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Archer Fire War

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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans
Archer Fire War

Creators: Antisquishy_Genn and Freq_The_Redhate

Game info: A 6 person shooter which is every man for himself. There are 7 different guns.(every gun has a different unit, and status) You need only 50 kills to win.

Game includes: 8 different respawn areas, 9 weapons,(2x gernades, is the last weapon, and a sword) 2 teleportation areas, multiple "sniper" areas, and kill counters.

Weapons: 1)Default Gun: basic gun
2)Automatic Gun: fires multiple but weak shots
3)Semi-Automatic Gun: fires 1-2 shots
4)2x Pistols: fires 2 weak shots
5)Shotgun: fires powerful shot small range
6)Fire Sword: can leap to opponents
7)Battle Rifle: Large range, weak shots
8)Sniper Rifle: largest range, powerul shots, and has minimal range
9)2x Gernades(Spc Meteor): gerandes do 3 damage, lose gerenades after you die

This also contains a few bugs, that shouldn't hinder gameplay awhole lot.(still working on to be fixed)
-A major "bug" noted, is that you can NOT reobtain gerandes after you have used your two, meaning you have to die inorder get gernades agian.
-Aswell as since there is the "shadow" for the desert, it does become scouted, when you walk near the desert area.

This game still will have the same name, there will be no need of "V2" on the title, for there was minor fixes.
-We found a fault in the telleportaion triggers, some games it didn't work at all, others worked fine, so we moved the proiry of the triggers to normal.
-Lowered the kills needed to 35. 50 seemed to become a lengthy game.
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Khan And Steak I know how it feels to not get a comment so I thought I'd post one just for you :P.

Your game sounds interesting, I have never seen anything like this before. I will review this map after I have downloaded it ~ Khan

[Edited on 02/04/10 @ 01:38 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
A game on this map may be too long. After 10 minutes i had 3 kills, so... 35 kills... Another thing : The other weapons doesnt seems a lot better than the default one. For example, I had the Battle rifle (arcus) and i lost against a toxote. The default one should be a crappy gun, so players would quickly seek another one.

Balance: 5
Well, it's pretty balanced... Each player is equal.

Creativity: 3
You control a single unit and you have to kill other players controling a single unit... but this time, they are all ranged units. The originality come from the different types of ranged weapons :p

Map Design: 4
There was some little eyecandy. Not difficult to make, but at least they are here! The map is good and have some nice "zones" like, the lake, or the town. However the cinematic angles are not too good... especially when talking about the teleport thing, it zooms too much.
//Oh, and there is no music!! o_o

Story/Instructions: 4
The cinematic explains almost everything. Some typing errors to note.

Additional Comments:
A good map but should have needed a little more care, in the cinematic for exemple.

[Edited on 08/25/08 @ 03:43 AM]

File Author
Thanks much for the comment, and review!

I know where you are coming from where the game does stretch on, but it REALLY depends on if you are at the right place at the right time.

With the defualt gun being a the "good" gun, that is true, and false. If you were to have the automatic gun, default would lose to it. It would also lose to the fire sword.

There is diversity, some guns obviously counter well against others. Aswell as others it is hard to tell if they counter well or not. There was music, it was on music play. I didn't notice it ending after awhile.

Finally we did realize that the camera angles were choppy, we are deciding on wether we should change it or not.(If it would be worth it for everyone to REdownload it.)

Anyways, thank you again for commenting, and reviewing. We really appriciated it :).
Khan And Steak You can't mark some one down for not having music! thats just plain rude, and it says you can't in the review guidlines.

[Edited on 12/22/06 @ 02:28 AM]

Khan And Steak
Map Design4.0
UPDATED 4/2/2010 (2/4/2010 for you Americans :D)

Playability: 5
Great! I loved playing this game, it was really fun. I played it 3 times on LAN with 4 of my friends, it's really fun and kept us entertained for well over 2 hours. One thing that I think you should note is that the people run a bit too slow. If they could run .25 faster the game go faster. :) apart from that loads of fun!

Balance: 4
Again I will have to agree, the starting weapon is too strong 3 shots kills. And the other guns can't match it in most ways. I do like how the sniper has a minimum range and how you've made special zones for those who like to snipe. I would like to see however, the battle rifle shoot more one more arrow. Also the you should run faster with the fire sword than with any other weapon because you have to be within jumping range. But still very fun, no matter what the weapon you choose.

Creativity: 5
The cinematic says it all, Like no other game done before. And by using a different unit every time (while it may have made your life a bit easier) makes the game look even better. While it looks like it hasn't taken a fortnight to do, I think it has still proven itself very fun and I will happily play it with great enthusiasm every time. The Teleporters don't work online but if they did wow oh wow - would that be something.

While the map dose have special zones and terrains for different units and personal preference, the map isn't set up for a fast action game. That means it takes to much time to get around to get kills to be a fast paced game. Apart from that, well done!

Map Design: 4
It's very well presented. The map has lots of advantage/vantage points, good scenery and diversity all nicely packed into a simply laid out map. Nice job. The only thing keeping you from a 5 is that while the eyecandy is great - it's not ground breaking, or something completely unique. Although I dislike heavily eye-candied maps, it would be unfair for the designers that focus especially on making their maps eye-candied very well.

Story/Instructions: 5
It's all in the cinematic, everything you need to know. And the best thing is that if you forgot anything, just look in the objectives banner for anything you might have missed.

Additional Comments:
You have a very good starting point for a game. If you made a V 2.0 It would be awesome!

Use this review to keep you going and use it to make one heck of a map. I personally think that even if the ranged units don't get faster, that the fire sword should be 0.25 faster so he can get around.

Congratulations ~ Khan

[Edited on 02/04/10 @ 01:36 AM]

File Author
Yes, while replaying a few more I myself saw that the units were infact slow. (3.80 speed IIRC), but redhate is still somewhat persistant saying that if you were to upgrade the speed, it would be a run & chase type of game, than a shoot 'em up game.

We really appercaited the postive feedback. Nice to know this is working out well. But if we are going to update this, we will take inconsideration of the nerfing the default unit. Possibley making it have 8 range to help lower it's standards, or would lowering it's attack by 1 be suitible. It would really be helpful if we got gamers point of views, and ideas.

Yet again thank you for the GREAT reviews, and thoughts/considerations of this game. Hopefully we will see if we can work on a another Archer Fire War game.

[Edited on 12/22/06 @ 06:21 PM]

Khan And Steak I'm pretty sure somewhere in you game it comes up "please don't edit this map"... but I did anyway (I'll only use it for private purposes, since it's one player :P). And I put in 2 more teleportors and made Thesis's speed 4.2 and the Throwing Axemans speed 3.9 but that's me, not you and you can still have LOADS of fun with out editing at all :)

2010 EDIT by Khan

[Edited on 02/04/10 @ 01:44 AM]

File Author
I know I can't stop you from editing it, but for "private purposes only" that means you aren't going to try to release in a public game correct? I guess that is fine... But try to not host it as a public game. Just make sure you have me, and Freq_The_Redhate as orginal makers
Khan And Steak yes I will not host online and the cinematic still has both of your name in it.
aom expert very cool
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