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Secrets of the Cave Tribes

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Version: AoM: The Titans

This is my first scenario. I'm not going to do something like say "plz be niiiiice...." or something, but I still hope it doesnt suck.

Ok, here's the premise (more in opening cin):

You are the pharoah, and in an area just east of egypt, there is a horrible tyrant ruling over defenseless tribes. He taxes them heavily, and he keeps them on close watch. Two are ready to rise up, but they know they will just get slaughtered so they don't make a move. Others are defenseless, and he even rushes one because they can;t pay the taxes. So, you essentially have to be their savior here, get them to help you, and free them of the tyrant.

Accompanying thread at (one sec...)

Admitadely, I haven't even run a full playtest yet. I mean, I know all the triggers work, but I know little on playability. I have already pushed the times at which the king rushes you way back, but I may need to push them farther.

Oh and by the way, mig units and migs are disabled, though you can still obtain both through tribes 7 and 8.

Good luck! It's a hard scenario.

Oh, and a final note: This scenario is really meant to be played multiple times. I want everyone to experience all that I have created here, and I don't think you can do that with one run through. Especially since you loose at 1450 seconds, since the evil king gets his buildings back. I especially want everyone to play through everything with player 5 because that has IMO my most beautiful and best looking trigger sequence.

Essentially, it's like a museum- you have to see it multiple times to view all of it.

UPDATE: Tribes are more easily accessible due to helpful revealers and objectives. Better terrain mixing, and in general more asthetically pleasing terrain.
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File Author
Ok, I am really glad people are downloading it, but I actually need comments here. It's not because I'm lonely or want to know your opinions incredibly badly or something, but I want to do other versions, so I need comments to make it better.

I'm also lonely.

And want to know your opinions incredibly badly.

[Edited on 07/26/06 @ 08:25 AM]

ranek a hint, most of them probably aren't members. I'm sorry not in a DLing mood. maybe later I'll DL
File Author
I know this sounds noobie, but I reallly need comments for a version two. If you;re not a member, email me at dicoremaster@aol.com

[Edited on 07/27/06 @ 08:10 AM]

LordDanRoberts hi where do you put the file because i have tried both programfiles and my documents but when i start the game it starts meas player 10 and not player 1
joenot443 Playability: 5

Balance: 5

Creativity: 5

Map Design: 5

Story/Instructions: 5

Additional Comments:
I'm not one for revuiews but this was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My fav scenairio since Doom Lords 2!
P.S. this cud give doom lords a run for they're money!

[Edited on 08/07/06 @ 10:12 PM]

joenot443 ok there is my review and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase make a sequal!!!
LordDanRoberts can someone please tell me how to start as player 1 and not player 10. Do i have to run this thru multiplayer and do it that way or can i do it through single player?
The Guarding One Well done!

This is the first file I've even considered downloading in the last few months...

I'll play it!
The Guarding One Person above, you open the file in the editor, and select "Playtest Scenario" from one of menus. In the dialog box that appears, change the player from "10" to "1" and then CLOSE the box and save the scenario. Now, the player will be player 1.

There a few things with this scenario you may want to change:

1. For the cinematic, you could have obscured units off, and switch them on after the cine, as then you don't see the outlines of units

2. You can try rendering the blackmap off right at the start of the cine, rather than the start of the scen, so that we don't see everything. What I do, is place a Camera Start at the top of map, and at the start of the scen, have it fade to black with cine mode on, and then have fade out. This way, when the scen starts, it is a black screen, until the cine starts.

3: You can also try not seeing the edge of the map in cinematics, as it doesn't look as good as when there is no edge of the map.

I haven't actually played it through yet, and I'm sorry if this seems like I'm picking holes in it, it's just that it could need a little updating :)

I'm actually going to set it as player 1 now, and play it through, but from what I've seen so far, this is an excellent scen with a good storyline, and the eye-candy grand fortress is brilliant.
File Author

You love me! You really love me! :p.

@Citrus Ceasar (The Guarding One)- I actually want people to pick holes in it, it makes v2 all the better! It certainly does need updating. I kinda considered it a "hack job" when I released it- I really wanted to get it out there for fear of my computer breaking down or something. Thanks for the tips!

I updated it earlier to make it start as p1... hmm... Well, I'll change it again.

And I have something I want to add to the main thing...
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