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# of Players: 2
Version: AoM: The Titans
First of all welcome to BerryZ. A scenorio by AngleOfLight and Titan602.

Objectives: Get seven thousand berries (Food) before your opponent.

I know what your thinking. Seven thousand! AoL you must have snapped. Yes I have snapped but that was two months ago. But seven thousand well this is how it is easy. You see there is a market in oldman will appere. When he does you can buy things like. A second villie, extra food to give you an advantage, God powers,a farm to slighly increase food income. Also every for the price of 1000 gold you can destroy 100 of the other players food. You get 2 gold every 1 seconds. You can also buy troops to kill the opponents villie or protect your own. If your villie dies a new one will be created at the houses at your end of the field. The game may sound boring but if you are patient and play all the way through so people get GP's and soldiers it can turn into one heck of a game. And that is about all I can say.
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
I thought the map the playable easily enough although there were some little flaws. I did think that the games lasts a bit of a long time and the enemies didn't seem to attack much! The shop seems to mostly work fine but some do not work!*. The other small flaw is that it is only for 2 players but I bet it will be easy enough to convert it to 4 or 6 players. Last of all, shifting sands could be used to shift your guys into the shop! An easy way to block shifting sands is to make the shop very slightly submerged in water. Shifting sands does not work, even in extremely shallow water!

*I also afraid to mention that some of the shop items do not work! A fix is needed there.

Balance: 4
The map was perfectly balanced. I did not see anything wrong with that on this map. Although, there is a slight problem: People can block the shop with their old man preventing the opposition from purchasing that item. Equally, the opponant could prevent then old man from leaving the shop too. Like I said, a player could also shift soldiers into the shop and cause chaos! Also, the old man could get shifted out of the shop! A little problem I noticed was the fact that the granary could get destroyed and so could the houses! You need to make them have more health. You could modify thm to have more health or if your on vanilla, use the "relic nose of the saphinx" reserch on loop to give it huge health. Also, you need to make it so that norse do not start with any extra gold at the start giving them an unfair advantage.

Creativity: 3
I did think that the scenario idear was creative but I also think that you could have added more shop items like FASTER gathering or create berries god power. These things could add just that little more touch of creativity. I did howerver find the eyecandy on the map quite creative so I was pleased with that. I also liked the crowd of guys on the cliff although that was a little on the random side! I also enjoyed all the random stuff in the market too. I had mainly mixed feelings on creativity here.

Map Design: 4.8
The map design was good. The eyecandy was alot better than a random map. There was no vast areas on the map with grass A and there was the randomness of the mixed terrain and trees. A little note would be to add some rocks, maybe a touch of mist and pahaps some birds and forest animals! You could even add a bit of blowing leaves into the map too. I liked the use of the cliff which I though was just the right amount. I also liked the use of the random elevation which is something that I do not often see. Finaly, I loved the use of the mixed trees, I really though you worked very hard there! This is rounded to 5 due to only being able to do ratings under each catagory to 1 decimal place.

Story/Instructions: 3
I thought that the instructions were a little short although you did put some in the scenario instructions. I am aware that the map is an easy one to play but I felt there could have been a little more on the map to do. The main trouble with the scenario instructions log is that while the opponant reads it, player 1 is way ahead in the game. I think that you could have possibly mentioned the fact of the enemies on the map because a player without relising it might accidently kill his first guy and then he will have to purchase one only when he has collected plenty of resorces!

Additional Comments:
A nice and interesting map but some work on fixes could be in order.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The game is very easy to understand and play. My complaint is, as mentioned above, the shop. You need to make the tile in which to purchase stuff, bigger. At times I was locked out of buying more dwarfs because the other player was there.

Balance: 4
The game is very well balanced. There seams to be an even distribution of berries around the map. However, the bug from above can really affect game play. Once I was trapped out of buying dwarfs for a few min, severely damaging me.

Creativity: 3
Not a very creative map. The same basic "see who can get X amount of X first." However, you did add a little originality by adding god powers, upgrades, etc. I think it would have been cooler if fighting were a bigger part of game play though. I only played one game, but in that game, only one person bought a god power, and that was me. You should incorporate a way to get fighting/killing more involved. Something I'd like to see is each player getting 1 solder every min. Or maybe have an area of the map that is capturable, and when a certain player holds it, they get granted solders or extra gold.

Map Design: 4
Very nice eyecandy. I liked all the trees, terrain mixing and nature. I would have liked to see some animals though. Also, the huge swarm of units next to Player ones base is a huge eyesore, which is why your being marked down in this category.

Story/Instructions: 3
The game is easy enough to understand. Simple instructions. However, there is no story. Why do I need to get 7000 food? Does the fate of my civilization depend on it? Am I very hungry? Did god tell me to? Why?

Additional Comments:
Over all, a fun game. I would have liked to play with more people though. A 2v2 version would be fun. Maybe a version where teams worked together to attain 20,000 food. What you could do is make a 4 player version, and then in the beginning have Player 1 choose weather to play in teams, or as a free for all. I would like to see that. :)

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Map Design4.5
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