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~Guide To Map Design- Warriors_BaneXP~

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File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
This is my guide to Map Design on the AoM Editor. It is aimed at newer and intermediate designers who need some inspiration on how to get that great look to their scenarios.

The Guide lasts approximately 13 minutes, so it won't get too long and boring, and I discuss Natural scenes, water scenes, cliff scenes, city and eyecandy scenes.

Simple to understand and easy to watch.

Great download.

Created by Warriors_BaneXP of the Nexus Design Team.


Please visit our forums if you have any questions/ suggestions.

Please comment and review.
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satansfall I cant wait to see this i suck at mmaking maps this will probally help me alot!

DWIEEB Hey, I just wanted to say Nexus looks like a very active team/clan. I hope you guys keep it up! I am excited to see more from Nexus and the Warriors :)

Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
It's not applicable here, cause you just sit and watch a 13 min cinematic, that gives you the opportunity to quit half way.

Balance: 3
Not applicable, cause there's no conflict between anyone.

Creativity: 3
The buildings were OK, but the terrain lacked something to make it exciting. For example, in the forests you could add bunches of rocks at the hills of different sizes/textures, and the rise of the hills could be broad/large/long, instead of just one round thing. The mountains, should contain more terrain in them with some plants and other stuff on, to give a more realistic feeling.

Map Design: 3
The terrain produced wasn't anything spectacular, but it was OK. There was no examples of different kinds of water, the windmill was done before (by me I think), there was no big variation to the terrain, etc.
The buildings were OK, especially the Greek Fortresses with the columns, but you have to keep consistent with the colour/textures of the mixed buildings, so it'd be appropriate to make them take the look of Mythic Age -for the white colour.

Story/Instructions: 3
There is no story, and you just sit and read the instructions on how to do better designing by this cinematic. Instructions were adequate, for what they said, but I feel it'd be better if you had also a word file with pics, for reference, instead of having to watch over and over the cinematic to remember something said.

Additional Comments:
OK, nice try guy but you don't say anything new. The file is a cinematic which explains terrain mixing, and town making.
The buildings you created, were good with use of enlargement and combining.
The terrain was average, and you should've tried using brush size 1 and adding all terrains at places to see the effect, as per the older guide.
Other than that, you seem to have mastered most of the tricks of designing, plus the triggers to make really good scenarios.

My criticism was in good will, so don't be offended.

File Author
Ok Thank you. But I wish people would read! It specificly says "It is aimed at newer and intermediate designers" And it is good stuff for them not for all you "Pros".

Btw I have never heard of you so I cant say that your maps are good. My maps are all popular on AoM online so My critism is in good will, so don't be offended.

Thanks for reviewing. :D 3 is good.

[Edited on 08/26/06 @ 03:32 AM]

Map Design3.0
ok i may be on his team and in his clan but i am entitled to my opinion anyone got a problem with it is a very sad person so here goes:

He made a cimetic movie insted of writeing long boring guides wich no one normaly reads fully and remembers, the town had good design and the nature parts were good.

Map Design:
The map meets its purpose and is very good in Design, the trigger work brings it all together, though so thats why i said 3.

They were clear well timed and well spaced throught out the cimetic leaving doubt in what hes saying only to those who have the IQ of a brick.

Playability/Balance: N/A

i like this as it will teach people the arts of terrain mixing and a small part of city building, the map is a good use of triggers, has no flaws for its intended purpose and will be very usefull for people who are starter editors.
AoM Player Classification: 4.6 (Not a review because of playability and other stuff you had to fill if you wanted to review it)

Really useful, for people like me who have great ideas for maps and then can't concretize them because the map seems a bit boring and without action it really comes in handy!
I've learned a few things, thanks!
Not five but, exellent anyway!!!
Jahikoi Playability: 5
I think this is brilliant because it shows a nice step by step analogy which (like me) people can learn from.

Balance: 5
All the parts were not too long, but got the message through well.

Creativity: 5
This is the first how to make a map map i have ever seen, and its also the best one!

Map Design: 5
Brilliantly made, and the only thing i didn't like is that the citadel+plenty vaults and the stacked fortresses.

Story/Instructions: 5
Need i say more?

Additional Comments:
Best. Map. Ever.

[Edited on 10/05/06 @ 10:00 PM]

The above review has been removed because it does not comply with our Review Guidelines.
Dregornn I may also be in the design team, but in my opinion it was good for new people.

Playability: 5
You really didn't get to play but it was a smooth cinematic.

Balance: 5
Nothing really to balance but it had a good variety in things.

Creativity: 5
Very creative, somthing no body has ever done before and well thought out.

Map Design: 4
Was very good but couldve been more detailed and bigger sections to give more of an expression of a map.

Story/Instructions: 5
Gave very nice instructions on what it did.

Additional Comments:
I say good job man, keep going!

[Edited on 10/15/06 @ 09:21 PM]

The above review has been removed because it does not comply with our Review Guidelines.
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Map Design3.0
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