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Stargate SG 1 XS

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# of Players: 2- 8
Version: AoM: The Titans
[url=http://aom.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=13,23816,0,10]View the topic on AoMHG's Forums[/url]
[url=http://www.freewebs.com/kronos_exe/sgxs.html]Go to Stargate SG1 XS's webpage[/url]

For all of those who love stargate, I have 're-initialized' my stargate scenario creation mode; in other words, I have created another stargate scenario.

I know what you may be thinking, "Another Stargate Scenario? He must be crazy!?!?"

Well to be honest... a genius is just a crazy person who thrives off of illogical thought :P (and no im not crazy)

So I present, now to AoMHM, Stargate SG1 XS

Notice to editers and credit takers: Stargate SG 1 is owned by MGM Grand, however, this scenario is intellectual property of Kronos_EXE (2000-2007) Editing may be a violation of Kronos_EXE's intellectual property, as well as (but not limited to) editing and taking credit, taking credit, hacking, ect. If you would like to suggest a feature, please use the link at the bottom of this post and suggest it, but don't edit/hack it in. Thank you.

*Play with up to 8 people in the latest and greatest scenario from Kronos_EXE.
*A new map in which you can make new strategies and bases.
*Random events- that will break a stalemate, or could cost you the game if your not careful!
*A new introduction cinematic- with a storyline now
*Terrain meshing (missing from the originals if you noticed)
*Eyecandy, eyecandy, eyecandy
*Siege can now be used; but remember, Stargates have 100% siege armor, so use your siege to topple those towers!
*You no longer need to fear about tartarian gate and vortex. God powers cannot be used anylonger.
*Missed Rocs, Phoenixes, and Pegasi? Wait no longer, you can now once again make an armada of them if you wish.
*New Homeworld Attack Feature. Since the location of your homeworld is different on this map, several changes were in order. For one, your TC cannot be destroyed. However, any other buildings near it can! Build with care, or you shall be in dispair!
*Fort Wars like balancing system. If something becomes obviously overpowered, and if enough players want it changed, I will make another ver to accomidate this. Both versions will be usable though. To check for the latest version head to my website. (or on AoMHG once I upload them)
*Level up system/RPG System. For those who love RPGs, you can level yourself up. With each level up, you will also get a bonus upgrade!

Balance Changes:
*Stargates have 10000HP to start now, instead of 8000.
*The research rate recieved a small ~ .5 increase since last version. (Stargate SG1 [8P])
*Ranged Siege now avaliable.
*TC now have 100% siege armor, and enough HP to survive any attack.
*Flying units no longer disabled.

PLEASE NOTE: By downloading, you agree not to edit this scenario and or take credit for it as your own work.

Good luck and have fun!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
DWIEEB 3rd download!
Chimp With A Gun 4th i was waiting for this i hope its as good as the others!
Chimp With A Gun
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The map is fun, and creats more stratigie with out having god powers. I can't use underworld passage w/ Collossus and kill them. :(

Balance: 4
The stargate is stronger now so that helps. I like how they can't use seige to destory it. That makes it so they can't sit outside your base and use catapults to throw rocks into your stargate. The random bonuses can make you loss, they aren't the biggest effect but when they about 200 units plus 50 health helps alot.

Creativity: 5
Well what can I say its orriginal in the sence that your the one who made it for AOM. Question:Can you realy protect that map with that Property Claim?

Map Design: 5
I like it alot more then the last one you made alot more texturing. Much more eye appealing. You should consider using a map bigger then 500x500 Possibly 700x700 whould be great so we have more room to kill each other.

Story/Instructions: 1
There are None(instructions). If i could give it a Zero I whould of. I know what to do but all you have is that "do not edit this map" message. Story isn't as inportant as Instructions, Consider in your second version putting something about the random events.

Additional Comments:
Great map, but is lacking. I thought it whould be a great idea a sallery. Like real stargate command every thing cost gold. So you don't have infinite. and make it more DM stlyle every thing upgrades automaticly. I like how you can level up your hero too.

Over All good job man another great map keep it up.

[Edited on 08/31/06 @ 11:34 AM]

DWIEEB I'd love to review but I kept on getting oos when we played it Kronos :(

I'll try and see whats causing oos.
Warriors_gient Nice job :D downloading now,...
nottud I will download - I could find out about this "error issue" you were talking about.
nottud The only error you might get is because one of the camera track triggers doesn't have a track name on it! It still works but it might cause an OOS error to happen. That might be why the error came?
ranek chimp, if it has a story it's worth a three read the review guidelines
Aomts_help911 I havent played it but it sounds like theres unlimited resources. Make 2 options steady flow of resources and unlimited
stargater93 I’m working on my own version of the Stargate SG-1 game... but it’s more like Stargate SG-1 the TV show, for example...

>Every "planet" has its own Stargate and DHDs
>Players never really own a Stargate forever, they only own it for the time that they dial out (38 seconds), and then it goes back to gaia, until you use the DHD again, or someone else dials in to you...

So far I didn’t really get anywhere on this project, scence the dhd setup is going o take a long time to figure out...esepcly with 8 players, and 24 "planets", or 24 stargates...

But, I have created another map before this one, which pretty much has every thing that this new one will have as far as the triggers, Stargates, and DHDs go, but it's only 4 players, no boundaries of any kind separating the "planets", and currently no triggers for the player 3 & 4 DHDs, so you (player 1 or 2) can dial in to their Stargate, but they can’t dial in to yours, but I could easily add them in...

Maybe I may submit it to AOM heaven, so you can try it out your self... just to see if it has a good concept, as I didn’t do anything to the map as far as terrain goes...

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