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Secrets of the Cave Tribes

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Version: AoM: The Titans

This is my first scenario. I'm not going to do something like say "plz be niiiiice...." or something, but I still hope it doesnt suck.

Ok, here's the premise (more in opening cin):

You are the pharoah, and in an area just east of egypt, there is a horrible tyrant ruling over defenseless tribes. He taxes them heavily, and he keeps them on close watch. Two are ready to rise up, but they know they will just get slaughtered so they don't make a move. Others are defenseless, and he even rushes one because they can;t pay the taxes. So, you essentially have to be their savior here, get them to help you, and free them of the tyrant.

Accompanying thread at (one sec...)

Admitadely, I haven't even run a full playtest yet. I mean, I know all the triggers work, but I know little on playability. I have already pushed the times at which the king rushes you way back, but I may need to push them farther.

Oh and by the way, mig units and migs are disabled, though you can still obtain both through tribes 7 and 8.

Good luck! It's a hard scenario.

Oh, and a final note: This scenario is really meant to be played multiple times. I want everyone to experience all that I have created here, and I don't think you can do that with one run through. Especially since you loose at 1450 seconds, since the evil king gets his buildings back. I especially want everyone to play through everything with player 5 because that has IMO my most beautiful and best looking trigger sequence.

Essentially, it's like a museum- you have to see it multiple times to view all of it.

UPDATE: Tribes are more easily accessible due to helpful revealers and objectives. Better terrain mixing, and in general more asthetically pleasing terrain.
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Sandro The Wicke
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
Well it was playable just as every other scenario to be rated a 5 is, but then again, the review was faulty.. Since you started with a pharoah and a few other units, it was harder than most typical B&D scenarios to win.. Even with everything else (including the secret elements) it was rather either too difficult or just uneasy to being too easy to defeat the opposing player, which is exactly why thus I grant it a 3 with good enough playability..

Balance: 2
Well it was pretty unbalanced actually, to tell the truth.. but however it was still neat in its own way having everyone help you from time to time provided you could actually reach them; other than that, nice surprises for both main players. If I could rate this a 2.5 I would but otherwise, it's worth a 2...

Creativity: 2
Well, nothing too creative, being it a scenario in general and typically just a campaign B&D scenario with it's own storyline..

Though I have to admit the building was creative enough to grant this from a general 1.5 to a 2 and luckily enough, it's all the elements needed to make this a good newcoming designer's practical 2 for creativity scenario.. :p

Map Design: 2
Nothing special, nice building and farm layouts, but the Map Design was practically just a desert with a few embellishements here and there..

There were a few surprising elements such as the Pyramid and the enemy's mixed building fortress that at least somewhat blended in with the terrain, other than that good, job this scenario is a bit more overrated than most new scenarios these days deserving it a solid 2...

Story/Instructions: 2
Aah, and finally story instructions, it was pretty clear but it just didn't make sesnse with all the grammar and surprisingly few spelling mistakes (
great job on that, pretty superb now-a-days ;) ) but besides that the story elements were lacking to make this a worthy scenario with a highly fashioned out plotting system.. Thus granting an Okay but not great class 2...

Additional Comments:
Well, it was pretty enjoyable at the beginning, just try to read a few guides, and correct your grammar; you should improve tremendously in very little time considering all the current skills you already have... :)


Sandro The Wicke

P.S. and in case if you were wondering, no I'm not frustrated at you, this scenario didn't suck, it was pretty good for a first time scenario; I was just frustrated and enraged with the lack of good reviews noobies give these days (no offence anyone)...

[Edited on 07/28/06 @ 10:53 AM]

The Guarding One
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I found it reasonably playable, average, so I gave it a 3. It was fairly fun, which is what t should aim to be, but minor aspects such as the lack of enemies and objectives meant there was not much to do. The map is good overall, with little things that make it fun. In the scenario, you can see the player data on the right (I have an update patch) and you also can change alliances, which I took advantage of by destroying my ally's fishing boats so I could fish in their place. To solve this problem, in "Player Data" in the editor, set all of the players to "Hidden".

Balance: 2
I'm not sure whether this was balanced enough- the enemy only attacked once, and every wave of soldiers that the pharaoh was sending didn't seem to actually appear. You were given too much space to grow, (as in no-one stops you from expanding your city), and the large armies didn't seem to do anything. I give you a 2 here.

Creativity: 4
I liked the smaller aspects of it, such as the old man who wants to get to the shrine- although, the reward wasn't very satisfying :s. The idea of guarding ally villages against the enemy is not a new idea (There's a scenario like that in the Polish section of the Barbarossa campaign in AOE II), but small things like the bonus quest I found make it original.

Map Design: 3
The textures on the ground were put together well, and there were no extremes, however, there was a bit too much of the same terrain such as Sand A for too much land, and there were not many embellishment features such as rocks, flowers, papyrus etc. However, the map was good overall, and the fortress was excellent.

Story/Instructions: 3
It was confusing overall and you didn't know at the start what you actually had to do- you are just given a pharaoh, and after you work out that you build a town centre, it was just a matter of "sit and wait and see what happens". However, the cinematic involving the story was okay and the story is good. It wasn't clear however, that you die if the Pharaoh can create his own units, so that was a surprise. As there were no objectives, I set about trying to kill the evil pharaoh, but whether this was what you were meant to do or not remains to be seen.

Additional Comments:
About 15 minutes in, a message came up saying "default".... hmmm :S Also, a bit of music wouldn't go amiss, as it was a bit quiet having no sound at all!

EDIT: I really should have read your download information in full before playing!

[Edited on 08/05/06 @ 05:50 AM]

Map Design1.0
Playability: 3
(The map was playable but got boring after a short time.)

Balance: 3
(Theres not much to say here. The player creates the balance when playing. Just build units and buildings and defeat each tribe.)

Creativity: 1
(I wouldn't say there was much creativity, but I will give you 1 point for the idea of the scenario about the tribes.)

Map Design: 1
(Very poor. The map is simply a load of cliffs seperating the areas with no eyecandy what so ever, apart from the fortress, you seriously need to work on your map design for future scenarios. )

Story/Instructions: 2
(It did have a story but a very basic one: defeat each tribe etc...)

Additional Comments:
Deffinately not "Perfect" as someone else said. Work on your map design and general scenario designing.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
I didn't enjoy the scenario too much, is just convincing some villages to ally with you and defeat the enemy, although i likes the part of finding the relic. Update it!!

Balance: 1
Horrible, you made the worst thing. The scenario was though, my first time i played it, it was tremendously difficult. Keep this in mind, a player likes challenges but gets bored, generally, when it's losing and let me tell you something, on this scenario, the player starts losing from the beginning.

Creativity: 2
a pharaoh killing another pharaoh, ummmm that is not too creative, you should have done something like a rebellion. your mapa design was the best of the five points, however you didn't used it carefully.

Map Design: 3
A simple viewer could say, oh its perfect, i'll give him a five. Too much cliffs and no eye candy, 0%. It deserves a 3 because it's not bad, nor good

Story/Instructions: 3
I din't knew a damn when i started. I rather you change this scenario or give more hints. The intro cinematic was good, but for a though scenario like this one, you need more explanation.

Additional Comments:
you make fine and hard scenarios, keep it up!!!

[Edited on 10/14/06 @ 09:56 AM]

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Map Design2.3
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