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NeoMutation 2

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# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans
For the scenario showcase, please visit:


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ranek Please leave a desription and if that link was it can you copy and paste it because my computer won't load the forums...
tasev NeoMutation 2 by Myr_Enforcerer (aka Me, lol)

Style: RolePlayingGame.
Players: 4 human and 2 computer.
Average play time: Around 2 hours.

For those that havent played any Mutation Map, i tell you that is a RPG-type map, in wich you control only 2 units: a main unit wich "mutates" (transform) into stronger version as you kill, and a healer unit, wich purpose is to have the main unit HP at 100%... and also be a bait (see How to survive for more info about this).

Neo Mutation 2, being a sequel, tries to improve the gameplay of the past version by providing 3 difficulty settings, that should let anyone play, from begineers to micromanage experts.

Depending of the difficulty you pick, the game will add or remove units, change the attacks of the bosses and give you a different ending.

As in the past version, everything is about teamplay and micromanagement skills. Using your GPs in the right times and using lure tactics are vital for survival.

The map eyecandy isnt bad (i think) so the areas dont get too repetitive. In addition, there are many hidden areas that will grant you bonus GPs and technologies if you find them.

>Choose one of the 3 warriors to play with: each with strong and weak points. Each have his unique "Mutation Path", with 16 levels.

>Unique GPs for the warriors. These GPs get stronger as you play.

>Day-night ambient cycle. Host can turn it on/off by writting AMBIENT_ON or AMBIENT_OFF. So the host cant play in the lighting he likes the most.

>5 challenging bosses and one hidden.

>3 difficulty levels: Normal, Hard and Champion.

>Intro and ending cinematics.

>Decent eyecandy and plenty hidden areas to be found.

1>Use the healer as cannonfodder. He can die endless times. You dont. That´s why he should go almost every time in the front.

2>Your healer = bait. Lure with him the enemies, and move around meanwhile your main units kills them, unarmed. Or at least buy time. All is about micromanagement.

3>Move in groups. Going alone vs 10 guys isnt smart.

4>Low HP? Run. Going to fight soon? Heal first. The healer healing (lol!) speed is fairly good, that is if you arent fighting/moving (the pasive stance is usefull here, just remember to switch back to agressive or defensive later)

Path 1: Murmillo This path provides you the faster units, and also the ones with the most hack armor. Pierce armor is poor howerever. Ideal for lure tactics.

Respawnable GP 1: Mercenary (Lure) Using the Lure GP the user will summon a 100% hack and pierce armor Mercenary, but with limited lifespan and HP. Ideal against melee units.

Respawnable GP 2: Wrath of the Deep (Nidhogg) Using the Nidhogg GP summons a Kraken, wich haves high HP and atack. In addition, he can be healed, and if there is need, you can run to it for backup. Howerever, the place where he will be summoned is quite randomly, due to the flying behavior of the Nidhogg. Ideal against melee and myth units.

Path 2: Destroyer The path of the Trident soldier will give you the units with the most attack power and HP. Howerever, they are also the slowest and the ones with worst armor. Desigened for advanced players.

Respawnable GP 1: Acid Pool(Lure) Generates a pool of acid damaging all enemy units nearby. Very effective against groups of human units, specially low armor ones. Not so good against myth units, and less vs heros.

Respawnable GP 2: Berserker (Ragnarok) By using the Ragnarok GP the user will raise his attack power by a limited time. This GP can only be used one time, and then you must wait for it to end. (It isnt acumulative, using it 2 or more times simultaneusly wont work)

Path 3: Arcus This path will you decent speed and atack units. Plus, all have range and enjoy the greatest pierce armor. The bad, is they have the worst HP of all.

Respawnable GP 1: Lighting Arrow (Bolt) The Bolt GP inflict target unit 100 damage. Very good against heros and some myth units, but quite pointless to use against human units.

Respawnable GP 2: Sentinel (Lure) Using the Lure GP, the user gets a Sentinel, wich will remain in the area summoned. While weak in HP and armor, the Sentinel haves range and a deadly atack. Ideal for support, and since he can be summoned on key areas, he can be unreachable to unraged units.

[Edited on 08/21/06 @ 07:03 PM]

File Author
Thanks Tasev for the copy and paste. See the showcase for screenshoots, too. Any bug/error will be fixed in version B.
Aomts_help911 ill definetly review just have to find time school.... i already have a huge workload
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
I gave this a 3 because well the playability is great and some of the secret villages are well hidden, but THE GAME IS TOO HARD!! ive played it on normal 10 times and never gotten passed the first boss, i try to run but their no escape.

Balance: 3
Good balance in it, and the different paths make it so you wont get bored of the same mutations over and over, the god powers were great as well, But the thing that brought it down is, if someone mutates like way before anyone he keeps the advantage and keeps mutating and doesnt let anyone else mutate.

Creativity: 4
The only reason this got a 4 instead of a 5 was because theirs like 20 versions of mutation out. But the thing that saved you from a low rating was the starting cine and the unit chooser.

Map Design: 4
Map design was good, some misc object and hidden places to get to villages in, Could of been better maybe with some terrain mixing and some cliff variations.

Story/Instructions: 4
Story was brillant, when all the bolts came down and hit all the archers and circe it look awesome, wasnt so keen on the elephants dieing though, instruction were clear enough for people to understand as well.

Additional Comments:
Keep up the good work, maybe make it in version B that its easier even on normal, because mainly the first person dies at the centaurs even with setna as bait as it then concentrates on them.
File Author
Thanks you Howmuchweed2 for your review, since it takes some time to be made.

I will have in mind your comment about the difficulty, and i will launch a B version sometime soon, just need some time.

I invite you to play with me, so we can finish the game and see that with proper teamwork it can be finished. My ESO names: Myr_Enforercer and xEKEMETx.

Aditionally i have updates some clues of where to find all the secrets in the scenario showcase. See u guys around!

[Edited on 08/24/06 @ 01:13 PM]

Howmuchweed2 well perhaps i made my review a little bit too hastily, but i managed to get to the marsh boss (got passed first one woo!!) then got owned so its still hard lol

PS: ill take ya up on that offer in a couple of weeks, im going on holiday in a few hours and wont have my Titans disk with me or internet acces =P

[Edited on 08/25/06 @ 08:01 AM]

File Author
Haha, good to know you advanced more. Enjoy ur holiday.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I gave you a 4 for playability.. But I'm hoping you make the easy mode in version B.. easy.

The current game is quite difficult, even at normal difficulty, but I still gave it a 4 because it just makes it a bit of a challenge. I did find one bug where a key didnt work, but this was unusual and only happened one of the times I played it. It didnt matter, as we could just destroy the wall manually (it took about 6 minutes)

The gameplay is challenging, but the mutations keep it interesting.

Balance: 4
The game is well balanced out. The enemies are tough, but reasonable, and I really think you did a good job with the mutation paths, each one getting slightly stronger, but not overly strong. That must have required some work.
I like how you've done it.

Creativity: 3
You have basically elaborated on an original idea, so for that I give you a 3. That's not to say the map still isn't creative, as the boss's are very interesting, and the design of the map has a reasonable level of creativity that you've obviously worked hard on.

Map Design: 4
The map is designed so you always follow a clear path, with the occasional secret area. It's designed well to keep you on path, and it looks pretty good too.

Story/Instructions: 3
Your opening story scene was quick enough, which I liked, but I felt the story wasn't elaborated throughout the game. This isn't a problem though, as I didn't mind not having to sit through a boring story.

Additional Comments:
This is a good game, definently worth the download to try out. It can be hard and challenging, so work out a technique that suits you.

Try to send your healer first.

It can be a bit long, sometimes 2 hours+
File Author
Ty ADzYz for your review. I appreciate all good reviews since they take time to be done.

Il look foward for a real easy difficulty!
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Map Design4.0
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