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Prometheus Arena

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# of Players: 4 players
Version: AoM: The Titans
You cant let your ennemies live! Why? Because they are your ennemies!
Will you be able to destroy their temples only with prometean created from titans? Use the healing spring to upgrade your prometheans, and take the bonuses given from kills to put an end to their winning dreams!

The Map :
2vs2 ([1-2] vs [3-4] would be better) or free for all.

Gameplay :
The aim of the game is to destroy the temples of your ennemies. To do this you must use prometheans created from two ways :
- The temple itself
- Two unmovable Prometheus titans, which can attack a tower, making fireballs that transforms into prometheans.

In the middle of the map is a healing spring. If a player leave some units around it, his promethans will slowly gain attack and health.

On both sides of each base is a statue. Each statue kills a Prometheus titan if destroyed, decreasing the promethans incomming of the player. It can be clever to weaken a player before attacking the guarded temple.

Killing promethans give you some bonuses, like some heroes or other towers. Kills can be seen by typing "kills?".

God Powers are given at the beginning. (2xSnakes, 2xChaos, Eclipse and Lightning Storm)

Technical points :
A good cinematic explains the rules at the beginning.

If a player dies or give up, his ally get an extra atack bonus, so it can be more balanced (I once lost 2on1, and I was on the "2" side.)

I would Really like a review :)
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Aliblabla1942 Uh, TTP_godofwar_TTP, exchange the creativity filling with the map design filling.
File Author
It is true my map have almost not a single eyecandy, simply because i'm not good to it :p

But i cant let you say it's just a defence and attack map. My strategy is to use a Plague of Serpents right at the beginning so it is mine and i shall have a little more attack than the others when the real battle for the middle begins. The serpents itselves are not SO powerful, but i use them to get the spring.
After that, i put a waypoint from my temple to the spring. This force plus my ally should be enough to protect it. From now i dont move the prometheans i created from the titans. And when i got, like, 15 prometheans on each side of my base I attack the 2 doors on my side, while talking to my ally so he does the same. I shall use Eclipse now. The ennemy is generally outnumbered and at least one of his titan die, which is a big disadvantage. (and this is the moment they generally choose to give up -_-).
Later in game, the "some heroes" bonus is one of the best, and it dont need so much kills. The prometheans are awful against the heroes, so i save my Lightning Storm until the moment one of my ennemies have this bonus. Heroes and especially Priests die in one bolt, so if i'm lucky, the entire heroes troup will be killed.

Of course, in ffa it is absolutly not the same thing cause you cant count on an ally, but i play so rarely in ffa. When i host my map, I always ask the first player to come into the room if he wants to play ffa or 2vs2 and 90% of the time it's 2vs2.

Thanks of the review by the way :D

[Edited on 12/21/06 @ 11:22 AM]

TTP_godofwar_TTP Alib i meant creativaty as in basic idea but i ment map design with triggers included.Wiw it's really a attack map and defence mainly but I agree that it has some stratagy and it's also a good map to play but i have one question.Why didn't you make the players destroy all theyr units and buildings?It really sucks when you destroy theyr temple with a huge force but just before it dies they get hero bonus then you kill temple but yer whole force is killed.Oh and the titans making units part sucks kuzz you can get a rare 4 per attack or 1 wich is usualy 2 units per attack.

[Edited on 12/21/06 @ 09:01 PM]

File Author
I decided a player would keep his units, even if he's considered "loser" because players quickly beaten would still continue to play a little. I didnt think it would be annoying : when your temple is destroyed, you generally have both titans dead and not much units... so...

And for the titan making part... yes, it's luck. But all players have the same "luck" factor, so what's the matter? It's the main point of the map o_o
Trevor6001 This is a good map with good triggers, it just needs some eye candy. I might remake this with eyecandy, giving you all the credit.

By the way, I was just wondering how you got the trigger effect "Stat Send Chat to Player" in the Trigger "kills_message1" in the trigger group "chat messages". Did you use a program or is there some way in the game?
File Author
I created it myself. I've lost the code now (changed my hard drive -_-) but if you ask i'll try to remake it.

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