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Leather hypastpist

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Version: AoM: The Titans
New unit! This is a hypaspist that has good armor, streangth and can counter both archers and infantry!!! Not overpowerd but can take down a good amount of soilders when used in groups!!! Comes with protox, readme, screenshot, history, anim, textures, sounds, and techtree. You cannot play online with him, so do not bother trying lol. IF U EDIT AND DISTRIBUTE I WILL REPORT U!!!!! THIS FILE HAS BEEN UPDATED!!! CAN NOW SHOOT FROM A BOW TOO!!! HIP HIP HOOOOORAY!!!
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File Author
oh and i forgot to mention, the leather hypastpist can Slaughter almost anything when i groups. i only said a good amount. but when in grops they can sluahgter 30 jarls, 10 axemen and 4 ballistas. i had only 30 of them!!! can u beleave it!!!! lol... but when the battle ended i only had about 5 left..... :O

[Edited on 07/24/06 @ 12:16 PM]

File Author

[Edited on 07/21/06 @ 08:10 PM]

File Author
*chews of hand cuz nobody is leaving comments or revies* AAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! REVIEW ANY OF MY MODS PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! *CRYS* sorry for the tripple post but nobodys posting anyway so it dosent really matter...

[Edited on 07/21/06 @ 08:18 PM]

servant_of_odin i would really like it if u could be less hyperactive about it. i don't know where 2 put this so if u could tell me i wuold post my review about it.
File Author
LoL sorry. Put the protox.xml into the data folder. put the textures into the textures folder. put the anim into the anim folder. put the sounds into the sounds folder. put the tech tree in the data folder. oh and is ur name richard??? lol Oh and ec can u do me a favor... Redo your review i made it so it can shoot from a bow too :P

[Edited on 07/25/06 @ 02:14 PM]

EC gamer
Rating: 3
It has a good texture and is OK by itself.
It's a bit like a fenris wolf with an OP
'wolves boost'. You should power it down when
in groups.

Additional Comments:
Other than that, it's fine. Pretty well-
balanced as a mod, slightly less as a horde.
File Author
uh they dont get any stronger when in groups...... they are just good in groups......... they have the same attack as always when in groups..... its just cuase of their attack normal attack.. they are good in groups cuz they counter both archers, infantry and some calvary... actually im not sure if they counter calvary. i dont think they do but i might make it so they fire arrows too... BUT im not sure... ALREADY DID!!! CAN NOW FIRE ARROWS!!!! :p u didnt download it did u.... cuz it dosent have a wolves boost

[Edited on 07/24/06 @ 08:18 PM]

File Author
P.S my new name on aom titans is Mythodea_Bicycle so if u have any comments that i dont awnser on here just tell me on aom :P i updated DO NOT ASK DEMONIC_BICYCLE I WILL NOT LOG ON AS HIM ANY MORE!!! updated :D I will post here whenever i change my name

EDIT: i will now log on as dfl_FearTheChimp Cause monkeys dont get any respect!!! even tho chimps and monkeys are the same thing lol

[Edited on 08/05/06 @ 10:07 PM]

Rating: 5
I think the mod is pretty good. I especially loved the texture;it was good. Also you made him use a bow which I also liked.

Additional Comments:
Keep modding!
File Author
Thanks tasev!!! now everybody knows that u arent tasev11.. i think.. lol anyway thanks!!! but yea i kinda doubt u are since you gave a 5 anyway YAY MY FIIIIIIIRST 5!!! oh and im gonna keep moding but my apollo unit isnt showing up i gave him an anim and new textures but he just wont show up!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can find his name but he wont show up... But im gonna just make a new unit called a ranger he shoots out magical projectiles and can run very fast. his speeds gonna be 6.5 and he is gonna have a 7 attack and can fight with a bow AND sword :D yay for him!!! but what do u think he should be based off of. a toxotoes, militia, or a hopilite. Oh or any of the greek special units. u know the hetratroi,myridiom gatetraphes. any of the units i just listed. plz vote lol

[Edited on 07/31/06 @ 01:20 PM]

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