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# of Players: 2-4
Version: AoM: The Titans
CRC_zsrjegfuie Presents:


The scenario is free-for-all, round-based style compatible with 2-4 players.

Before each round begins (60 second countdown) players select an army (by standing on an adjoining pad) with an "inside" runner and fight over god powers (by controlling plenty vaults) with an "outside" runner.

Rounds are conducted randomly on three separate (and differently designed) arenas.

The round ends when units from only one player's army remain. The game continues until one player wins a total of five rounds.

Attaining kills unlocks more armies and upgrades units.

Featuring over 300 optimized triggers (messages, intro cinematic, sound, music, quest variables, armies, forbidden units, and more) and literally flawless map design. Fully playtested.


Brought to you by the CRC clan. We play, we design...randomly.

Go to the release thread for more information and screenshots!

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The game plays fluently. You have enough time to select an army of units, and the gameplay is quite fun.
Unfortunately, there are a few bugs that can affect gameplay, but some of these will be addressed in future. Even so, most of the bugs are very minor.

Balance: 5
The game is balanced between all players. You have done well to balance the armies out without modifying any of the units. That in itself is a great effort. Unfortunately, some were slightly better than others, but thats all part of learning the game. I almost gave you a 4, but the god power/army deploy location negatives counter each other, making it fair.

Creativity: 5
The map is very creative, and a completely new style of gameplay. To best describe it, it's a mix of bloodsport and mythodea, but still quite different.
There are 3 different playing fields, all with different characteristics to the last one.
Selecting an army of units is also an interesting way to play.

Map Design: 4
The map design is clear and creative. No natural terrain is used, and it looks great. It's clear-cut, and is a pleasure to look at. There are 3 main battlefields, along with an army selection area and a runners track.
The only reason why you didn't get a 5 is because sometimes units get cramped in between narrow pathways.

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions were minimal, but this did not matter, as it is a very clear scenario. Elaborate instructions are definently not needed. The first time I played I was slightly confused at first, but I got the hang of it a couple of rounds in.

Additional Comments:

I'm glad there is no opening cinematic, as the map does not require it. It's easy to understand, and great to play. It is versatile enough to be played by newbies or experts.
I like how the units are selectable in preset armies, each shown clearly.

It's definently worth the download.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
I thought the playability was fine but it can get slightly confusing about how the game works! This can lead to people not getting armies at all on the first round giving player 1 an easy win. Other than that, the map was fun and you added extra features to make it more interesting. Great game!

Balance: 5
I thought the map was perfectly balanced giving each player completely fair game. There was no know flaws in the balance issures that I know of. (I hate it when you play a game and there is ways to cheat) I am afraid I can't say a great deal in this section because the balance is great.

Creativity: 4
I thought there was some creativity given here and into the making or this game. I have not seen a game like this before so I give you praise for your originality there. I also like the way you have changed the shape of the arena so it is not always a plain dull arena. I also like how it sends you to different arenas rather than always fighting in the same arena.

Map Design: 3
I thought that this let you down a little. Being like me it seems, the eyecandy is very little. I will however credit you for the weaving on the outsuide runners lane. The trouble is that the map it very plain in the way there is no elevation changes or any objects that could add eyecandy to the game. You could possibly add bits of eyecandy in the black areas between the arenas but I will leave you to think about that! Also, you forgot to add some music! Music makes a great different to the game. You could add build up tension music to play just before you battle then you could play battle music when you are actually fighting. You will however need to disable the music from the flaming weapons god power by putting fade out music effect on loop with fade time on 0.

Story/Instructions: 3
I though this was another let down. Although you had a cinematic, there was not much of the useful information given out here on how this map works. Pahaps in the film when you said what each runner did you should camera cut the area. It was confusing that the inner man actually did. (It spawns army but I did not know this at first) Another tip I can give you to aid this is to make each of the other areas clearly different from the areas so it is easier to tell the difference between an old man area and an arena. You could also have promting messages saying what to do at the time like "please select your army type". This might help people to play the game better. Other than that I though it was ok.

Additional Comments:
A very great map with a very great designer! Possibility to improve by adding eyecandy and making sure that you show what to do a little more clearly.

Also, please don't bug me to rate. I really gets me annoying and temps me to give you a harsh rating. I have not done this but in future, please don't bug me for I am not an official reviewer remember! I was originaly only going to rate because you didn't have one!
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
The playability was great, an extremely fun map! This is the type of map which can be played dozens of times and still not get boring. The introduction cinematic was a nice addition and ran smoothly while explaining every aspect of the scenario. I think this is a very nice, fun, and refreshing multiplayer map. Great use of quest variables and all of the other triggers that you seemed to have mastered while designing this scenario. You did a terrific job brainstorming, designing, and trigger this scenario. :)

Balance: 4
Balance was pretty good but not perfect. For example, some of the units, Bellophron for example, were overpowered. I had my whole army fighting an enemy bellophron unit but with his 66 attack rate, he slaughtered my entire army. Another thing was that the gaia displays of the units by the blue tiles were deceptive. Using bellophron as an example again, the gaia unit made it appear that he was a lot weaker than he actually was once you had control over him. Also, the god powers were rather unfair. For example, if someone uses two flaming weapons god powers at the same time, they are pretty much unstoppable. Other than that, it seemed nicely balanced.

Creativity: 5
Definitely one of the more creative scenarios. All of the possible army choices were very creative and the relics generating god powers was another nice touch. The possible armies all seemed to be grouped up nicely for balance and it was very fun browsing through all of them and picking one to select. I also liked how you randomized which area of the colloseum you got to play in.

Map Design: 3
Even though the simple (yet effective) map design suited the game well, it wouldn't hurt to add a few more objects off to the side. For example, perhaps add walls around the outside runner's area or add stars (armor) in the blackness. A few extra statues and elevation might look nice too. Although you did do a good job on the tiling, especially with the inside and outside runners' area.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions were very clear. Nice objectives, hint, and opening cinematic. Also, nice use of overlay text and camera cuts to show which arena your army appeared at. I'm not gonna dock you a point for this since you explained it a little, but add another message telling level one players not to choose an army with a level 2 or 3 flag. The people I played against didn't seem to understand that. Perhaps just use the spoofed chat trigger to remind players of that ten seconds before the first battle.

Additional Comments:
Overall, I thought this was a very fun map. Great job.

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Map Design3.3
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