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Celtic God Mod

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Version: AoM: The Titans
In this file are the celtic gods:
Cernunnos: God of the earth and nature
Taranis: God of the sky and Thunder

Also included are two units that work with either god:
Celtic Fairies: Fairies that help Cernunnos defeath Taranis
Thunder Giant: giants that fire bolts of electricity and shoot out lightning.

Each god has a completely new animation for their special attacks. There is a new weapon for Taranis: the thunder wheel; that allows him to fire lightning bolts.

The gods are meant to be very strong, and when in battle Cernunnos over powers Taranis. The gods are not invincible, and a very large army would soon take at least cernunnos out.

Thats about all, any erros found please tell me! Enjoy the mod!
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excavationx thank you for Celtic god mod..
excavationx but, where are the celtic god? i don't see my friend. pls help me..

Rating: 3
I find many errors:

Cernunnos: it's just a Theseus model with the animal buck antlers. the animation of the buckattack is not badly, sin that when it hits another Cernunnos, the Cernunnos that receives the hit disappears, when it hits from near an enemy the horns are moved as if they were not attached, the textures are not detailed and are almost simply of a white color, besides the idea of the horns above the head, has been already used in the mod Age of Celts Bar Version by skystrider.

Celtic Fairies: it's just a Caladria model with new textures and a new rangedattack, the textures of the body are not detailed and are almost simply of a white color. nothing special.

Taranis: It is just a myrmidon model, with a dwarf head, with the textures that are almost simply of a white color, it is nothing special, then when it attack an unit it races next to the enemy and then it disappears, however then it never reappears, it is invisible, this is a big error.

Thunder Giant: it's just a Fire Giant model with the textures with a yellow color, the texture is not detailed, that texture can not be marked for creativity, it is only colored with the yellow color. when it hits with the rangedattack it launches some projectiles that change of form in strange way, this change of form of the projectiles is an error, because it changes in conformity with the type of unit that hits, for instance when Thunder Giant attack with the rangedattack a fortress, it launches some projectiles with the color white and yellow, with the square form, besides around the hands there are some big white spots with the square form. this is surely an error in the Ball of Zap.

All the units don't have the sounds and besides they don't have the icons.

Additional Comments:
I give a 3 because the buckattack of Cernunnos is original, but the whole mod would deserve a 2

I updated the comments in the review

[Edited on 09/16/06 @ 05:00 AM]

File Author
Ok...there is a lot wrong with that. You must have installed the file wrong, because when i use it none of the errors you explained show. There is no fortress attached to the thunder giant! Also, that is not a dwarf model...you say the textures are so bad...but you cant even tell what a dwarf is! It is a myrmidon model, with a dwarf head. The fairy is not all white, it has monarch butterfly wings, and just because someone else attached antlers to a unit doesn't mean that it can never be done again. Try reinstalling the file, and make sure you did it right.

excavationx: What do you mean there aren't gods. This is not a new civilization or anything. They are units placeable in the editor.

[Edited on 09/14/06 @ 12:20 AM]

CoolBiker90 no,no I don't have installed the file wrong, I installed all in the correct way, to the correct place. about the fortress perhaps I wrote badly, I wanted to say that when Thunder Giant ATTACK a fortress, it launches some projectiles with the color white and yellow, with the square form, those projectiles with the square form is a bug, in the Ball of Zap. ok Taranis It is a myrmidon model, with a dwarf head.

[Edited on 09/15/06 @ 05:38 AM]

File Author
What the heck are you talking about? A thunder giant attaching a fortress? How can it attach a fortress? And if you manually installed it, use the auto installer because you clearly did it wrong. Sorry.
CoolBiker90 I wanted to say, when Thunder Giant ATTACK with the RANGEDATTACK. You understand now!
File Author
Yes, now I understand. And you are correct. A vital file has been left out and i will update ASAP
AndreiM Hey isn't the celtice mod was already created. It replaced whole norse civilization. Also it had detailed help and had history!
File Author
None of the units I have in this download were in the Age of Celts civilization. These are just units that the celtics believed existed, it isnt a civ pack. Read the details.
And by the may, just because this is celtic doesn't mean it needs detailed help and history like it. Not every mod has history and detailed help. You can not compare a 4 unit modpack with an entire civilization.

[Edited on 09/22/06 @ 05:16 PM]

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