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Notonecta glauca AI 1.2

Author File Description
Artifical Zoo
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
*Important*: This is a 'corewars-style' AI (designed
for computer vs. computer play), not really suited
as an enemy for human players, although it could be
used as an ally. Please refer to the user manual
included (Notonecta/Notonecta.1.0.pdf) for how it
behaves on a random map.
After breeding this AI for now close to four years, i've
finally decided it is ready for 'peer review'...

In general it follows the 'AI wars tournament rules
from Age of Kings, but it generally wins by wonder.

*** Updates ***
-In version 1.1, it demonstrates the "Kronos rush" and
"Set rush" strategies as well (depends on map/player
civ selection). Trading and placement of some buildings
have been improved.
A "killer mode" might be used if the AI runs out of space
for a wonder.

-In version 1.2: Several bugs fixed; allied AIs now cooperate in Kronos/Set rushes; alternative "quick heroic" mode added.

Any comments welcome.
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kalus Holy shit! You force me to reinstall AoM :-) I just have to try this out!

It's very good to see other people out there who seem to share my enthusiasm for the relatively flexible AI scripting interface AoM provides.
Zeus_StinnerV Hi all.

I have tested a lot of AI personalities for The Titans.

Admiral AI is a very good improved version of the defaul AI but I want to suggest you about making the AI build more buildings, specially Fortresses, and research ALL the improves for buildings at Town Centers.

About Notonecta, I have tested Notonecta before, and when I downloaded Notonecta Glauca AI, I didnt see differences comparing to the original AI.

Original Notonecta had a terrible trouble. MARKETS, the caravans reach market and have a lot of troubles to reach the TC again. I mean, if you destroy that TC or market. Notonecta stop marketing forever. Fix it please!!.

ADMIRAL AI and NOTONECTA GLAUCA AI, plz review the source code of BattleMachine Zeta AI. It have a very good optimized way to rush and press a lot to it opponent.

Keep upgrading you AI's becasuse it makes the game more exciting, when you dont have ESO available!. Good work!

Thank you.

Excuse me by mi english but I'm still learning it ;-).

P.D. If BattleMachine Zeta AI read it, upgrade the AI for The Titans Expansion, and research all the building improves at TOWN CENTER.

Plz replay me.
Artifical Zoo
File Author

thanx for taking time to comment. Reply to Angel Spineman aka Zeus_StinnerV:

First, about the market stuff. Didn't understand all what you said, but
can imagine what happened. Currently Notonecta Glauca will trade exclusively
with allied TCs, since there is a bonus on them. The AI is aimed at 2vs2
games, and an ally with no TC left when others are heroic+ is pretty much

Keep in mind this is a corewars script, not a standard enemy. According to
AI wars rules the game is over when the first player dies. But you made me
thinking - now added code to consider both own and allied TCs, considering
the bonus properly. Still, you (human) are not supposed to play against it.

About "rushing and pressing an opponent": That is what Notonecta Glauca is
NOT supposed to do. In fact, i've implemented some tricks to try and devalue
the built-in aggressor bonus, but that works only against computer enemys.
I may take a look at Battlemachine Zeta, but i will not change the
philosophy behind Notonecta Glauca - see the .pdf inside the archive.

Still have a few ideas in mind to improve the AI, but my time is limited,
and figuring out advanced techniques (like the tunnel GP) is pretty hard
since's all undocumented.

I'll come back when ready.
kalus Such a discussion does not really belong to the comments section of such a great contribution to the game, so I'll try to keep it short: Battlemachine Zeta was definetly a very good improvement of the vanilla AoM script. But I made some experiments with it and if my memory does not totally fail me here, it was beaten by the standard AoM:TT AI quite reproducible.

[Edited on 07/21/06 @ 09:21 AM]

I read the pdf file, but I have a doubt:

This AI only works as ally with me not as enemy versus me(human player)???

You deserve five, a very elaborated work
Artifical Zoo
File Author

in reply to kalus, while "discussions" don't belong to the comments
section, where do i give support? I think that's why you choose
between "review" and "comment".

To GABOZ, currently you can set the AI as enemy but it doesn't make
much sense - the AI thinks you are an AI script and treats you that
way. Notonecta Glauca uses the internal KB in a way that resembles
cheating. Against a computer player, this is perfectly legal as he
can do the same - you cant.

You can use Notonecta Glauca as an ally to try and detract enemies
attention from you, as long as they don't recognize the situation.
However it will work less-than-optimal since in AoM you cannot
"talk" to an AI script as in AoK - only AI-to-AI-communication is

BTW i made a few test runs with Battlemachine Zeta using standard
corewars setup (2vs2 hard, skipped all games with Atlanteans in
them). Battlemachine Zeta lost every game. Took a lot memory for
the mass battles, stopped to not wear off my HD by swapping.
vlaaming where can i find where i need to put the files
Tobyias how do you script ais?
please help!
Magnum Pi Hey Artifical Zoo, I know this upload is pretty old, and the pdf document said you probably won't update this AI, BUT from reading many of your comments throughout Notonecta, I thought you would be interested to know that Teleporters (like Sky Passages) can be used easily by setting the AttackPlan variables 'cAttackPlanSrceTeleporterID' and 'cAttackPlanDestTeleporterID' appropriately. No Transport plans!

Also, I found a crucial typo in one of opening segments of Notonecta's initialization (I forget where). But it sets the aiAutoFarmEscrowID to the var 'iFarmResource' instead of 'gbliFarmEscrow' if this is fixed the 'PatchFarmPlans' rule should become obselete.

You also mentioned trouble with getting walls to upgrade? A known bug in the AI engine prevents progression plans from researching wall upgrades. Hence in the case of walls, (and I would advise this of all technologies) research plans are a more reliable alternative to progression ones.

Nextly, with all your woes about unstable plans: Plans are much less likely to crash if they have less variables attached to them. Obviously, all plans automatically have a minimum number of plan variables attached to them, dependent upon the type of plan, but augmenting this number beyond 1 for each plan variable type with 'aiPlanSetNumberVariableValues()' increases the likelyhood of a crash. Of course it may be necessary to do so, just avoid doing so where not needed. I noticed alot of your plans employ user variables. Cutting back on these improves stability as well. At least, this is based on my experiences with plans. Id be interested in hearing in detail what your's were like.

Finally, I don't want to end on a critical or pedantic note. In fact I was very much inspired by Notonecta (and flattered that I mentioned in the pdf) to create my own farinacous, custom AI! Even though I'm more interested in aggression, intelligent behavior, and Human v. AI than AI v. AI play. Two thumbs way up to Notonecta, I just thought you may be interested in some of these points.
Khan And Steak
Rating: 5
While not flawless it is easy to see that a lot of time and effort has been invested into the creation and effectiveness of this AI. It is well known that AI scripting is very hard: with the unstable language/language translation from XS - yet you have done well in to see past most of its major difficulties. While there are some things that have not been finalized (see post above) the AI itself is currently stand alone and functions well in a Random Map Script. It is able to beat the Standard AI (although not every time) which means that it is far from incomplete. It works well with itself as an ally which gives it an edge and defines its unique factor. The scripts themselves are very well documented and are much easier to edit than the majority of the other AI scripts submitted here on AoMH. While it is true that commenting is not a requirement - it definitely helps bring up your score :)

Overall, although there is room for improvement in the AI's overall performance - its quirks, uniqueness, originality, commenting and functioning performance far outweighs the negatives brought forward.

Additional Comments:
Thank you for submitting such a great AI Script :) ~ Steak
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