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Style: No Style
# of Scenarios: Removed
Version: AoM: The Titans
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marosama Playability: 1
This game wasnt really fun...i didnt feel it was even part of zelda, i didnt know how to end a game so i had to type CHANNEL SURFING to end it.

Balance: 1
The balance was terrible, almost all your units had powerful stats.

Creativity: 2
of course, its creative of you to make a scenario of zelda, thou nothing appealing.

Map Design: 2
well, the first part of the bridge was very fancy and some parts of the maps were pretty nice, so il give you a 2.

Story/Instructions: 1
no instructions at all....like i said, i didnt know how to end the game, there was no instructions on how to end the game and not much of a story at all...i played ocarina of time many times, watched my friends/cousins play it alot of times and i know the whole thing, but this had nothing to do with it.

Additional Comments:
this is your first scenario, so i guess theres nothing wrong, but i guess you should really test out the game and write instructions.

[Edited on 02/13/07 @ 07:23 AM]

File Author
Ok then i know enough then will stop.
Urgwaine Don't stop designing because of that review, it was a bit harsh, and it doesn't follow the review guidelines, but still, analyse the review, and see what you could have done better, there isn't much info in it so that's a problem, so I would wait for an official reviewer to review your campaigne, they will give a more helpfull review. In the mean time, play some other campaignes, maybe read some guides too, your campaigne doesn't have to be uber like the RhineGold or the Guardians to be fun :)
Khan And Steak Ok I'll review for ya and I will give my analysis :)

EIDT: lol we did our first combined review below, hence so long :)

[Edited on 01/17/07 @ 02:24 AM]

Khan And Steak
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I did enjoy playing this map and I can easily see where and what you had intended... but... I can also see why that last review didn't go down to well, unfortuatly most levels don't end as you had planned them to, every level has trigger bugs or triggers that just dont work out, I would plan on fixing them before you submit the 2nd installment of your campaign. But apart from that I enjoyed your scenario's very much, especialy the music that you incuded, it enhanced the scenario's a lot.

Balance: 3
The first 2 scenario's use a leveling system, the system itself works fine, but the effect of each level, I think, has been blown way out of proportion. Link is too strong is most of the scenario's.

Creativity: 4
Well the way that you portrayed and converted the Nintendo 64 story of link into AoM wouldn't have been an easy task, but have displayed your creativity here in many ways, from the way you incorperated music and used the toxotes as forest fairies. Good job!

Map Design: 3
I gave you a 3 because this the average of the 5 scores, and my reasons are as follows;

There is a large area of blank area in all of the maps, this is especially the case in the first scenario, if you were to put "invisable walls" and circle off the area where you start, not only would you then know that you have to do something in the space provided to advance but also you could up your chance of getting a higher score in this (Map Design) section by negating most of that blank area.

Although you do have large quantities of blank map this has been counted by your cinematics and amazing attention to detail with some things, like the bridge on first scenario, it looks outstanding! another example is the river right next to it, it looks real and thats what you should aim to do with most(not all) land/sea places of interest like a bridge or a town.

I also liked your cinematics, they were normally straight to the point and tell you everything you need to know. althought there is room for inprovement in things like how fast people can read (if your not sure, make it stay there a little longer), and how many times you introduce things, but overall you did a comendable effort in achiving what you have.

Story/Instructions: 4
Your story deffinatly matches the story of the Zelda game and carries it on quite well in terms of one who has played the original and can see what you intended for the player to see/do... Unfortunatly there's a but, but... The lack of objection details, don't get me wrong there is objectives, but they are not clear and there isn't enough of them to really say or stear one in the right direction or tell them what they have to achive. Your spelling could have been prof-read a bit better but I'm goin to lenient in that area, as you seem to be a bit short on words which gives me the impression that you learnt english as a 2nd or more language.

Additional Comments:
I really do look forward to seeing your 2econd installemnt in the series and I'm sure they'll bring me as much if not more enjoyment to the public and me!

Keep it up and you'll be making professional scenarios in no time ~ Khan and Steak
File Author
Khan and Steak.
if someone can tell me how to get the menu..
Next scenario i can fix it.

Part 2 will soon come out i played full young link again.
now i know something again!

DBGT44 ILL dl then review

oh for any campaign trouble check the thread in scenario designing. its there for people's help!!
EliteMasterChief Hello Twinrova!!
Yes i finaly played your campaigen :D
I can tell that you are new at designig and have not mutsh expirience (like i do) however i did like your campaigen but it was to short :( i want more!! lol
If you got any trouble with some triggers or anything at your campaigen part 2 let me know and i will help as far as i can...

[Edited on 02/23/07 @ 03:24 AM]

File Author
Ok thanks EliteMasterChief!
Vidgiegames how do you open the file on AOMT after its been downloaded, better yet? what folder do you send it to?
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