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Choose Your Hero RPG

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# of Players: 10
Version: AoM: The Titans
Theirs 6 playable players and 4 comps. The theirs diplomacy triggers so that you dont have to remember which comp is on which team. All heroes work and theirs secret upgrade located in the map as well.
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File Author
Please comment when youve played it, or rate it

@Ranek (as ill know hell ask for my objective soon enough), The objective is to get to the end and kill all the bosses, im upgradging the map with a whole new objective and other new features, this new upgrade will make it part 2 with the new generation of heroes.

[Edited on 08/07/06 @ 05:53 PM]

gangsta4lyfe awwww You beat me to making a choose hero rpg(o well mine will still be better i can promise that!)
File Author
You can try but youll have to call it something else ;) plus im making a seqeul as we speak...
Freaky2 Nice map I havn't gotton to the end but wut I have seen is pretty good.
My name betta be somewhere in that sequal.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
Playability was decent throughout the whole scenerio but I thought the paths were a little too wide. It was hard to find out which way to go, since you couldn't exactly see either side of you. This was a problem mostly in the beggining. Also, abou the Reigl- whatevers, there were 6 of them and they kept reserecting each other. It was very annoying and 1 player couldn't escape them. (he was too slow). They also gave free kills to whoever had the patience to just sit in their chair.

Balance: 3
I played on easy mode and it was very easy. I heard from many other players that meduim and hard can be really hard, being a 3 hour RPG, I didn't want to play again. So no problems with that. The characters, however, were a bit unbalenced. The dwarves had a huge advantage over all other characters. Luckily I chose the dwarves but other players were very frustrated.

Creativity: 2
There was little to no creativity, it was basicly another multiplayer RPG where you walk in a straight path. These two things saved you from a "1" score, however. The choosing system, a not new system at all, but newer-online and the different healing system. Instead of 1 unlucky character being the healer and having to heal everyone or priests trailing behind you, you put Caladrias.

Map Design: 2
There was some terrain mixing, but it slowly faded away as the game progressed. I really didn't see any effort to put anything cool, like an overlapped building, or misc items such as grass or rocks.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was not good. It was un-origanal and just a "get the relic" thing. Atleast thats all I picked up. The instruction cinimatic was wayyy too long, You'd spend 30 seconds on 1 sentence, but it explained what to do well.

Additional Comments: I useally enjoy RPGs, so I enjoyed this. Next time, try to creat a better storyline and spend much more time on map design.
DFL_Dregornn Playability: 5
It was pretty fun to play had some good ideas and nice hiding spots for upgrades.

Balance: 3
A few bosses had way too many hitpoints and easy was very easy and medium was pretty hard.
Creativity: 3
Pretty creative being able to choose your hero and nice use of elevation.

Map Design: 3
Could of used more eyecandy and little less wide paths but other than that nice.

Story/Instructions: 2
Storyline could of used more explanation but was still good.

Additional Comments:
Still a fun game just minor probs

[Edited on 11/06/06 @ 05:58 PM]

Chimp With A Gun
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I felt like i was hacking and slashing thought a forest of enemys, i maxed out my level way before i reached the end. There were also over powered heros, like they cyclops hero. Also aboug 6 reglifs that whould reserect eache other. One of our players quit who was a dwarf and got up levels faster then me who was farther along, by just having them run back and forth.

Balance: 2
As i said the balance was off, i had a way over powered hero, every one was overpowered but the cyclops was the most

Creativity: 2
Na realy boring, the only thing that was kinda fun and creative was the secret upgrades.

Map Design: 3
Another Linner RPG, what do you expect. Not much terain Mixing.

Story/Instructions: 2
Story was another bad guy do bad stuff. And heros to save the day...

Additional Comments:
Not my personal favorite but it was a brake from other RPGs.
Dregornn I relooked at it and realized i missed a few details. Heres my re-evaluation.

Playability: 5
It was very fun and good sized map. Also had a nice alotment of enemies.

Balance: 3
It was pretty balanced except the difficulties were a little off but other than that no probs.

Creativity: 5
Very creative things that were never used before were implemented such as choosing your hero.

Map Design: 4
It was pretty good except the land didnt make sense how it went from one land to another instantly.

Story/Instructions: 4
It was good except story wasn't explained too great.

Additional Comments:
Good game, alot of fun. Good job.

[Edited on 11/06/06 @ 05:59 PM]

I had a go at this because a lot of people seem to be hosting it and it seems quite popular, but I was very disappointed.

Its just mass killing! There is no variety in this game and it probably didnt take much time or thought to place a few hundred units on the map, come up with a shop and think about choosing a hero. I got extremely bored after the first boss.

The secret upgrades were the only good point of the scenario apart from perhaps the cinematics, that were lacking in music and idea. However, you only had 1 bug (the chicken moves) so your playability was almost faultless. Good job on that (altough there wern't that many triggers so you couldn't really go wrong).

I can see this file is quite old, hope you are making better maps now, and hope you find this feedback usefull. :)
Ludlei Hi ,
Hwo do u make so u can upgrade ur hero like that and how do u make ur hero become that hero as u stand infront of?

// Ludlei
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