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Mount Olympus - Saving Amanra

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Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 2
Version: AoM: The Titans
Hey again :). This is a campaign, however i am a having difficulty in making them so just class it as a campaign and play (1) first and (2) second.

it's all about kastor and his journey up to mount olympus. i KNOW there are a few errors in the game
but i am having trouble with the editor right now so dont be too harsh.

cya soon!
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Aliblabla1942 MO1:

UH...... you know, you only need to attack a small section of the huge army up on the hill to break through, and the majority of my army (Only 24 men) were heroes, not counting Kastor. Plus, you should set a trigger so that you can only win if Circe is dead, and you got a frickin unit in the entrance to MO. But you did manage to make the map seem long for a 40000 m2 map, by simply making a base which you need to support. Oh yeah when Gaia gives you 3000 food, it adds to gold. You should make it so Gaia gives you 1000 of each resource but maybe 30 favor or something.

MO2: The Rebels had a few tonnes of armies, and since very few of my army were antimythies, I didn't win.

Note: I THINK I got 1st download, but i didn't check. Anyway it's not really a big deal.

EDIT 1 Note: A campaign with two scens? The shortest campaign I've seen has three scens (though two of them were cinematics).

[Edited on 12/12/06 @ 12:49 AM]

File Author
Thanks mate, ye i just played again i see what you mean. i was obvisouly to involved in getting it finished. thanks anyway :(

Any more comments peeps?

[Edited on 12/14/06 @ 11:41 AM]

I Love Bananas
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
The playability in this scenario was as a total very nice. I very much enjoyed playing both scenarios, because they were both short though packed with things to do. In the first, I had to gather resources to fight an enemy army waiting outside the city, before I continued walking up a hill and reached the bottom of Mount Olympus. In the second scenario, I had to walk through a mountain landscape, fending off enemy units and destroying Kronos statues, before I reached Amanra. There was only one thing I disliked, though - the enemy units in the 1st map. I don't see why there should be both Pharaohs, Servants of Odin and Circes defending the mountain. If you had picked units from only one civilisation, it would have been a lot better and more realistic. And why would they suddenly appear right outside my village? Looking away from that aspect, though, it was really enjoyable.

Cinematics, however, were a bit on the bad side. You didn't use animations, only walking, which made the cinematics seem to be longer than they actually were. The cinematic presentation of the story was also a little unimaginative, since it all revolved around Arkantos and Kastor talking to each other - and the dialogs were at some times a little incoherent. That was the bad parts of the cinematic, the good parts were the nice camera tracks.

Balance: 4
Very nice balance indeed, though, I really think that you should have chosen another solution on how to block the player from finishing the 1st scenario. It was a huge wall of different units, and I had to send many unit groups into the enemy lines to break them thoroughly. With the limited access to resources, it took a long time to get to the end. You should either have removed a few enemy units or added more gold mines outside the range of the enemy - all my gold gatherers were killed when they tried to reach a gold mine outside the walls of my town. When I had breached the wall, though, the rest was smooth sailing until the next scenario.
Else, I have no complaints on the balance, the 2nd scenario was great at such.

Creativity: 4
As usual, I take off at least one point when there are campaigns or scenarios with connection to the original ES campaign. You used Arkantos and Kastor, still as father and son, and Amanra. The ever recurring heroes. You also used the famous Mount Olympus, which seems to be used very often in TT sequels. But apart from that, I saw nothing that had too much to do with anything else, and the rest of the campaign was pretty innovative - if not a bit short, but that's no creativity countdown.

Map Design: 3
Average throughout both scenarios. You remembered any designer's first rule: terrain mixing, but it wasn't as good as it could have been. You had spread the trees around in forest groups instead of having massive forests, which always looks good, but the lack of embellishments in several places averaged that out. There was a nice variation of different nature in both scenarios, and I thought the river in the first looked pretty great. But with more work, you could have made it even more pleasing on the eyes to play your two maps. For instance, I missed rocks, grass and bushes in several places.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story itself is not the best, it was mostly that Kastor should go up to Mount Olympus and save Amanra from rebels. It seemed partly copied from the Titans campaign, and it was a little short. If you had come up with a more extensive storyline, I'm sure the campaign could have been a lot better than it is now. The ending also surprised me; when I had one enemy unit left to kill the "You Win!" window suddenly popped up, without any notice. I think you should have added an ending, possibly with a cinematic.
Instructions were great, though - I understood what to do very easily, and you had used the objectives banner correctly - with helpful hints. The cinematics also told me what to do, so I got it verified several times. That is a good thing. Examples of your hints were that in the second scenario, you said "Send in your biggest units first". I did, and I think it helped me a lot. I still had more than half my units left after beating most of the enemy.

Additional Comments:
Overall a pretty good first production, and I look forward to seeing more of your productions. Good luck in the future.

Regards, ILB

[Edited on 12/17/06 @ 07:19 AM]

File Author
Hey ILB. I am SO happy with my rating, i never dreamed of getting that good. And i totally agree with you. those lines of abnormal armies werent very good at all :). Thank you ever so much.

p.s HOw would you do cinematic at the end of the scenario. and btw i have a new campaign coming up called "The Scorpian Man".

cheers again

Keep your comments coming all :)

[Edited on 12/17/06 @ 08:37 AM]

I Love Bananas If I were to do an ending cinematic, it would most probably be something about Arkantos telling Amanra and Kastor to go to a place and find something, to create a feeling of not being told the whole story.

But it'syour map, and your cinematics. ;)
File Author
Cheers again. But how do you ACTUALLY create a cinematic at the end because i cant use timer. sorry to be a pain

I Love Bananas Instead of using a "You Win" effect, you use a Cinematic Mode "ON" effect combined withh camera tracks and dialogs. ;)
Aliblabla1942 ILB just build up a large force of heroes, and attack the west point of the line. The entrance is over there and there is no point in stocking up unnecessary resources (cept for fun).
I Love Bananas I know that, but it's hard to find enough gold to build all those heroes. I had to use my market a lot, and thus wasting a lot of resources.
Aliblabla1942 Actually, you don't need a large force of heroes. Just abt 25 of them are needed and it wasn't that costly.
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