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The Relic of Water

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Version: AoM: The Titans
The Relic of Water

Single Player Scenario

This is a "puzzle" scenario containing different effects, triggers and puzzles I founded out and created by myself. Do you have enough patience to solve them?
- Plot summary: Cirrow and his men have sailed to a mysterious place to find the lost relic of water.

* New trigger ideas
* 5 different moments to complete. (both easy and hard ones)
* 3 of them are unic puzzles to solve.
* Button functions and sounds (step on/off sound)
* Detailed scenery
* Over 250 triggers

Cirruis - tester
Mr_Kitty - tester

The Relic of Water, by Geniet
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igor br I have a trouble...
The objective(complete the first puzzle0)
I completed it...(make a circle with automatons-green automatons)
the next objective is???
Lewonas Well done Geniet, I really enjoyed to play this map. The map itself looked really good. All of the objectives were clear and the puzzles were fun to solve (especially the one with those buttons, nice triggers). Only the last puzzle was really hard (I had to try it over for 20 times O_O). If I should rate this map, then I would give it at least a 4 :)
File Author
@ igor br: Hi, I'm sorry but I'm not gonna answer questions about the game here. Please use this thread: http://aom.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=13,24159,0,10

@ Lewonas: Thank you! =)
Yes, the puzzles become harder and harder. The egyptian part in puzzle 3 (probably the hardes one!) took me really long time. First I couldn't understand the triggers by myself. ;) But after many hours of working I was finished, and it got a nice "Start over" function. =)
Cirruis Aww...don't put me as a tster, I never sent an email back, too busy. :(

I'll downlaod and review as soon as possible. :)
I really like this but couldnt do the get to the flag puzzle
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Playability was one of the high points of this map. It had barely any bugs (except 1, as I'll explain later) and was incredibly fun to play. Surprisingly, I never got frustrated once on this map, simple because of the simplicity. Now, I'm not saying it was easy, I'm saying there’s not loads of factors that can mess with the puzzles. Doubts, if you will about what to do next, how the puzzle works, etc. There are some instances where part of the puzzle is finding out what the puzzle is itself, like making the ring of automations. I had no problems moving around and no establishments or trees got in the way. (As they often do in scenarios where you control one or a few men.)

Balance: 5
The puzzles started out easy, ended hard. Simple enough. You receive a set amount of men. In some parts, you must have at least 4, you receive enough to possibly lose some or have some access by then. Each puzzle became harder and harder as you progressed, like it should. Overall, I found the map completely fair in the difficulty, and I applaud you for making such balanced puzzles.

Creativity: 5
If I could give you a 6 for creativity, I would. I have never, never seen a map like this. The gameplay is original and incredible and the puzzles are so neat. I can really tell you put a LOT of effort into this map and making it special. (You even had a few bits of creative eyecandy)

Map Design: 5
Map design was very easy on the eyes and beautiful. You mixed terrains well, placed nature and establishment items perfectly, and blended it all together to create a mysterious and involving atmosphere. However, I do have some complaints. "Heaven" was a bit dull and the mountains of pure Cliff Type Greek were unsightly. But every other part of the map made up for that.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was simple. You don't need much of a story to run a single player map, especially one as small as this, but you added one anyway. "Solve the puzzles to get off the island." Each puzzle worked farther along into the storyline. Now, Instruction-wise, you did everything perfectly until a certain point in the map. After you make the circle of automations, you complete your objective and don't replace it with a new one. After 10 minutes I went and looked at the triggers. I of course found the problem, but it was like being stopped after going 80 miles on a freeway, if you understand. I'm afraid this took a point off this section.

Additional Comments:
The bug I found was on the last puzzle. Arkantos was already through the gate when the "Start Over" message was sent.

All in all, this is one of my favorite singleplayer maps. I think you and this map are underrated and I urge you to demand some more attention. You are a great designer and this is an incredible map. Good Work!
File Author
Of course I'll put you as a tester... You tested and discussed it in the forum, which was the most important. =)

Thank you very much, really nice comments! 4.8 was much more than I expected. Thank you again! =)
I think I fixed the "Arkantos bug" at the third puzzle after I sent you the last version.

Do you mean that you want some objectives even if only would be "Continue to the next gate"?
Cirruis Well, after you make the circle, you look in the objectives and theres no new ones...so oyu wonder around until you eventeully step on all 4 buttons (you don't knwo your startign a "button-puzzle") or until you look at the triggers. So maybe a simple "find out how to opent he next gate" would do, because I thought its a bug...
deathman rts nl Sounds like fun, I'll download! :P
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Great. I loved the puzzles, all of them worked. But there was a part that stopped you. It was in the puzzle with 4 guys. It was an issue with the timer, after the timer ran out, if I tried to bring 4 guys in like I was supposed to, the trigger would fire even though 2 guys were in the gate. So 2 poeple would be stuck in the gate. It works, as long as you don't wait for the timer to run out.

Balance: 5
No problems here. The fighting was easy, but the riddles, and mysteries were hard.

Creativity: 5
Havn't seen many maps like this, with riddles and such. And nothing with this kind of storyline.

Map Design: 5
Nice eyecandy, terrain mixed nicly, plenty of effects. Again, no problems here.

Story/Instructions: 5
I always knew what to do, even if I couldn't figure out the riddle. There were good instructions, and good hints, but not too many hints, it was just the right amount of hints.

Additional Comments:
Overall a very nice map, no major bugs. You might want to make a sequal, possibly larger with even more problems to overcome.
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Map Design5.0
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