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New Myth Unit: Energy Giant

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Version: AoM
This is a mod for AoM and AoM The Titans that adds the unit Energy Giant to your game!
Energy Giant is a NEW powerful unit composed of energy, Energy Giant possesses invisible textures because it is composed only of energy.

Energy Giant possesses varied sorts of attack:

- Rangedattack that can launch balls of energy, to ranged distance

- ChargedRangedAttack that can throw completely all his energy

- LightningAttack it can launch lightnings

- BuckAttack it hits from near the enemies with an explosion of energy launching them in air and killing them

Energy Giant does not replace any unit in your game, it is a new unit with new sounds, new models, new icons, new history, new animations, and new weapon with new projectile.

you can see Energy Giant in the four photos that I added in the file zip

Very important note:

Energy Giant can work in AoM and in AoM The Titans

Energy Giant possesses invisible textures because the effect of energy is more real, therefore until energy giant is not placed in the editor, you can not see it.

before posting comments or reviews, it installs the mod and place it in the editor, then you hits varied kinds of enemies, so you can see varied sorts of attack and to hear the cool sounds
if you follow to the letter the procedure of installation that I wrote in the file read-me, you won't have problems with my mod.
I made many tests in Aom and in AoMTT, and my mod it always worked


- Ykkrosh

He created the marvelous program AOMED, AOMED is indispensable for whoever wants to create mods.
Thank you very much Ykkrosh!

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He should be visible
gangsta4lyfe dont make him completly invisible make him almost completly transparent, umm thats about the only thing that wrong otherwise great model! :)
Rating: 5
I have to disagree with you guys , I dont think it needs a body at all I love the new unite , being energy it would have no body , I like the look of the unite and the animations look great, I dont think I would have it do the shock sound all the time and I dident see a player ID ring on the model , I could help with the player ID ring if you want it.

This unite reminds me of my fire elemental unite , it has no body

Additional Comments:
I would be very interested in working with you on some new Titan unites , I think this unite would make a great Titan my email is crazydragon62040@yahoo.com
File Author
thanks guys for the interest

I tried to represent energy in the most realistic manner with energy giant, energy is an abstract thing, being energy can not have a body. if I had created it visible with a body and the textures, it would not seem real the effect of energy
@crazydragon your rate in the review is generous with my mod, thanks
I give a five, (maximum rate) to the mods that I think really useful, or to the mods that I think really beautiful and creative that I like, I hope that you have liked my mod really
about the player ID ring on the model, probably you refer to the player ID ring of the selection, I don't know the method, but I think that energy must not have the shade and the circumference of the selection, however the player ID ring on the model could serve me for my next mod, anyway thanks!
the models of energy giant are those of fire giant, I deleted all the polygons only, but I didn't delete the isolated vertexes, therefore about the work on some new Titan units, I think that to create a titan similar to energy or to energy giant would be very difficult, and I don't know indeed like I could help you, could you explain me like I add to the models the player ID ring? please!
crazydragon the player ID ring has to do with the .dcl file found in the models folder , every unite has one , I did this to your energy giant to test it and it works fine if I were you I would add a player ID ring to your giant because with no texture the only thing that shows what player owns the unite is the life bar.
anyway all you have to do is rename all your .brg files like this .


I used shock but the first word can be anything ,unless another unite has it already. now pick a dcl file that is the right size like Colossus or the fire giant then rename it to ,


then put it in the models folder with the .brg files .
thats all there is to it.

and as far as making energy giant a Titan I think I can do it but I dont know alot about gmax and im not shure how you made the model but I should be able to enlarg a fire giant to titan size then we could just repeat the process on the enlarged model to make the new titan.
I think I know what you did to the model Im just not shure I know how , but if you would like to work tegether on it im shure we could make it work.

PS. what is the name of the model for the fire giant,

[Edited on 10/12/06 @ 05:57 PM]

File Author
Yes, it works, I will use this method with my next mod, Thank you very much crazydragon

crazydragon you say:"I dont know alot about gmax" go in this website
in the webpage aloft, you will see: free stuff, forums, galleries, products, links etc. You go with the cursor above free stuff, and click on tutorial, you will see many tutorials/ 3d Studio Max for beginners (3d Studio Max is practically equal to gmax). I have learned thanks to the tutorials that I have found in this website, that little that I know on like to use gmax.
about as I did the models of energy giant: import the model file .3ds in gmax and run the script, select it, click on the modify tab (on the right menu bar) and click on Editable Mesh, you will notice selections of vertex, edges, Element etc.
click on Element and without selecting the base of the feet, select all the model, making a square around to it, then click on "Delete" (on the right menu bar/ Edit Geometry). when the menu appears with the question "Delete Isolated vertices" click on no, then run the script and export it. you repeat this procedure for every animation, idleA,BoredA,RangedAttackA,deathA,walkA etc.
that's all there is to it.

P.S. Special N Fire Giant_idleA,BoredA,deathA,walkA etc.

[Edited on 10/13/06 @ 06:14 AM]

crazydragon glad you got it to work, I have a few other tricks I came across that I would be happy to share with you ,
Did you ever think about a smoke Giant or fog , steam or cloud you could most likly do it the same way.

PS. would you give me your email adderss I would like to talk to you more on this and I dont want to clutter up your comment froms

my Email


[Edited on 10/14/06 @ 10:42 PM]

File Author
if I needed some other suggestion, I will post a question here, or I will post a question in your mod, thank you for your availability
about a smoke Giant or fog, I have never thought to do a smoke Giant or fog, anyway thanks for idea. Currently I am making another mod that concerns the fire

P.S sorry, but I can not give email address to you, because the computer that I use is that of my brother, and almost since two months (since I've been with aomh) the email address of my brother receives every day a lot of spam, and virus. He has forbidden me to give the email address to other people or to enroll me in other websites, or to create one email address of mine

[Edited on 10/15/06 @ 05:14 AM]

crazydragon well I tryed to resize the fire giant to Titan size , that worked with no problems , but the hotspots dident move, so the giant was Titan size but the energy stayed the same size, so I dont think making it a Titan will work , I thought about using a Titan and deleating the verts but you cant open them in Gmax because they use .grn files .

oh well it was worth a shot.
igor br Where I can find this progam to edit your monsters?
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