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# of Players: 8 6vs 2 computer all human must be team 1
Version: AoM: The Titans
Well u need go around and killing people like hell .. bloody anywhere..evil has been come to earth....The mp has no movie because i alway get oos when i start with movie......So sorry about that.... here some feature:

# some eyescandy
#Hill and tree rock anywhere.
#5 Style Land...*Egyptian
*Snow Land
*Brown Land
*Hades fire Land
*Grass land
#Unlimit Level--1 level = 1 attack up...40 hitpoint
#20 kills u will get Armo up (there unlimit Armo up ...u will get every 20 kills)
#1 kills u get 1 food..
#Upgrade, u need food for upgrade, so it mean u need kills. 1 kills u had 1 food.
#Three choice for upgrade..<Attack=5 foods> <Armo=15 Foods> <Hitpoint=10 foods>
#Lighting weather..

After 15 or 16 min u will go into Final place..

and that mean ..Last man stading win the game...
if u get most kills that doesnt mean u cant lose...some people hate you and they double team u or 5vs you lol....
try to be friendlly...

u will get restore Every 200 second..and 1 healing Spring in 500 second..

good luck
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Tried it over a LAN network with some friends and played 3 games. We all aggreed that it's playability is good, perhaps the choice of Zeus for some of the players, might upset of the priest..no respwn priest but good map.

Balance: 5
Perhaps the choice of Zeus for some of the players, might upset balance cause of the advantage in hoplites. It's correctly stated by another reviewer, and the thing is the added speed and armour.
is there upgrade LOs lol i love the mapwoooo i love it
yay i hope u can be more good at map designer ..need some cool music ;P
Creativity: 5
The topic is right up my alley and the whole concept well suited to the age of mythology, even though the mythic age had long passed when the RTS_Final Battle.

Map Design: 5
Wow, I'm astounded by the near-life realism of the terrain. You've also included the lakes as they'd been in the antiquity. If a person wanted to be ill-willed towards you though, he find mistakes in the topography -mainly in the height of the mountains, as i like the 5 land style lol..and it need mixing land..more cool but i give u 5 because Great Map.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very well and rounded instructions, but I prefer to read the instructions in the text file, which I typed out and had infront of me to know what's where in the confusion of battle.well i think is oos so no movie i understand soo 5 Star

Additional Comments:
Kill_power u Great woo!!
Everybody play this map they all say is cool and fun woo

[Edited on 05/30/06 @ 05:40 PM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I'm forced to give this a 3 because it certainly is playable, but there are huge gaps in the instructions and just general problems that the score has been greatly lowered. Mainly, there is no sense of direction, its just go out and kill everything. Players are practically blind and have to figure everything out for themselves. The lack of instructions just makes playing this more difficult. In generally, your first time through will be anything but fun - IF you can get through.

Balance: 2
This map has serious balance issues. For one, the priest should not have an attack and the HP to attack ratios are extremely skewed. In addition, the battles are completely out of whack. Its easy and boring sometimes, or nigh' impossible at other times. Not only that, but the leveling system is absurdly simple and it seems broken. It only increases your attack, (it DOES increase your armor... every now and then, but it is very, very little and again, the ratio is completely off) and you have to buy everything else - Which, i might add, you never even mention.

Creativity: 2
I really don't see anything in this map that was creative. Every single element was borrowed from some other map. I give this a '2' because i don't believe you have played "Gladiator Adventures", and thus wouldn't know about its ragnarok sequence, so its not THAT bad. Other than that, its your standerd kill-em-all RPG.

Map Design: 3
The map design is about the only thing here that isn't bad. Its pretty good. Not all that amazing, not very noteworthy, but it wasn't horrible. Unfortunatly something that really hit this map hard was the fact that it looked like the map was thrown together in a half hour, with messy texture transitions and a general lack of eyecandy. The eyecandy that was there didn't really fit all that well.

Story/Instructions: 1
Close to none. This map has the worst instructions i have ever seen, excluding possibly those lacking any instruction at all. The few instructions that ARE given have so many grammer and spelling errors that they are impossible to figure out. There aren't even any objectives given, and i can't even begin to list the number of things that are never even mentioned. Oh, and there is no storyline. At all.

Additional Comments:
The only thing thats not horribly about this map is it's design, and thats so-so. Anyone recommending this for download needs to see a psychologist. Don't play this map, play some other, quality map. Even worse, its not an RTS, its an RPG!

I am inclined to believe that the other review was flat out lying. None of it is true and i would suggest that someone petition for its removal.

[Edited on 06/11/06 @ 10:25 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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