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The Legends of the Third Age Trailer - High Definition

Author File Description
The God of Gods This 3 minute trailer shows you gameplay footage and cinematic footage, mostly taken from the Two Towers and Return of the King campaign. Furthermore, it shows some of the long lists of features from Legends of the Third Age. Play random maps as Hobbits, Dwarves, Orcs, Elves or Men and battle in a 39-scenario counting campaign that spans across the entire One Ring story, written by J.R.R. Tolkien. Enjoy!
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Senior_man_face Woohoo, look forward to when the Two Towers comes out.... When exactly can we expect that to be?
Rating: 4.5
This project looks amazing! Great trailer. Nice job on the video rendering, the mods, and the scenarios. My only complaint is that the eye-candy doesn't look nearly as good as the fellowship. I assume (and hope) that the eye-candy is just like that since it is still in production and it will get improved. For example, Minas Tirith (sp?) looked rather bland as well as the surrounding areas. However, the rest looked exceptional! :-)

Additional Comments:
Best of luck to the team.
The God of Gods
File Author
@Senior_Man_Face: Hopefully somewhere in the course of 4-6 months from now. It all depends on how well everything progresses.

@Pepsidude: Do you mean the part where it zoomed out? That's a simple miniature made to fool the eye. And apparently it worked. :) The real Minas Tirith is very detailed and has a height of 35.00 metres (the usual highest is 15). Unfortunately, I couldn't make Minas Tirith round then, so it's angular. Hope you don't mind that; look past it and you'll love the scale of the city.
EazY_Ben Like GoI said, TTT can be expected around April - July time. Hopefully the trailer will interest people enough for them to wait a little while.

Im pretty confident the wait will be worthwhile ;) We don't want to rush anything.

[Edited on 12/23/06 @ 07:47 PM]

Senior_man_face Yeah... just wondering about the random maps, it sounds really cool! So will you be making completely new civilizations for this too? Will they contain new gods and stuff?
Aliblabla1942 Hey you guys are practically the best modding team I've ever seen...... I mean, this whole thing is like a new game! Although you should separate the files when it comes out, because I think a 39-scenario long campaign combined with this supermod put into a single submission is gonna take a few millenia to DL..... BTW, can you take the dialog from the original series and integrate it in to this campaign? That will make it sound even better, though i suspect the file is gonna be.... 1GB?

Lol they should make a new category called "New games"

[Edited on 12/24/06 @ 12:56 AM]

The God of Gods
File Author
Senior_Man_Face: (Love your name btw. :D) Yes, there are going to be 4 new civilizations: Elves, Men, Orcs and Dwarves. Each of those civs is going to have 3 major "gods" and 9 minor "gods". The major gods are going to be of the Valar (like Melkor) and minor gods of the Maiar (like Sauron) or simply mythical figures (dragons etc.) to worship. Since Stephen has been working on this by himself, there are still a lot of things that need improving, but once it'll be done, it's going to be awesome. :)

Aliblabla1942: We've already released one part of the trilogy, Fellowship of the Ring, which already contained 10 scenarios of the 39. We're not going to use sounds taken from the movie for cinematics, but when you select units, they WILL say those quotes. (For example: When you select Pippin, he says: "What about second breakfast?") The Fellowship of the Ring was approximately 42 mB in size if I remember correctly. With the new features for TTT, I suspect it's going to be as big as Fellowship of the Ring and then Return of the King will simply conclude the trilogy and be a bit smaller in filesize.
Aliblabla1942 I know abt FOTR

Will you be able to train heroes on each side?

Do the new gods replace the originals, show as a new pair which can be played with the original teams, or can only be played with the LTA.exe file?

P.S. Some of those buildings are new models right?

[Edited on 12/24/06 @ 11:17 AM]

Like I said in the news post, an absolutely amazing trailer!
The God of Gods
File Author
Thank you, X_MOSS.

"Will you be able to train heroes on each side?"
- Yes, there will be a number of heroes for each faction including Gandalf, Boromir, Faramir, Aragorn, the 13 dwarves from The Hobbit... The list goes on.

"Do the new gods replace the originals, show as a new pair which can be played with the original teams, or can only be played with the LTA.exe file?"
- Well, the plan now is to replace the 3 old gods. The 4 new factions will be playable only through the LTA.exe file. But I don't know; I've been thinking about it as well. Maybe in the end, you'll be able to use the 4 old and 4 new ones alltogether. But of course, you'll never be able to play online.

"P.S. Some of those buildings are new models right?"
- Most of them, yes! Especially the Elven buildings are incredible.
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