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New Titan Project singles Hel

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Hi all Ive been too busy to work on any mods , and I still am , But this Titan was finished already and Ive had requests in my mail for it so here it is , she has new sounds and special attacks ,Unlike the New Titan Project Titans this one will work just fine on its own , or if you want 2 add it to the new Titan Project Titans thats fine too,

I have included 2 protox,xml files , the first is protox.xml this is a full peotox file
with only Titan hel added , the second is titan protox.xml is a full protox with all
the Titans from the new Titan progect as well as Hel. to use it you must rename it to

Well i hope every one likes her and please let me know if you have problems with it , my email is crazydragon62040@yahoo.com

I just updated this mod , fixed the Icon and the problem with hel being stronger than all the other new Titans.
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CoolBiker90 good textures and good sounds, nice the shiny black boots and the shiny bra. The textures of the face, (if I am not wrong, half face should be a skull of a skeleton) and hair are however a bit eccentric.
I don't want to seem harsh, but this is just another Gaia model with new textures like the other mods of Gaia that you has already created. also the ChargedRangedAttack is similar to the other attacks of the others Gaia mods (now you used the Locust Swarm Attack a bit modified).
nevertheless I must admit that you are good with the textures, why don't you create any different mods from these titans?

[Edited on 11/03/06 @ 07:38 PM]

Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)I think the new titans are great "wish they were in the normal game" but I have a problem. First I downloaded the file 1-5 and installed, then I did the same with version 6. once i did that, I played the game and it worked great. However as i downloaded the las file "singles hel" I played the game butall the new units were gone ans in the campaign gaia wasn't avaluable. I uninstaled the game ans installed again and the game worked fine, but each time I install any of the new files, be it 1, 2, or 1-5 the same thing happens. no gaia avaluable for the campaign, and in the editor there are not any new unit or some are invisible. what should I do?

Additional Comments:
File Author

Your right Hel should have half a skull face or a decayed face , And she does in this mod so i dont get your point,
And yes It is a Gaia based unite , Like the other female Titans , I tryed to enlarg other female unites to Titan size like I did with Anubis but they all looked like crap as a Titan , not enuf polys.
Now I dont know if your a modeler or not but , The Titans have .grn files not .brg files so they cant be opened in Gmax or 3Dmax so making changes to the Titan models , like clothing or hair cant be done , At least not by us modders.
Gaia does have a .brg birth and death animation unlike the other Titans , so the Gaia model can be opened in Gmax but after changes have been made all new animation would have to be made for her , Walk , attack .ect . and I dont know alot about modeling but I know its alot of work and I cant do it , but if any one would like to help on it that would be great. And I plan on doing other Titans this winter when I have time.


Im very sorry to hear your having trouble , I have downloaded and installed the whole mod my self to test it and I had no problems with it .I suggest that on a fresh install of the game that you copy the anim, data, texture, models, sounds and the xpacklangauge.dll file to a different folder and maybe burn them on to a CD like I did , then if you have a problem you have a copy of the original files and all you have to do is deleat the changed files and copy the original files back instead of reinstalling the game.
It may be a bad download of 1 of the .zip files , I would redownload vol 1-5 with the single download and try again and see if that works , Ill be happy to help with this any way I can if you still have trouble you can Email me at crazydragon62040@yahoo.com

and if anyone els has this problem let me know .

[Edited on 09/19/06 @ 12:00 AM]

CoolBiker90 @uniontupapa

uhmm! this is your first review! you write:
"I think the new titans are great "wish they were in the normal game" but I have a problem. First I downloaded the file 1-5 and installed, then I did the same with version 6. once i did that, I played the game and it worked great"
but you ever write because you have given a 5 to this mod, with this titan hel. has rather a problem in the campaign with Gaia, and then you rate this mod 5. I would call your review a bad review


I think that asking to make the reviews to the friends is really a bad habit
File Author

First off I dont know uniontupapa , to my knowledge this is the first time that I have ever spoken with him or her , so I find your insinuation insulting. I personally think that raitings should be reserved for modders only because people that dont mod realy have no clue what is involved in the modding process and so there raitings arnt based on the difficulty of the mod but there personal likes or dislikes of the mod and as a result I dont think the raitings in alot of cases are accurate and I dont care about raitings that much anyway , I do love the feed back especially when someone likes the mod , After all I spent almost a year on the new Titan project Titans ,
Now I dont want you to think Im angry over your raiting ,Frankly I could care less But you have commented on a few of my mods now and from your comments you dont seem to know alot about modding, and I didnt see anything by you in the modpacks section , now Im not trying to be insulting but maybe you should make a few mods of your own before you throw raiting around ,
nick3069 Thank you, Crazydragon, for finaly releasing her, I will review her as soon as I can try her out.
Rating: 4.5
She is great! But there is only one probleme I find with her, she can only attack using her charge attack, no hand attack, but weirdly enough there is a hand attack action in the protox.

Additional Comments:
Great work, keep it up!
File Author
Hummm very odd , After reading your post nick I looked into it and I installed Hel alone with no other Titans and her powers and hand attacks work fine , I then installed the other Titans and it still worked fine , cant understand why its not working for you, maybe a bad download , try and download it again that might fix it , anyway let me know if you get it to work or not .

I did find one problem with Hel , on all the other Titans I balanced them out so no one Titan was bader than all the rest , I forgot to do this with Hel before I posted her , so she kicks the crap out of all the other Titans , I will have to fix that so keep an eye out for the update

[Edited on 09/23/06 @ 11:05 PM]

File Author
Just updated this mod , fixed the balance problem and fixed the Icon for hel
Demonpheonix i just luv ur hel! shes so cool shes my first titan of urs iv dl'd. cn u post isis , the demon one, and aphrodite as singels? cuz those are the 3 i really want, and i dont want to get rid of the old titans if i install the full.
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