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The Scorpion Priest

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Version: AoM
This is my first try at an AOM scenario and is really a little scenario I put together for my son (Gideon - i'm Tim :)), who played it and loved it. I'm most proud of the opening cinematics with sound narration (took ages to find out how to do that).

For the past month your little
community has been terrorized
by an unwanted entity - the
Scorpion Priest and his army.
Your tribes home town of Angamar
(in the north over the river)
was over run by his wicked forces
and taken over for evil purposes.
You had to flee here to this
coastal area in the south and make
a temporary home for your tribe.

You must raise up an army before
the Scorpion Priest becomes too
powerful and stings back with a
deadly blow! You only have one game
hour to raise up your army and
destroy all the Scorpion Priest's
forces before he develops the power
to be able to destroy your tribe
from a distance, making them all
dissapear into oblivion.

When the Scorpion Priest and ALL
his armies are destroyed then
you have won and can start to
rebuild Angamar (this is
important to you as it is
situated over a magical ley line
that gives your tribe special
power - the reason the Scorpion
Priest has taken the area, to
give him unbeatable power).

1. Take note carefully of pop up
messages as they contain important
2. You only have one hour to
complete this scenario. Play once
just to see the whole situation
and then play again to win using
the strategy you see is the quickest
and most effective given the limits.


Enjoy and please be kind with your feedback as i'm a newbie at this :-)

Updated 31.8.06 - added more sound and music and made the starting area more usable. Added more storyline and a time component (must
finish within one hour of gameplay).
Updated 6/9/06 - Added some extra triggers for fun (teleporting) plus triggering objectives to make storyline clearer and triggered a bit more action after opening cinematic.
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jml If you want us to play as Tim, your son I believe :-), do this in the editor:
Open the place objects window ( human button in the middle ) and at " place as ": scroll until you get Player 1 ( = Tim ), keep it selected and save your scenario. You probably playtested your map by pressing the editor " test " button which is always playing the scenario as... Player 1. Unfortunately, the last object you placed on the map was... Ga•a, so those who are going to download your scenario are gonna play as... Ga•a... which is going to reaveal also most of your map.

[Edited on 08/26/06 @ 05:36 PM]

hakuo600 i player as tim it was an ok scenario trigger work was terrible not renaming not realy much storyline
nice eye candy map looked good
search for new editor in downloads search
aom:new editor 9.5
the titans:new x editor 3.0

hints/guides go
this page for rpg scenarios

and this for trigger work

[Edited on 08/26/06 @ 07:40 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the comments guys. I downloaded the latest editor and made the changes suggested, hopefully making it more playable (as Tim - who is me by the way and not my son!!!). Still trying to work out the use of most of the triggers and have only mastered a few so far.
The Guarding One I think it's great you would make a scenario for your son!

Let's hope that AOMH has lifted the burden for you of providing new material for your son :P

I'll have a look!
The Guarding One The map design is quite good, although it isn't very varied or blended that well (Lots of Grass A!) Anywho, here are a few points:
1. You don't have enough space to build a sufficient city, as the cliffs cram you in. You could get rid of or make smaller the cliff that is to the east of your town, so that you have more space.
2. You start with a combination of labourers and villagers, and as you are Greek, this is not a particularly good idea- the labourers can only build buildings that Greece and Egypt share, i.e. houses and granaries, etc. The poor, isolated lady up the hill cannot do anything, as she can't collect wood without being able to build a storehouse!
3. There is no music! Perhaps you could use a music play trigger to have some atmosphere after the cinematic?

It's a good scenario, and some bits are needed to improve... good luck!
File Author
Thanks The Guarding One for your constructive comments. I don't quite understand your bit about my men being Greek - what would you suggest and why? I will consider what you said about the space and about the isolated lady on the hill (who is actually there to provide a nice opening cinematic :D).

The Guarding One All I would suggest is to replace the Egyptian Villagers with Greek ones. Problem solved!

EDIT: This is because a combination of villagers from different cultures means that the foreign villagers cannot build buildings that belong to your civilisation, i.e. Egyptians can't build stables, etc.

[Edited on 08/30/06 @ 10:52 AM]

File Author
Hi. I've taken note of all that you said The Guarding One and revamped the scenario with music and a few more effects and triggers. My son played it and said he was blown away by the whole experience!!! He has not beaten the Scorpion Priest yet but will keep trying. I've added a time limit now (you have one hour to wipe out his units before the Scorpion Priest grows too powerful and uses his distance destroy power - enabled by the ley line lying under your town - to make your tribe dissapear into oblivion.)
Thanks all for your guidance and advise.
File Author
BTW - how on earth do you make one of your units teleport to another location by going into another unit such as a healing pool? I've tried and tried to use the teleport trigger to no avail. Anyone can help me?
File Author
To give credit where credit is due: music for the game is by Langdana - http://hometown.aol.de/langjoer/langdana.html
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