the read me file.
I hope you enjoy this mod , I plan on more soon please let me know what you think.

PS. whats up with my raitings , this nod has been rated several times already but the ratings keep disappearing why is that?

This was just up dated fixed the Brigid birth bug.
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This is really good - I give it a 4.5.
the textures on titan Aphrodite and Brigid are very detailed and adapted very well. The texture on titan anubis is good, but not detailed like those of Aphrodite and Brigid. when the titans launch the projectiles, an example, ball of love are not seen, the projectiles of Anubis and Brigid are seen only after the impact on the ground. I love the texture of Aphrodite. Good idea the special powers of Anubis, and the Phoenix flames of the chargeattack of titan Aphrodite is very cool! the whole mod is really good. I don't give a 5 because some things don't work, and titan Anubis don't look very good.
I like alot, especially Aphrodite it looks great.

Additional Comments:
Keep it up, crazydragon, you made a huge job!
download it...


[Edited on 05/26/06 @ 06:51 AM]

Rating: 5
great! very good modeling but...
the anubis models didn't look that good and its also annoying that i have to have win rar but ahh well its very good besides

Rating: 4.9
I realy like your new titan project but I agree with thedragonnidhog the winrar thing in evary volume is anoying (specialy for dial-up users) and the anubis texture is not very good looking (I used the one from the anubis mod by Theorg instead).

Additional Comments:
Could you give a preview or a hint of what will be in your next volume? plz
Rating: 4
I think these are nice titans, the problem though is that most of them still look alot like gaia, almost all its mods are titans with new textures. the sounds are pretty good, then I think that, the anubis models didn't look that good, when it walks it seems lame, also the anubis textures is not very good looking.

Additional Comments:
if you modified the models, or you added some weapons, or you could change units, as for instance a giant or a hero, it would be better, I think
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
This is a beuatiful mod that obviously had a hel of a lot of work put into it. i luv teh titan powers, and the elemental titans are awsome, im using the fire one as gaia in the gate of a fortress in a map im making. the titans are not overpowered like theorgs titans, (no oofnse theorg) and aphrodite is my fav titan ever!!!! i give this mod a 5, and u a 5 too, crzy, for taking the time to help me so much. ur ideas for 7 sound awesome, and so is hel! EXELLENT JOB!!!
Rating: 5
This is the best titan project. Anubis is sweet, Aphrodite a little bit disturbing, and Brigid A beast.

Additional Comments:
how do you do it
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)
First of all I would like to say that almost EVERYTHING you have posted has been excellent and very underated. I am quite suprised that this isn't one of the top rated Mod packs.

You are modelling is great and its level of detail allows for the unit size to be changed while remaining good to look at visually. You have obviously taken the time to texture them all well and while I do not really pay attention to the stats that you chose to give them all ( As I generate my own before using them), the abilities and powers certain characters have truley adds to the experience. The Mummies of Anubis, The little Elementals that branch of and The tiny Earth elementals are all great. Then theres the effects that you got upon placement and the effects that remain around the character. In some cases there needed to be more and In a few cases they may have been a little to many. This is all editable for the experienced user and isn't a dealbreaker.

While alot of things are easy to mod such as stats, effects and anim files. Modelling and/or texturing takes alot more time, effort and talent to do. I rate this 5/5 for being the best Modpack for New Titan Units.

For the Future you should make an Oranos Titan and while there are some Modpacks for getting Units for the olympian Gods, It is not nearly as good as these and if you could create a Zeus and a Poseiden character you would really put the icing on the cake.

Excellent Work !


Additional Comments:

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