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Battle for Helm's Deep

Author File Description
meshcraft Your mission is to defend Helm's Deep until you are strong enough to take on the "Two Towers". You ultimately destroy Sarumon and Sauron's towers to win the game. There are a few specially triggered events that can alter the outcome of the battle. There are at least two super secrets that can only be triggered by a specific hero unit.

You have limited balistas so use them wisely. You also have food generators that produce new animals for food every so often.

Planning on defending Helm's Deep until the enemies run out of resources? Well that won't happen. Aside from the regular resources around them, they both get resources at a regular rate. Also there is a time limit to win the game. The limit is 7 Days which is just over 2 hours of game play. This is plenty of time so you don't have to rush to win, but ultimately there is a limit. There's a day/night lighting cycle and mother nature influences as you do battle with the two towers.
This game does not follow the Hobbits quest and it's not an accurate recreation of Helm's Deep, just an inspired one. This Scenario was designed to be played on moderate difficulty level. Other levels have not been tested.
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bo shek mafia ma It was alright but it got repetive after a while....
Bonestorm Playability: 5
Really forces the player to think out a strategy before getting too far into the game. Good use of mixed troops too, which I liked.

Balance: 5
At first I thought I'd never win since I was smashed by the hordes one my first attempt. Then after deciding on a more aggresive strategy I was able to advance fairly easily until I hit some of the big surprises guarding the towers. In the end, the balance felt just about right.

Creativity: 5
Absolutely amazing! Really captures the atmosphere of a large siege, with a few brave souls holding the walls against an onslaught. Then the tide turns and you're trying to destroy the towers as the clock winds down.

Map Design: 5
Nicely laid out, with a couple of side adventures on the way to the towers.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very effective, you get prodded along at just the right pace.

Additional Comments:
What a great scenario! The use of cut-scenes and day/night transitions was terrific. The first time I played it I was overrun immediately and I thought this would be too difficult to complete. I tried it again and really thought through the strategy before jumping into the game and that did the trick. The countdown really adds to the excitement and as each night falls you really feel the need to press the attack. Keep up the great work!

[Edited on 02/01/04 @ 04:52 PM]

Map Design5.0
To start off, I started playing this scenario with the general idea that it was going to be lousy. I excepted a huge number of LoTR related scenarios, and that most of them would be lousy. I was more then pleasently surprised to find that this was not the case. The scenario was a very enjoyable hour, with only a few frustrating moments.

Playability: 4
I encounted no major problems here, just a slight annoyance that there were some neutral units and castles that did nothing when you came upon them - namely, several ballistas and human soldiers in the west corner of the map, near the TC. I built a TC there, and was upset to find that nothing happened.

Balance: 5
Balance was great. The units stationed just outside of the outter wall was very chilling, but was not over-balanced. The raiding parties that attacked my undefended TCs was realistic, and added a good dimension to the game. Saruman wasn't all that hard to defeat after destorying the large wave of early attacks, but the many Nidhoggs and Sauron's fortress was more then realistic.

Creativity: 4
The constantly spawning food was a neat addition, but I can't really say much here. It was based off of LoTR, and so creativity isn't as important, but the way the scenario was put together was great.

Map Design: 4
The map was excellent. I had no problems whatsoever here, except for an ellusive castle that I had no luck reaching, because it was behind trees - rather frustrating. Besides that, you did a great job here.

Story/Instructions: 4
As I said in Creativity, the story wasn't yours, but the way you handled it was great. The instuctions were lacking, though. I would say that after you beat Saruman you should be told so - I never got such a message. Also, there was a long wait after destroying Sauron and when you actually won the game. I would elimate the 2-minute wait, and make it so that Sauron doesn't have to be completely destroyed. One house stopping Frodo isn't cool.

Additional Comments:
A great scenario. I could play it numerous times and still have a good time. Highly recommended. Kudos from ferret.
File Author
Some things to remember when playing my scenario based on comments...

- Some of the obtainable seige units can only be captured with Hero units.
- There are some very special secrets that are triggered only with a specific Hero unit.
- Frodo getting stuck is not intended. Frodo can get stuck if there are too many units around the gate preventing him from reaching Mount Doom.
I tried to fix this by having him move again. This problem is rare but is apparently still occuring based on one of the reviews.
To avoid this just make sure they have a clear path. I'll go back and make some adjustments. I'll probably add a loop that will disable once he reaches Mount Doom.

- Some of the buildings do nothing. There are at least two buildings that do nothing but they had to be placed on the map in order for certain triggers to work.
Don't get frustrated. They were just necessary. They were placed where they cannot be easily reached or destroyed.
Just consider them eye-candy.

Thanks for your comments/reviews.
UltimateGamer650 This was a very cool scenario, but it had too many units to keep track of.

[Edited on 05/08/03 @ 07:58 PM]

Red Storm Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:

This is one awesome scenario. A good mix of LoTR and rts. Not much more to really say, you gotta download it if you liked the battle of helm's deep, or LoTR.

[Edited on 09/16/03 @ 05:19 PM]

The_Cobra_81 Very nice. Like the description, this is not like the books, but still a lot of fun to play even for LoTR fans. The only question I had is, why do Frodo, Sam, and Gollum destroy the ring on the second day?
Legendary_Jarl Very cool scenario, i think it is the coolest one i have ever played, the only thank that i did´t like was that ajax (who i think was king Theoden perhaps?) and Oddyseus(Legolas no doubt) were the normal version of the heroes, the were killed and would come back to life like arkantos and brokk. Another thing that perhaps you could fix is that i was playing in hard and the enemy was never able to enter helms deep! What happend?
xpd_painkiller Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 4
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 4
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 3
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments: It doesn't really look like the movie scenes in my opinion.Helm's Deep doesn't have little wooden walls...

[Edited on 01/31/04 @ 08:48 PM]

troy_99 Who is Frodo???
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