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help me pls

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Ghost Lake
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Player 1's Name: thee_hatter
Player 2's Name: michael172

though I won this 1v1 I'm quite new and wanted some feedback what I did good and what went wrong (yeah, I know about the idle gold villies, but what else?).

Thx a lot for ur help
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 4
Good game but I felt like you didn't expand enough. Even on Ghost Lake, you need more military buildings. You had the wood but didn't make anything with it. Nice defense of the forward base by the way (although I think you should know you can't build towers or fortresses during Ceasefire so having your villager work on that one was pointless).

PS: Why did he resign?

Additional Comments:
You struggled a little in getting your population high enough and remembering to build houses. On the other hand, when you did get your population high, you didn't build enough units, or at least couldn't make them fast enough (that's why I said you needed more military buildings). Good game though!
AOMSQT Hi. Hey, I'll tell you a super tip: the Queue Button. That'll really help you. when you select your tc at the begining of the game, do a villie. while he is creating, at the right-bottom of the screen, there is a black button with a green arrow in it. Press it. This is Queu button. That will do that your TC will automatically product an other villies when the first will be done. So your TC will not stop to product villie so you dont have to think at it. That will help you because I notice that sometime you forget to create more gaterer and that is not good.

Another tip: dont forget that having extra ressources is bad. If you have extra ressource and your enemy DONT have extra ressources, that just mean that he spend his ressource and he have more mans than you and he will come and kick your ass.

So, I hope that will help you!
Anastasoulis OK, my comments in good willed spirit and I will address them to your opponent instead of you:
1) you delayed making a house thus stoping at 15 pop.
2) your 3 oracles just stood in line in front of your base
3)you aged up at 5 citizens, while he had 14 working and you didn't go for the Krush.
4)at 5:35, you sent 1 oracle on a suicide mission to his base and you had 6 vils vs his 20
5)at 8:30 his hero picked up the relic Bow of Artemis which was on your side of the map, and then "harrassed" your 2 citizens on gold. You had then 1 Prom only and then started making units, but none moved against his hero who returned safely home.
6)you kept sending your forces piecemeal to his base, to get slaughered
7) at the battle for the gold mine on the right side, you kept a small force there, not sending your troops being created at your base. Meanwhile, during his Truce-no fighting time, you tried making 2 towers when you couldn't, instead of timeshifting one of your existing. In fact, you didn't use Kronos' main power of timeshifting buildings for map control.
8)your forces kept coming to the battle sites in small groups getting creamed all the time.
9) It was a boring game with no plan in mind.

OK, your opponent was a newb and didn't know how to play Kronos. You see, if he'd done a 3:40 ageup and kept spaming those Javelin cavalry to harass your vils, then you'd have lost.
Now some comments for you:
You made 5 centaurs which was good, but you raided putting the heroes with them, which caused the loss of speed of your raiding group.
I've seen experienced Greek players, and what they do is they raid with those 5 centaurs and micro them to make a 1 shot=1 kill picking off 1 citizen at a time and then withdraw to some other place. You could've done the same and put up some archers to defend your base along with the towers, and then gone for Mythic with all the upgrades and the units.
All in all, he wasn't a good opponent, he had a lame econ and didn't go for the Krush despite using the BO for it.

All comments were made in good will, not trying to show off and it's my personal opinion.


U did that with mine, too! Ra vs Hades: what did i do wrong? or something like that!

Anyway, hater, u played a good game overall. Like i r noob said on ur forum post, more buildings would be benificial. U kept up vil production, definately good. But you needed a bigger military, like he had. When ur vil builds a stable, get a few more and build annother and a few more military buildings. Also, like has been said ur opponent was a noob with no idea about how to play kronos. Be on the look out for having to deal with more powerful opponents LIKE ME!!! MUHAHAHAA!!! But, very well played game, considering ur something of a beginer.

Ur game was somewhat the exact opposite of a lot of othern beginers. You had a great economy, and just didnt have enough military. With most beginers, and this is the thing i get the most annoyed and stuff about, is that ppl have bad economies and expect that their soldiers will magically appear, and automatically assume the game is too hard when they cant train more than 5 units cuz they have 8 vils in heroic when playing against easy AI. With you, ur eco was rockin and u werent using it. Rescources not being used are worthless to you until you put them to work, so as soon as u get rescources, use them unless ur saving up for an expensive building (like a tc or fortress) or an age advance or other expensive improvement (like fortified or citadel wall, the latter costing as much as heroic age did!). So, good job at eco, bad job aat military. IF it had been the other way around i would have considered you to be so much more noobish than you are this way.

[Edited on 05/25/06 @ 06:54 PM]

File Author
thx for all comments, I'll try to improve on the poinst u guys mentioned, and btw the name is hatter, NOT hater... (u know, like thee_march_hare...)
ricorianguardian Ah. Well before i thot u were mean. Now i think ur gay.
lol jk theres nothing wrong with being gay anyway ;)

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