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Mythodea Tactics

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# of Players: 5
Version: AoM: The Titans
Mythodea Tactics
By Cirrow

-3 Shops
-25+ Buyables
-24 Units to deploy
-4 Bases
-2 Traps
-Gold per kill, Set gold income
-Special Stalemate Breaker at 60 minutes
-Anti-Editing System
-Anti-Stacking System
-Wonderful, Simple Map design
-2 Seperate Cinimatics,
-An informative cinimatic hosted by Cirrow
-A funny cinimatic hosted by FUDGY

Please download and comment!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Well, fairly put, it was very playable. Nothing gets in the way, such as eyecandied rocks. Cliffs are very useful for ranging your enemies at. Great job

Balance: 4
Very balanced between the bases, they all hold advantages and disadvantages. I held back on giving you a 5, because, im sure, there are some flaws between all 4 bases.

Creativity: 4
Creative. The bases that were created with each individual advantage and disadvantage was very nice. Makes a huge transformation from Old school Mythodea to the Mythodea tactics :D

Map Design: 5
Good job on the map design, it was a relief to see actual terrain, instead of the old mythodea generic type terrain. It is always nice to see something new, good work :)

Story/Instructions: 5
I really enjoyed the cinematic instructions. With a little humor to spice it up, I gave this a 5. (For those who have never played this before, you will love the cinematic)

Additional Comments:
Keep it up, good job on tactics!

[Edited on 11/04/06 @ 04:13 PM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
I very much enjoyed this game, fun to play, especially with people you know. You are figthing all the time so no boring base building, and you can get special units too. The cinematic was cool too, really entertaining.

Balance: 4
The game was fairly balanced, all bases had equal strenghts and weaknesses. Although you could spam GP and overthrow the enemy with that, other than that the game was nicely balanced.

Creativity: 5
Well you've been very creative, I liked the concept of this game. The level up system was also wel thought of. The shops and different units you could choose were cool too. And the different buildings you had :)those made the game really special.

Map Design: 3
Well this wasn't anything special, but I like how you made the middle area, there was a healing spring in the middle and was defended by spiders, that was really cool, but the map itself wasn't really special. but it didn't really made difference to the overall experience, because you didn't have time to view the map design

Story/Instructions: 5
The intro cinematic explained alot thanks to Fudgy, but you should tell him to explain the different shops a bit better, at the end of the game I didn't knew really how it worked :S, but I can't blame you, just learn Fudgy how to explain things better ;)
And atleast the other dude did, I really got it, lol at fudgy tbh... :-P

Additional Comments:
Well I like it ;) Keep up the good work
I hope I beat you next time :p
and eh.. Fudgy owns

[Edited on 01/26/07 @ 06:43 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Playability was excellent, i mean you could upgrade your towers and walls for money, and if you wanted to make new walls just make norse infantry. But Their was one thing that dragged it down which will be explained in Balance.

Balance: 3
Balance was ok, but 2 things dragged this down, 1 was that if you kept spamming fire giants, they were OVERPOWERING. Me and Dregornn replayed it and we agreed that you didn't cheat but FGs at that power should be increased to 600 or 700 gold, their way stronger than a mountain giant. Second thing the fact that in any mythodea map the first one to get to the best units pawns the rest of the game...I know thats not your fault but you could of made that old man upgrade system like every time you LOST 100 units, that way they could get back in the game.

Creativity: 4
This was alright, Not only did you put a healing spring in the middle, but you guarded it by spiders, that means if your gonna take shortcuts going accross with humans, your gonna lose alot of men. Another thing was the GPs and mercenarys and how you stop buying them, That also put this rating up a bit.

Map Design: 4
Map design was brillant, not too much eyecandy, not too little it was just right. Althought the different bases kinda ruined it, say you were player 2 (with 2 narrow entrances) all you need to do is put 5-6 towers at one entrance and tonnes of archers at your other, and your safe from all attacks.

Story/Instructions: 5
Brillant instructions never left 1 thing out, and you told the whole thing in detail, plus FUDGY!! was funny, although im not sure hes a 1/5 chance of getting him cause ive played it 3 times and got him all the time, but hes still funny :D.

Additional Comments:
Keep up the good work Cirrow, and dont stop map making ideas like this.

[Edited on 10/29/06 @ 05:11 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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