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Against Nature

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Version: AoM
My first one that I think is good enough to release. You play as a Centaur and you are very angry at the gods for making your life a misery. So then you think this must stop. At winter, you begin your animal killing supree. NOTE: All you need to do is copy & paste into your AoM scenario file. I have done some mistakes in the animals. Alot are next to each other and there are zebras and walruses...
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Aliblabla1942 Bad scenario. You need some triggers.
File Author
Uhh, I don't know HOW to make triggers. But I will when I find out how to do them.
Aliblabla1942 It's very easy. Some triggers like "Set Tech Status" allows you to upgrade your centaur, although "Change Name" and "Modify Protounit" are only usable in Titans. Look at your triggers menu, create a trigger, look in effects, and change the default "setidleprocessing" to another effect, such as the one I just mentioned. Also you might want to set a Trigger that gives you a victory as soon as you kill all the animals. It would look like this:

Trigger: Active, No Loop, Not Immediate

Condition: All units dead, Player 0 (you should change the player, 'cause I don't know whether trees count as units.

Effect: You Win

However, the trigger above is not particularly good quality in most scenarios. I won't brief you on triggers anymore, so you should explore the trigger system in Aom. Get used to "Fire event" effects and "Timer" conditions because they are very important if you want a quality scenario. Also you should download the new editors from the utility program category.
Khan And Steak You shouldn't submit a scen without putting any trigs in it unless your doing a full eyecandy map. ~ Steak
Freaky2 Triggers are very easy to learn.
Just go to the forums on this site, and ask questions.
File Author
.......... uhhhhhh...........

Although my friends call me a know-it-all (sometimes) To triggers and cinematics in AoM, I .. am what we call a complete dumbass. Triggers and cinematics tutorials ARE completely confusing. I want a dumbass-type style guide
Map Design1.0
Hey, I usually don't review triggerless scenarios, but thought it might be helpful to give you some constructive criticism.

Playability: 1
The map didn't provide fun gameplay - mostly due to the lack of triggers. Add triggers to set techs, grant god powers, name your centaur, power up animals, and just make the map more fun in general. Be sure to check the bottom of my review for some helpful tutorials on triggers.

Balance: 2
Even though you only had to fight animals, there were still some issues with balance. For example, a single centaur cannot go up against packs of wolves, rhinos, bears, walruses, and lions. I'd suggest granting player one a restoration god power for every ten kills, or something like that.

Creativity: 2
The general idea of the map was fairly creative - just not well created. Add some more creative things - like harder animals to kill, and different bonuses when you kill a certain group of animals. Ideas for the bonuses are granted god powers, techs, improves LOS/Attack/Health. Just play around with triggers and I'm sure you will be able to greatly improve your map.

Map Design: 1
The map design was very bland. For the most part, the terrain was just SnowB. Try mixing some more snow terrains to create a more natural looking environment. The trees were nice but too clumped together and didn't have enough variations. I would suggest adding some tundra trees along with the snow pine trees as they make a great combination. The animals did not seem to fit in. For example, if you are making a snow map, add polar bears, wolves, and caribou, instead of rhinos, lions, monkeys, and zebras. Also, it would be nice if you created small nature add-ons like bushes, rocks, rotting logs, ruins, etc. And perhaps add a different and more unique light set. Take a look at some of the top rated custom scenarios to see examples of great map design.

Story/Instructions: 1
No story or instructions were given in your scenario. I'd suggest starting by adding an objective telling the player what to do. Also, explain the storyline more. Why did the gods make the centaur's life a misery? Why is the centaur taking his anger out on the animals? I saw you had some unused camera tracks in the editor, that's a good start. Just expand on those cinematics by creating the required triggers and dialog, and that will be a great way to explain the storyline of the scenario.

Additional Comments:
To improve your scenario, check out these guides: http://aom.heavengames.com/scendesign/
Most importantly, check out this great trigger tutorial: http://aom.heavengames.com/scendesign/advanced/trig1
Aliblabla1942 "Although my friends call me a know-it-all (sometimes) To triggers and cinematics in AoM, I .. am what we call a complete dumbass. Triggers and cinematics tutorials ARE completely confusing. I want a dumbass-type style guide"

You MUST be a dumbass if you can't learn triggers, they're much easier to use compared to scripts.

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Map Design1.0
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