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Phoenix Studios: Gates of Fire

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Gates of Fire
A Single Player Scenario by Unome
of Phoenix Studios ( http://www.phoenix-rts.net )

Gates of Fire Website:
( http://www.freewebs.com/cinegof )

* New cinematic ideas
* Interesting historical story
* Around 20 minutes of cinematic
* Several (Optional) texture mods
* Over 350 Triggers


Lord Xerxes leader of the persians launched his campaign to take
over the european world. Winning every battle in his path he is
led to Thermopylae, where a small group of greek soldiers led by
300 spartans make their heroic stand to delay the persian
advance. Out numbered 100 to 1 the Spartans perform one of the
most amazing last stands ever told in ancient history.


* Sandro the Wicke...............................................Playtester
* DWIEEB......................................GoF Modder and Playtester
* Pepsidude123.....................................................Playtester
* Angleoflight.......................................................Playtester
* deathman rts nl..................................................Playtester
* Hades..............................................................Playtester
* Lucky-Zion Studios..............Where the project started out at
* Phoenix Studios..............................Finished under this name
BlackIsle studios..........................Music

Gates of Fire: A Phoenix Studios Production.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Watchability: 5
Watching the movie was brilliant. As I, not a very great cinmeatic person, it amazes me that you could make every track unique. Each track had a good feeling when waching the movie, especially during the end. The animations were timed correctly and made the picture amazing. Great job on this part, Unome!

Balance: 4
Overall this was a good balanced cinematic. Even though like 2 or 3 lags, it was balanced. I liked it how you didn't over do it on some parts if you know what I mean. I wished a part that there was going to be a shot where you see the battle in like a high view. That would have been nice though

Creativity: 5
Many things I liked on the creativity. I wish I could have given you a 6, because I thought that since there was a lot of accomplishments in new ideas. For example, the phalanx---a brilliant idea. You made it accurate to what could've been what the Spartans have done. The camera view made the final touch. Absolutely outstanding.

Map Design: 5
I give you a 5 because you made the enviornment have an "Earthly" and "Original" feel into the map design. Kudos to you Unome, and you too DWIEEB. I especailly like the last part, a big battle area (well sort of) and ambiance placed just in the right spot.

Story/Instructions: 5
Even though I like Medieval Fantasy more, everyone should stop and look at the time period when the Greeks, Romans, Macedonians, etc. took place. Most history came from Europe, so you can assume that many important things happened in this period. I myself am a fan for the Pass of Thermopylae, even when it was made into a favorite classic movie of mine. Good job both Unome and DWIEEB for creating a movie that has brilliance in it.

Additional Comments:
I have to say, this cinematic was just outstanding. I loved the music used in this movie. This goes for the textures as well, DWIEEB, good job on them. The Spartan I loved the most.
Great job on this project, and you will make successful movies (or whatever you do) in the future.

Hope you guys liked the review!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
I liked the movie overall. Although there were a few parts that were anti-climatic. The movie would of been 10x better if there was music through the whole movie (e.g. while the people were talking) this would of really kept the mood. Then, about half way through the movie, there were the sounds of arrows firing, which lasted for about 5 minutes. There was also the alarm sound (the sound it makes when your attacked off screen) but I know you can't directly fix that problem

Balance: 4
It was pretty good. I thought the ratio was pretty good through out the whole movie except, the very begining. I don't know what it was, but it just didn't seem right, or maybe it was the camera angle that effected it

Creativity: 5
Love it. I love ancient Greece and Rome, so this really nailed it. New concept, different story.

Map Design: 5
It was great. The layout was nice. There were no problems with units being close to each other so that they started attacking each other

Story/Instructions: 5
You really should of read the Read-me for this. If you didn't, the story was good for the set-up, giving just enough for you to understand, but not so much as to bore or confuse you

Additional Comments:
Well, this is my first cinematic I have watched, and didn't even know such things were capable with the editor. It was a great movie overall, but maybe use a little more triggers next time to make an effect
Map Design5.0
Watchability: 4
It was a brilliant movie, but I would give a 5 if it didn't slow down and lag so much. I also liked the part where the Spartiates trampled the Persians, but some of them survived and attacked the Spartiates from behind. I know these two problems can't be fixed up easily so I hope I don't sound too harsh. The passfight is a little small but I know AOM:TT can't support any real epic battle. But what the heck are ballista shots doing with no ballistas and a horde of archers?

Balance: 4
This is good. The tracks don't go crazy and send you on a ride that ends up with you being a little dizzy. Sometimes I see people being hacked to pieces ( or supposed to be in pieces after the hacking ) hacking back. One of the dialogs said that the spartiates lost a handful of men, but I didn't see any Spartan lying on the ground before the second battle. When Leonidas dies, the Immortals are still hacking him, but maybe they just want to make sure he's dead.

Creativity: 5
I can see a lot of creativity put into this. I'll only mention a few things because I don't want to spoil anything: The part where the archers fire into the battlefield as the Immortal orders them to is very creative, because I've never seen that trick in another cinematic. I've also seen the invisible target trick in other cinematics, but the guidelines say I shouldn't let that detract from the score, so I won't. Hehehe, I liked the part where the old guy eyed the arrow wave being fired over the mountains.. kinda reminded me of another movie I watched.

Map Design: 5
The map design was very good. The huge boulder wall in the river looks like it's really been worked on, I don't have much to comment on here, sorry.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is very dramatic, as it gets sadder and sadder as the movie progresses. It also reveals some things I never knew ( I hope they're true) such as combing hair. If it's true, then it's a little educational, but if it's not, it's still an idea. This isn't a scenario, so the only "Instructions" around is the readme, which explains the extras as well as where to put everything.

Additional Comments: What's the name Gates of Fire got to do with this historical event?

All in all, good work.

[Edited on 12/02/06 @ 07:29 AM]

Khan And Steak
Map Design5.0
Whatchability: 5
IT WAS AWESOME!! It kept me entertained and interested throughout the whole movie. It was so good even if it did lag on my laptop a bit... the shear story made up for that.

Balance: 5
Brilliant... the intergration between the music and what was on screen was superior, You made me feel sad, happy, excitied and energized all in one clip. WELL DONE!!

Creativity: 5
To take a historical event and do that with it... need a say more?

Map Design: 5
The map definatily fitted with the story and battle readme file that I read before I whatched the movie. It matched eveything that I could think of.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was intence with some serious polts and events... Nice job on the ending Battle scene as well, that couldn't have been an easy job...(It reminded me of that movie "Troy" :]).

Additional Comments:
Brilliantly presented, keep up the good work. Can't wait to see your next scen.

Congratulations ~ Khan And Steak.

[Edited on 12/16/06 @ 04:51 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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