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The 9 games arena!

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# of Players: 5 2v2v1 (The 1 is the computer player)
Version: AoM: The Titans
Put the scenario file in your scenrio folder.

This is a large project which is made up of 9 minigames ranging in gameplay type and length.

Teams are 2 vs 2 vs 1 (The 1 is a computer player)

Games are as follows:

Game 1 - Grassy arena at top
Collect as relics as you can with your old man in the arena. The relics are challenging to find dispite the quantity because of the poor line of sight of your old man.
When they are all collected, they are transformed into axemen to fight.

Game 2 - Arena with orange water
Start on one island as a catapult and try to get rid of the opponants on the other. Extra projectile given every 20 seconds.

Game 3 - Egyptian sandy arena
Start with 9 mummies and try to convert all of their mummies into yours. The minions change back into mummies so it has that "priest" effect from age of empires 1.

Game 4 - Circular snowy arena at bottom
Start as a minotaur and try to knock the opponants out of the arena. Godpowers and effects happen as you play to increase the excitement and to actually end the game!

Game 5 - Marsh arena
Start with a temple. With 100 population and unlimited resorces, build myth and try to get rid of the opponant's temples before yours falls.

Game 6 - Tundra pyramid shaped arena
Start in the corner and be the first to cut your way to the relica t the top of the pyramid. Extra villagers granted at 500 wood. Quite challenging and tactical which my suprise you!

Game 7 - Arena with blue rind and waterfall thingy
Anubites appear in centra arena thingy with waterfalls around edge. Dodge the anubites as they jump from the centra arena to side arena and chase you. Be last to survive and your team wins!

Game 8 - Snowy arena with the wonders
Guardians slowly appear in middle. You are granted unlimited lures to try and distract them towards the enemy wonders. Protect your own by distracting them away.

Game 9 - The centre hades arena
The final big battle. You are granted loads of units and god pwoers and you have to fight to the death. Team with the last remaining units wins! (well that is kind of obvious!).

All the games contain hidden effects so enjoy.

Please rate and comment!

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Senguard yaay first to download.. im gunna play it asap and review, looks exciting and original
Playability: 4
All of the games are really fun except the cut down trees one

Balance: 5
Perfectly balanced, both teams have the equal chance to win

Creativity: 5
As far as I know this is completely original and i like the idea, nice one!

Map Design: 5
Really good textures, unit placement and good water

Story/Instructions: 5
Its all clear, no questions!

Additional Comments:
I really like the idea as it is original. My favourite game is where you have to throw the minotaur off the cliff and where u dodge the anubites! lol

[Edited on 10/26/06 @ 08:11 PM]

Aomts_help911 review will be deleted to short
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The games are well thought out and as each game has unique properties it is different and keeps the player entertained throughout.

Balance: 5
Each player has the same chance of winning making it all down to the player skill and in some games luck/chance... although the random area of the relcis means that the players could not memorise the positions of the relics making it just that big more fun.

Creativity: 5
i do not beleive this has been done before, each game has unique qualities and different to what is expected, the game were you run away from the anubites in the fire siphon for example, i beleive this is a completely new concept and very creative.

Map Design: 4
each map is made brilliantly, with both eye candy and that tedious bit that all adds to the effect, although not perfect still very good.

Story/Instructions: 3
could be better, a short cinematic is good, but it could be added as a message on the side or something, counter add object for example, or a message at the top, just in case for some reason the player has missed the initial instructions.

Additional Comments:
Great fun, very origional, look forward to see if you can come up with another map with some completely new contests ;)
Dregornn Go nottud! Since we are in a design team i cant really rate it but im gonna test it it looks good.
DBGT44 Hey Nottud, I wont rate it since i found a huge bug u have to fix. The first part with the relic thingy, even when all of them are gathered, No one gets any units. So u should fix it and then ill review cuz i really think this deserves a nice rating.
File Author
Units do appear if you gather all the relics - there must have been one hidden you didn't see. The game does work and has been tested countless times. I am aware that they are hard to find but there is no bug in that game.
DBGT44 Playability: 5
Oh I reaallyy liked the way everything was bound together, like the way a game comes after another. The game was smoothly increasing in excitement. It is very enjoyable to play!!

Balance: 5
I think it was balanced since every player had exactly the same chances of winning, it was totally fair. The way the arenas were put was quite remarquable( a circle and the last one in the middle).

Creativity: 5
Man!! It was such an original idea. I bet no one ever thought of this!!Its amazing as an idea.I specially like the part with the anubite and the last one too!!

Map Design: 4
Nice, the effects are subliment and it is very technical while playing specially the relic thingy(relics behind trees and rocks).It is very nice, rather technical than eyecandy. I like it but it gets a 4.

Story/Instructions: 5
Well!! only a dimwit wouldn't understand, dont u think??!! Well u explaining was all that was really needed!!

Additional Comments:
Sorry for my first comment. I found a hidden relic. It works. This game is great when in multiplayer!!!!! Nice descendant of the Pit of Death lol!!

[Edited on 11/06/06 @ 06:00 PM]

Aomts_help911 Since im on the team im not giving a real rating.

Playability 4
These were very fun games however some i dont like the wood one as much as the others. This is because it is long a boring and there was very little stratagy. I dont know why it was even there as most of the time i could only use one cutter. Also the old man game, it was had to find all the relics though they are found eventually. If it was just this the old man game as the problem i wouldnt mark off but since it isnt i decided just to add that. I wouldnt get rid of the old man game though it was still fun. Lastly there were some minor lag issues but hey thats hard to help. Other than that the games were pretty fun.

Map Design 3.7
I took some points off for 2 reasons. The first is that there was very little embellisment. All you could see were trees and some rocks. Also, those trees were far to squished in most of the games. In the mummy game i was forced to move around to reds mummy area to get near the middle. In the minotaur game is the same thing. These are the reasons why i marked you off on that.

Creativity 4.5
I really liked how you made many of your creations into one big contest, but the thing is, it didnt seem you put to much effort into catapult duel and minotaur arena as you did in your original ones. The catapult duel required less stratagy then the original also but was still fun.

Story/Instructions 4
I did like how you introduced each arena but it kinda felt week. Obviously it didnt need a story and the instructions gave you some kind of idea on how to play but still things like old man relic hunt were confusing to the noobies.

Additional comments
This was very fun and ive replayed it a couple times. Good Job
File Author
If they were as good as th original ones, the map would take forever to play.
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