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Triggers Made Easy

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Version: AoM: The Titans
DONT bother downloading its junk
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Rating: 1
this isn't really a good guide, cause it adds nothing to the existing knowledge -which can be found in previously added files in the DL section, as well as in the FAQ in the corresponding thread. In fact, it's kind'a an description on how to access the triggers in the editor and what buttons to click.
Other than that, the descriptions of what each thing does, and how you should go about it, are very poor to say the least.

Additional Comments:
Here's an extract quote from the "guide":
Ghost Army: Makes a army with no people in it(must use Player if you use this)

Player: Sets the player for the Ghost army that the army belongs to

Ok heres a explaination of the Army Editor

The army editor... dosen't really MAKE a army its for...

Army effects and Army conditions like. Army Deploy(deploys units)

or... Army is dead in conditions(if armys dead)

But if you dont do a ghost army and say do like a command.(that unit that owns the army will too)

As you can all see, this was made by a person who is new in designing, and doesn't posess much knowledge of the subject, save some superficial skills.

My criticism was made in goodwill, wishing to give the person incentive to become better at designing. 'Till then, I'd refrain from posting such files that have nothing new/more to add to the already existing huge data base.

File Author
lol wrong im 4 years in designing noob
Neko Magi Wow... You didn't need to say that... even if you have been designing for 4 years. I agree with the reveiw, this wasn't a very helpful guide.
File Author
this guide is ment to show how to make and do triggers NOT! a list of every trigger and what they do. triggers do what thay say they do
just look at there names.

this shows how to operate the window
Neko Magi I understand that, but even still, it's not a very useful guide... Take criticism constructivly. Use it and increase your abillity to make articals with it. It's not ment to be hurtful.
Anastasoulis hey BlueScreenofDeath,

I see from your files submitted, that you've only done 1 scenario after 4 years of designing, and it had glitches (things didn't work properly), so you got a real rating of 3.2
Then this guy Lord something appears out of nowhere and gives you a 5, and then he disappears again.
This is a definite sign of a smurf account used, from someone to increase the rating of your submited design.
I may be a n00b as you write, but I do use common sense and politeness in my comments, plus it seems that there's enough people around who consider my reviews as fair, and so I was invited to participate in the official review team.

Sorry that you didn't like my review of your file, but I wasn't trying to put you down, just to point out that you've added nothing new, except to speak again about stuff that's basic-elementary knowledge.

Again, my criticism is in good will, and if you choose so, you can tell me never to review or comment on your stuff, and I'll respect it and just stay clear.
OK ?

nottud So, I have had that Adriem guy comming and giving me 5s on all my maps. I did understand why they do it when all the short reviews get deleted anyway

Anastasolis - I think you are unfair to give a bad review just because it already exists. You should be reviewing on what he has done regardless of whever it already exists. The more guides the better

Please either delete your review or change it to something reasonable! A person who puts the effort in should not get such a low rating.

[Edited on 09/16/06 @ 02:10 AM]

Nottud, I don't know if you downloaded and looked at the file or not, but I back up Anastasoulis on this. All the guide is, is a text file, then a few pictures. The text file describes them, and thats about it. Also, the lack of using a spell checker is very apparent. So it doesn't look like he put much effort into this at all. Next time I would suggest put this in to Microsoft Word, with a little formatting. Or if you don't have Word, put it in HTML form. So in my opinion, this does deserve a 1.

@Anastasoulis: don't worry, I took care of that smurf problem. I deleted the review, so now it's back down to what it was before.
tyranius Dude what the hell was that? u call that a guide? all u do is say "this trigger does this and this trigger does this" if i wanted to know that all i would do is look at their names. if u have 4 years in designing i suggest u quit

[Edited on 12/27/06 @ 07:50 PM]

AndreiM Rating: 1
I am just asking what in the world are you talking about. This is an insult to all expert designers!

Additional Comments:
Also don't put the basic stuff. and you said you have been designing for 4 years I only designed for one and made better then your guide tells!

[Edited on 07/20/14 @ 05:31 PM]

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