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3D Farm 1.1

Author File Description
The Modsmith
File Details
Version: Both
The 3D Farm allows the existing farm to become an actual crop farm (3D) when upgraded with "Irrigation". For AoM and AoM:TT. Picture included in the zip.

-New Models(from Scratch, crops grow as villies build)
-100% Online compatibility!

Version 1.1 features:
-Colour variations
-Height Variations
-Updated models
-Reduced lag
-Reduced filesize and download time

Tasev - Anim
Sir Dundo (Dude12345) - Models, Textures

For more pictures go to:


Main Topic:


Thanks in advance for any reviews/comments!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Khan And Steak
Rating: 5
This Mod is a job well done in so many different perspectives;

1st you wont get confused in the protox's because this doesn't modify the protox in anyway.

2nd it is really good because it works (some might think this not really a reason but, most mods don't work on my laptop).

3rd it is very usefull for any eye-candy maps and it adds life to a dull "farm". very well done and presented!

4th YOU CAN PLAY ONLINE; with this mod installed, but only you (or others with this mod installed) will be able to see the corn, very handy anyhow!

5th It lets you see at a glimpse if the enemy has got irrigation/Flood Control or not >:D

Additional Comments:
Thank you for this mod Dude12345 and Tasev, its so good!
It looks weird at the start, but trust me it grows on you, and you start looking forward to reseraching that irrigation upgrade every time you play.

Yay, the link to the photo's given above seems to work since again! But if anyone is after anymore info this site might be of use to some if you are considering downloading:


This is a very useful mod if anyone is planing to make a scenario "spying on the villis through the corn field" if not download it anyway.

Congratulations both of you (or is it 3 of you?), please keep making these mods they really do a lot of good ~ Khan

[Edited on 07/16/09 @ 07:06 AM]

Rating: 5
no matter what, still a awesome mod, more realistic of a 3d corn field then a 2d dumb little plant field that grows unknown crops.

Additional Comments:
theres one thing that i got to comment and thats the corn, it looks more like flowers.
Rating: 5
Just awesome. Nice texture and models. Just great! I love the way how the farm grows to as the villager build them! Fantastic. It would seem you two have beaten ES even! Well done. So much better than the 2D farm(I thought AoM was upposed to be a 3D game :p)!

Additional Comments:
Keep up the good work!

[Edited on 01/20/07 @ 02:07 AM]

Rating: 4.7

Very Nice, i loved this mod and hearing that it works online ust makes it better. The Anim was well thought out and it encourges me to start farming more often (espaicailly around buildings.)

To make it better i think u could make it random, like when u click to build a farm u have a random chance of having a forageing farm, Corn Farm, Regular Farm, Tomato farm. That will make it just awesome, and if ur planing on updating the mod, that's the way to go.

Additional Comments:
Very nice mod, i look forward in using it in the future.
Rating: 5
this mod deserves the excellence I give a 5+
the models and the textures deserves a 5, but I gives a 5+ because I can play online with the installed mod, the fact playing online with an installed mod, is more unique than rare.
currently the version 1.1 of the field of corn seem more real, if I am not wrong you have also put more space between a line of corn and the other, so now the villagers when they are moved in the field of corn, they're look better, and the effect is indeed realistic.

this a great addition to my game, I think that this is the only mod that will always stay installed in my AoM
Thank you for this mod The Modsmith, its so Cool!
Great job, Great mod Guys!

People You can play online with this mod installed, Download it!

Additional Comments:
the only glitch, (that however it doesn't depend on the mod), it could be that the villagers continue with to plough the field, that animation is not correct with corn, I believe that after the updating of the farm with the "irrigation", the animation of the villagers it should be that of the harvest of the berries. personally I already modified the anim file of the villagers, and now the villagers after the updating of the "irrigation", they use the animation of the harvest of the berries and looks much better, with this change you can play online equally.
if you have no idea of as to make this improvement, ask me, and I post the change that I did here. (just a suggestion)

P.S. Can someone of the staff of aom.heavengames, as Alex or Papaya, delete or update, the review of Titan602 Please!

Rating: 4

Yeah, Thanks for this cool Mod, Dude love i can play online with this! However....When i build a titan gate and i want to get my workers back at the farm, i almost can't see it :(

Additional Comments:

My First review and comment :) Yeeeh
I got it to work :P I put the files in the wrong folder!

Rating: 5
I really like it! Makes an ordinary farm look so much better!

Additional Comments:
I would like to see some other stuff you have made! Good work!
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)
Pure createtivity and common sense.
Additional Comments:
This is one of the best ideas ever. But we would all want to know why the hell did the designers for AOM decide to make the farms 2D. Also its good that it's multiplayer compatible.

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