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The Adventures of Tonk and Cassius!

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Version: AoM


Tonk, a monkey and Cassius, a centaur, are trying to get equal rights for centaurs (and monkeys) except Tonk just stays at home and lets cassius do the hard work. The only way to get equal rights is to kill the mayor who has now become evil and became a badit lord.


A fully interactive town!

You can Enter Buildings!

Theres a Strip Club!

Have a adorable Monkey!

Go to hell and back.

Even go to the toilet!


only Cassius can go inside buildings.

Tonk is just....lazy i mean he is only a monkey...

Oh and I almost forgot!

~Tonks Adventure~
(The Monkey)

Comin soon!
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File Author
Comments please!

Or atleast a review!

This is my first scenario...

My Eso aom name is:

Champion_Ulfjarl Playability: 4
It acctualy was pretty good to play, but the peoples in the town should talk a little bit more if the town is so "interactive"

Balance: 3
It was a little bit balanced, but not very much. It was to hard whit all those enemys, when you only had a chiron and some axemens.

Creativity: 2
Whery basic. Not where creative. You should use more time to make the map "beutiful"

Map Design: 3
It was well designed, but could have been better.

Story/Instructions: 1
The story was BAD! It realy sucks. And the introduction was even worser!

Additional Comments:
You should have made more peoples who talked to you, and the stripping club.. Well, the stripping club was awfull!

[Edited on 10/05/06 @ 10:04 PM]

File Author
um..well thanks atleast you took time to review!

thank you very much.

i think i will update it with more units to balance and maybe make the villagers talk.

oh and i just updated it.

and its my first scenario so dont expect it to be like Heroes Chronicles. credit to the guy who created it.

[Edited on 09/13/06 @ 03:16 PM]

File Author
Oh and ive decided that if this one does quite good i will publish the newest adventure...

^Tonks Tale^ TM

This scn will be better and way better designed with better triggers.

yes and im making it with the titans

[Edited on 09/14/06 @ 02:28 AM]

Champion_Ulfjarl This map would be easier to make in The Titans, because its a trigger for change units name.
jml If you use distance to point as a condition, the rug " New Chiron " stuff, don't make it = 0. I went all the way through your scenario, just killing guys on the way, without knowing what was... supposed to happen... before going through the editor. 0 is way to precised. I had Chiron stepping on the rag long enough without launching it!
Then for some reason, he turned red and I don't even know how I got him back! At first I didn't see what was happening in the far left corner. You know your scenario to well, a player doesn't.
Have the view centering on the starting point when the intro cine ends.
There is nothing as ennoying as your " Don't copy my map! " looping message every 5 seconds! A guy nammed Reyk spent hours to get rid of the interface just to keep the screen as empty as possible of boring stuff. No one will copy your map, don't worry.
It's too easy to bypass all of your triggers and kill... the Mayor and bye bye. On my first attempt I saw nothing. Then I took a look at you triggers, yes sir!, and realized there were actually couple of things you wanted us to take care of. You have to think almost of every different ways different people could play your piece. And leave them almost no chance to escape from your idea.
Too bad. Things seemed to be interesting. Focus a bit more. Make it look good. And if you talk about being in Hell all the time, use some Hell lighting. Make us dream.
I think if you're making a scenario and playtesing it, you've got to act as... somebody else. For instance I didn't understand a thing about Arkantos, Kemsit, the relic, etc...?
A priest is a very slow healer, Chiron doesn't self regenerate... Well that's it!
Loads of good things in it, but a bit waisted. Intention, purpose, aim, which you will show only by the determination of your design, really matter.
Hope you'll take all of this in the best way. Intended to be so, for your future. And mine if you keep using Vanilla... ( Easy to get rid of me though! :) )
So now tell me what is supposed to happen with all these guys around? Since I will never know. :-)
Keep going. Good luck for your sequel.

[Edited on 09/14/06 @ 11:11 AM]

File Author
thanks i guess...i didnt really expect a comment at all so thanks for that.

maybe i will get better at designing and i will take your tip of the distance to point trigger. oh and the chiron go red? i didnt know hat happend i playtested it 6 times and it didnt happen.
jml Again I didn't mean anything to hurt you. On the contrary, trying to help. It would have been a lot easier to just say nothing.
He went red, probably because of the rag thing, finally, but I didn't notice the new one in the far left corner. It's not that obvious, believe me. So I played most of it with the other blue guys only. Since you don't give any goals, which is fine, only you should seriously try to avoid people being able to take a different way that the one you want them to.
I have been working myself on the same scenario, fixing, updating, improving... and then fixing it again for over a year... since I first published it. See, no one is perfect, especially me. :)
Couple of people gave me good advices which I, sometimes, took the hard way too. But maybe I couldn 't have done it without them.
Again, good luck. Luck, the only true no-bug system... after a lot of work, of course.
File Author
kk, thanks for the tip :)

And once im good enough im looking for some map designers to make a small team!

Team Size:

3-5 Members

Wanna join just ask!
gangsta4lyfe How did you make it to were the guy walks through biulding?

p.s. i have not dl ed it

[Edited on 09/15/06 @ 08:19 AM]

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