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Treasure Hunt

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# of Players: 2-4
Version: AoM: The Titans
Apparently I failed again in making an eso-noob-friendly scenario. But what great fun it is with your cunning friends! May I humbly present you my newest multiplayer scenario:

* * * TREASURE HUNT! * * *
Treasure hunt is a very fun, tactical, third-person-shooter-ish struggle for survival and relics. All four players start in the corners of the map with one Hippolyta heroine each and a mother nature boat nearby - that's all. The goal is to gather relics from the swampy archipel and bring them to your corner where they will be changed into pure gold. Sounds pretty simple, right?

But heck, I'll just list some of the features!
- The ability to play on different difficulty level. In a handy interface the host can pick a difficulty and affect the enemy spawn times, and the heroines' respawn cost.
- Boats that belong to mother nature as long as no one is near. Treasure Hunt is therefore also a little boat-stealing game!
- The ability to fly when casting ragnarok. Your favor count indicates your "fuel": when it hits zero, you land again. The fuel will then slowly recharge.
- Great map design and stunning atmosphere throughout the entire game. The atmosphere is very scary, with many - obviously randomised - background sounds and even a thunderstorm including lightning flashes.
- The map has many special features, such as the awesome fortress. The higher you climb onto it, the more range, attack and line of sight you get! A pity this extra stuff is removed as soon as you descend it again.
- You can cast two godpowers in addition to ragnarok. One of them is shockwave, the other is snakes. They're more distractor powers than real game winners, but when used right, who knows!
- The ability to carry up to 3 relics at a time. But the more you relics carry, the slower you are. So walking around with 3 relics is very risky!
- A great respawning system. When you die, you become an invulnerable pegasus. You then have one minute to fly back to your corner and respawn. Respawning costs some gold, so that's why you have to hunt for treasures. If you're out of gold, you cannot respawn and you will be defeated.

Let the other features surprise you when you actually get to play it! Treasure hunt is a very challenging game, because you're being chased by shades as well as human enemies. It is especially great to play in teams, 2vs2, because then you can plan assaults together, give eachother gold when needed, and hop onto the same boat. I trust that you will all understand how to play it properly and enjoy it!

So what are you waiting for? Enough chit chat. Enter the swamp.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
(This game is very good, its very easy to understand once you get the hang of it. I was playing this game for a very long time, and sometimes it was almost suspensful! The reason why I gave it a 4 was because the fact that I sometimes had trouble converting the transport boats sometimes. If you ever make a version 2 make sure that the radius is a little bit bigger to convert the boat. I had a couple cases where I was shooting the boat for a second because I had to get so close.)

Balance: 3
(The balance is pretty good, but there were a couple of cases where I said 5 relics right next to eachother by a persons base(or platform whatever you call it. Other then that problem I found it pretty fair. There was the same amount of ships and shades in all the areas. So all you need to fix is the relic spawning.)

Creativity: 5
(I, myself have never heard of any type of map like this before. I love how you use the god powers, the way you can fly and spawn soldiers. I don't have any suggestions for your creativity because you nailed it all so well!)

Map Design: 5
(I think the map design has to be the best part of the well... map! You create such a spooky atmosphere, with the lighting fixtures and flashes, the sound was great with all the ghost sounds and the lightning sounds, and finnaly I liked how you made it look like a swamp. But not just a boring old swamp, I actually felt like I was somewhere scary in a dark swamp where ghosts come out at night... and kill you! Dun dun dun. But seriously you did a great job!)

Story/Instructions: 5
(I had no troubly understanding what to do at all. But theres also the fact that there is really not much to explain. But just in case people didn't know what to do, I like how you put the objectives banner up for that help. You have to pretty stupid to not know what you are doing. No offense if anybody couldn't understand the map.)

Additional Comments:Sorry if this review isn't very good, its only my first review!

[Edited on 06/27/06 @ 02:12 PM]

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Map Design5.0
Favorites: [Who?]2
Size:187.02 KB
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