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Ancient evil RPG

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# of Players: 6 + 2 comps
Version: AoM: The Titans
I am proud to announce the release of Ancient evil RPG now for download! I have put alot of work into this RPG as it is my biggest project! Set the teams as 4v2. If you do teams wrong, it should sort itself out!

An ancient evil is threatening to rise and you are on the trail to stop it! Play through exciting missions, purchase upgrades and marvel at the glorious eyecandy and editor tricks added!


#Funky eyecandy - best ever from me
#Unlimited leveling using complex QV system with increasing difficulty!
#Most enemies are modifying to make game tough later on
#14 shop items altogether
#Mixed characters with their own ablilities
#Ingame cinematics with many minimissions
#Gold granted as you kill enemies
#Elevation higher/lower than normal to add more perspective
#Difficulty selecter to match your skill
#Cheat prevention added - plus gold advantage removed
#Mixed lightings and weather to match scenery
#Cool effects and editor tricks
#Long playability - estimated 1h30 to 2h30 playtime.
#Challenging boss that will try it's best to stop you!
#Resorce piles represent your statistics:
Gold - Your money
Wood - Your kill count
Food - Your character level

Comment on this would be wonderful for I may need to correct any balance problems, etc. Please also report any bugs you come accross too!

This is my best, largest and most complex ever project so enjoy!


Sorry for inconvenience!
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pure 0wnage opk just downloaded this sounds very fun and ill comment later
Kill_Power The anubite too big look ugly....

made it look medium more cool ;p..
File Author
I am updating it, I will post updated version soon.
TeshnosCreator Another Good vs Evil map?
Not that it ain't good but I am tired of killing bad guys.
Kill_Power Finish update

i still dont have times to finish the rpg map..

but i try to play online some times with my friend....the screenshoot look nice, but i look at editer (very different)
File Author
Oh sorry!, I done it now anyway.
dressedtothrill i just downloaded the file but when i try to open it up in winzip, it says it's an ivalid archive. im probably the only one having this problem.
File Author
That wierd! I'll have a look and see if this is the case!
Ilum Tupac
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The playebilyty was very good not too difficult really plain. On the other hand you are very dependend on your healers cause untill you get to the second shop they only can heal you. and the leel starts quite intens with big batles.

Balance: 5
Balance was almost perfect (great job), I played on medium difficulty. There are a few points in the level were it gets unballanced: like were you get the gold for the boat you have to face peltast these kill the archer in no time. this things happen at a few other parts too. player one is at the start IMO too weak he has a low attack and most off all a low range. The level was hard but still it could be done great job!

Creativity: 3
I liked your extreme cliff use and the specials powers like from the archer witch grants walking berry bushes. Tough I tought maybe a bit more different (how do you call it) "controlls" (sorry if you dont understand). cause it was prety standard after all. all units were allready on the map etc.

Map Design: 4
Here I was very surprised most parts of the map like the norselands and the lava were greatly designed! But few other places you lacked at it (that collum forest) What dissappointed me the most was your terain mixing skills you mostly used just one or maybe two teraines for an entire area! It doesn`t cost that much time to mix terains. most of the map was good BTW.

Story/Instructions: 2
You really lacked at this I think. If you had made objectives it would be so much better! mosst of my compagnons didn`t know what to do because they weren`t 'really' watching the intro. The story was nothing special i think, I mean the evil anubite king, were did it come from?, what did he do?, where did the heroes come from?, why didn`t the heroes act quicker etc.
though it was an enyoyable story if you don`t think to much :P.

Additional Comments:
I think it was an good MP RPG, but nothing really special nice to play for a time.
To make it better add objectives and try to mix terain more it will look much and much better with those upgrades. So nice work but you can do much better!!!

Ilum Tupac
File Author
Me do better? Woh, that is my largest project ever and I just simply don't have the patience for large maps! This is one of my rare huge projects. argest I make normaly are escapes or mythodea. About that size at most! Anyway, this is my best RPG so far but if your lucky, I MIGHT make another one!

They story on matter, I don't want to bore everybody to tears with long cinematics. People say they are long enough already!

[Edited on 05/23/06 @ 11:45 AM]

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