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City Under Siege

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# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans
Welcome To a whole new type of warfare were.....

The weather determines your attack determines your attack

Your chosen god matters by far as it gives advantages like powerful but expensive units from nidhoggs to sons of osirises

Uses very little building

Many randomizations from Myth Units 2 buildings
Siege weapons are extremely stronger and are your best defence but are very limited

Long ago, In a utopian city, there was peace. Unfourtainetly were there is peace there is hate greed and tyranny that wishes to rule to the end. Wars raged many lives were lost and storys forgotten to never be opened again. There were heros and villians each dieing off and this war was never going to end....or so it seemed. ....A Mysterious explosion killed all instantly and the story of this utopia seemed to be lost forever for every story on the island was destroyed utterly until that fateful day when 4 generals returned to the island from there search for a ultimate weapon and each in turn was corrupted on the realization that this once utopia now turned into the ultimate weapon itself was right in front of them to control this is the beginning of your story of the last 4 storys on the island.........

Ok now to learn how this strange game works

First off every unit is unlocked but you cannot build. The whole island is covered in nods (setelments) which can convert any buildings in that area from 3 fortress to a titan gate

Second the weather has a effect on every unit in the game for example snow slowly hurts every unit in the game while the bright light heals your units

Third Your general lvls up as he kills

Fourth Each god and civiliatation has its own personal benifits

Fifth is that randomization like Random buildings to capture and randomly chossen powerful myth units have big effects on your economy and military power

Some villigers wont move all you have to do is wiggle them around

Some settlements wont have you build straight on try all the sides you can

Lastly your base has respawning resources and your citadel which if it dies you lose so defend your base at all cost!

Updated August 8th 2007
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JuniorD Nice i see you finnaly wondered on to this help9113 im on this too you know i have build and destroy v2 and a couplee other games here too
File Author
err d ive been here a long time just use search
JuniorD lol i did but it only come up with this XD
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I gave this a 3 as it was great to play at first, but if someone has TCs right outside your base theirs not much you can do, thats why i had to give playability a 3.

Balance: 4
Good sense of balance here, all 4 players have same generals, this makes its easier to upgrade them the same, but the thing that stopped me from giving it a 5 is the fact that if 1 persons general reaches like lvl 5 or 6, their overpowering, and if you combine that overpowering with the healing of a valkyrie its hard for him to die.

Creativity: 5
Never seen this map in titans before, i applaud for creativeness, i know how hard it is to try think of original and yet fun/strategy maps to play that people will want to host as well as other people play it.

Map Design: 3
This only got a 3 because of the temples inside the TC's, they cause some difficulty in building the TC to start with as i couldn't build one at all with a temple in the centre.

Story/Instructions: 2
Now this is were the downfall of the review is, The reason i giving you a 2 and not a 1 is because the story was pretty good, but the starting cinematic of you saying ~City Under Siege~ letter by letter bored me before i even started the game, maybe if you did it in chunks like "~City" "Under" "Siege~ it would of been better.

Additional Comments:
Try harder to improve buildable areas all over the map and make your starting cinematics a little less boring to make sure people want to watch the cinematic and play the game more. I hope this review has been helpful.
File Author
Thnx for the review though i dont think that story deserved a 2 for that problem ill fix it so its 2 syllabales at a time
Howmuchweed2 well im sorry you felt that way, but the cinematic bored me before i even started you felt like press alt and f4 it was so long, the scenario is good but the cinematic was way too long only because of the fact about the starting cinematic.
File Author
Cinmatic edited plz rereview
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
The good thing is that each player has different buildings near there starting area, which allows many different strategies everytime.
Balance: 4
but some times Different settlements leads to unfariness problems such as i had about 3 temple settlements so i could build temples really fast. leaving the other players With only a few settelments when my army consists of about 10 different units. Or maybe im just really good :)

Creativity: 5
havn't sen anyother scenario like it before. and thats what makes it enjoyable is because its completely new.

Map Design: 3
Maybe you could have made it on a bigger size map so after a few minutes. Your not scrunched together. And this parly goes with the balance problem as i got 1 million builders very easilly. And had most the settelments.

Story/Instructions: 3
First tiem i played i got a little lost for a few min. and then caught on. And definetly not the most noob friendly scenario.

Additional Comments: Good luck on your next scenario. Enjoyed the unqueness of thsi one.
File Author
thnx for the complements and critisims each player has 2 temple settlements in front of there base so that does mean your very good if you snuck or destroyed your way to someones base. i made this game to be unique stragetic and full of chaos so i had to have everything close together. Controlling most or even half the island is a hard task because of all the settlements available estamated 52 thanks for the review

[Edited on 08/22/06 @ 09:22 AM]

File Author
updated again
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Map Design3.3
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