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Zelda Ocarina Of Time Elite

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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans
***UPDATET AGAIN*** 22/2/07

Hello everybody!!!
This is a map i planed to do munths ago but never hade the time or the knowlegde to do.
Anyway i realy hope you will like it couz this is kinda the best thing i ever made in the editor :D

OK lets go now to the map diskription!

Unlike the most (zelda) maps in ESO this one is realy baset to the HYRULE world atlas.
Most ppl dont even know what the name (zelda) means or what person has this name...
The map has many plases from the Hyrule like Gerudo's Valley,Lake Hylia,Lost Woods and ather plases.
Every player starts with 0 resourses but with 6 atlantyen cityzens.
All players have 2 heros they are uber but they all got kinda same stats (same atack same HP) ofcourse the stats may change if you advance or make upgrates.
I whantet the map to look like hyrule as posible i could do that so not all players have sea to fish but thouse ho have no sea have many hunting spots or farms allready i really tryid to make the map fear as posible i could.
You will never have any problems to run out of gold or wood couz i made the gold mines to reconstuct every 2-3,and gaia forest will grou at spots of the map (that cant blok any paseges).
You will even be able to buy a forest fire (if some noob tryis to blok his pasege to his main base) well this one is only for some situations
i mean only if you really can not pase the way if someone does that,couz the forest fire GP costs 9000_W_F_G and 100_F, but if thats the case you can buy it in the midle by senting your main hero to (MALON).
All plases are difrent so as the heros are.Every plase hase his own still some are good to defent some arent so good (but you can ofcourse build outside your main base too.

Some ather info about the map.

player 1 Main Hero:Link
p2 MH:Impa
P3 MH:Hyrule Warior Elder
P4 MH:Ganon
p5 MH:Magician
p6 MH:Mercenary

All players got the Thurisaz Rune upgrate it just make your MY a litle more faster (i like speed)
All players have allready the first upgrate for they walls.

Players with sea have allready some faster wood upgrates and fishing upgrates.

Players dont have sea have allready some upgrates to farm faster.

Population 300
Faster favor tricket.

Ok well i say it again...i triyd my best to make the map look good and (fear) i even made a litle day night cyrcle, i hope all of you enjoy playng this scenario guys and girls.

SRY bout the spelling (im not good at dat)

Coments are allways welcome.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
I enjoyed this map quite a lot. My fairly average graphics card did not lag, even though there were six players and multiple battles. The interesting and engaging map design also boosted the score. However, there were not any clear instructions given, and the messages at the start were no help.
To improve the catagory, insert some objectives, and fix those spelling mistakes!

Balance: 3
This scenario was average in terms of balance. When you first glance at each player's base, you see that everyone begins the same; no advantages are given. As the game progresses, however, is when the game begins to tilt towards one player.
I was in the deserty base, and I had to hunt the numerous animals and build farms to earn my food. Player 3 had a large supply of fish which he could farm, and instantly got the upper hand when creating fishing boats and villagers at the same time.
To even the map up, I would either reduce the amount of fish in the player's lakes, or give the other players an advantage as well; maybe an extra gold mine or settlement.

Creativity: 3
Although the supremacy Zelda maps have been around for a long time, I thought that your map brought fresh creativity to the table. The map was fairly close to the original game then other maps I have experienced; including the Ranch was a very nice idea. You also included characters from the game as Gaia units, which was very nice to see.
Due to the mass of Zelda maps already out there, nothing can really be done about this score; except, of course, creating your own world!

Map Design: 4
The map design was the hightlight of this map for me. Terrains were mixed fairly well and placed accordingly, as was the great emballishment. I also enjoyed the small eyecandy pieces that were occasionally scattered around the map; it enhanced the playability a point or two. Your a strong designer in this aspect.
My only problem was the irregularity of it all. Some places were full of interesting eyecandy and map design, while other places were left fairly bare. It would have been great to see the whole map covered with the interesting design that only occasionally presented itself.

Story/Instructions: 3
There isn't much of a story in any supremacy map, so this was mainly instructions. I thought that since most people knew what Zelda maps consisted of, and most would be able to figure out it was just supremacy, your lack of objectives wasn't to major. As I stated before, adding characters from the original game was a great addition, and boosted your story score up a little.
It would have been a nice touch to add some objectives, or some kind of intruction, but it isn't too major as to affect your score horribly.

Additional Comments:
Overall a nice scenario, and what I assume is your first. Keep working on the areas I referred to; I would love to see your own concept, covered with amazing map design with clear instructions!
Good luck in future scenarios!

[Edited on 12/18/06 @ 01:51 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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