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Regi's Way

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 3
Version: AoM
Regi's Way

A Vanilla campaign including 18 cinematics...
... in color! and with voices...!
... and now, even a walkthrough...!

... A journey in the Norselands ...
... with the most famous long legged redhair Valkyrie around ...

... Here lies the true story of Reginleif,
an humble norse farmer girl who didn't know she was...

A 3 scenarii campaign:

  • 1 full cinematic prologue
  • 1 playable scenario, a combination of gameplay and...
    ... just a few cinematics...
  • 1 full cinematic ending

  • A full walkthrough here!
    My AoM webpage
    Regi's Way HG showcase



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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Senior_man_face Finally jml, you put this into a campaign file!
    Aliblabla1942 Huh.

    I looked at your webiste, jml, and well... I don't want to talk about it.

    If J.M.L. are your initials in real life ( Kinda weird, because mine is J.L., won't tell you my name though ) then Lezineau is the L?

    This campaign is kinda large.... still, better than nothing.

    [Edited on 12/20/06 @ 05:59 AM]

    The Vandhaal Well again Congrats Mon Ami :-)

    The Regi's way saga has finally come to an end

    I will play it again for sure as its one of the most interesting things ever created for aom in my opinion. I am also curious what the new addtitions are

    just like I have said on the other download page......lets hope the sourmouths keep away with there fingers from the keyboard and the review + comment button....and keep their jaws shut tight

    Good luck in you aoe3 experiments.... i will miss you around this place

    Best regards,
    The Vandhaal

    by the way "farmer norse girl " ??? thats an insult for this beautifull sexy valkyrie roflmao luckely her true identity will be revealed :-) in this saga

    [Edited on 12/21/06 @ 08:11 AM]

    File Author
    @ all

    I just downloaded and checked myself on my Regi's Way Campaign...
    And found some invisible Macintosh " DS_STORE " files which are not necessary at all in order to play the campaign.
    Sorry for the troubles but I submitted already a couple of scenarii, and this never has happened to me in the past.
    I suggest you just trash any " DS_STORE " or " DICT " files.
    I'm updating the Regi's Way Campaign file at the download section right now, with a newer organization, which should keep the folders directory as it should be.
    You'll just have to:
    1) Unzip the main " Regis_Way_campaign.zip " file, which should give you 6 newer .zip files.
    2) Unzip these 6 .zip files, one by one, to finally get:
    - 2 .rtfd text files
    - 4 folders
    And then follow the " Read me.rtfd " instructions.

    * The " King Jared mods extra " files aren't technically necessary in order to play the campaign, but you'll realize they aren't that difficult to manage, and in my opinion, makes the end ( only ) of this campaign more interesting.
    * But the sounds files should be installed, otherwise... just don't bother playing it at all. :-)
    pEpsIdUDe_123 I'm downloading now, I'll play it when I have time and leave a review. :-)

    Good job, jml!
    jeddy00 oh goodie, it's only.... 24MB!!!!???? (not dial-up friendly)

    sounds great, though

    [Edited on 12/30/06 @ 10:27 PM]

    smitske Hmm i placed all the things where it should i started the campaign and presto im on the main menu what did I do wrong??
    File Author
    Installation key points:
    Make sure:
    - You move the very CAMPAIGN FOLDER ITSELF!!! called " Regi's Way campaign ", containing the 3 scenarii, and NOT ONLY the 3 scenarii inside, to the AoM/scenario folder ( Vanilla AoM )
    - Same process for the sound as for this campaign folder: Move the 3 sound FOLDERS!!!, to the AoM/sound folder ( Vanilla AoM ), and NOT ONLY their contents!
    - You moved the .cpn file to the AoM/data folder.
    - you're not playing through the Titans.
    - You didn't move any files to any Titans folder but only AoM Vanilla folders.
    [ Sounds are essential to scenarii 2 & 3. Trust me on this. Some are even like keys... So play it with the sounds. At all cost! :-) ]
    I used folders for a clearer organization for me, and for an easier way of uninstalling. It's called: just trash it!

    If you're still having problems, mail me or play the 3 scenarii one after the other in that order:
    1) Regi's Way 01 prolog.scn
    2) Regi's Way 02.scn
    3) The V vs KJ.scn

    Good luck.

    [Edited on 01/03/07 @ 12:37 PM]

    DBGT44 I tried the game and I say its nice But i can't hear a sound. Is the read me file written in chinese cuz i didn't get the sound folder part. like how to put i tried it many times and it didn't work!
    DBGT44 Playability: 4
    Well it is nice because you feel a nice story line going on so...

    Balance: 5
    Nothing to say about it. Its a story u play it fine

    Creativity: 5
    Very creative and nice realisation ( specially the end of it with the meeting thingy).

    Map Design: 3
    well designed and structured but I still think you could have made more to it (seriously)

    Story/Instructions: 4
    Voices on chat guiding you just like the AOM campaign nice! But sometimes u get lost but on ur responsability!Anyway its about the player discovering the quest

    Additional Comments:
    Bien joue!!!! J'aime vraiment!!

    [Edited on 05/01/07 @ 02:41 PM]

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    Size:26.63 MB
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