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Amazon Escape

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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans
"What? Pepsi made an escape?!?"
"Dear lord!"

As I look on eso, all I see are poor escape maps. Escapes have great potential, but are wasted away in 95% of the maps where the hunters have little to no chance of winning and have very little fun in the game. That is why I made my escape. In this map, hunters and runners have a equal chance of winning. The last three times I played, the hunters won twice and the runners won once. Even though the runners still have fast build and unlimited towers, the hunters improve over time and are granted power from the gods of the amazon.

I made this map in one day so don't expect it to be overloaded with eye-candy. ;) And, the map design is good as extra eye-candy would cause a large map to lag.

- large 400x400 map filled with strategic cliffs and forests
- day-to-night cycle
- plenty of unique events to turn the game around
- 5 possible randomized starting locations for runners

If you want to play it with me, my eso nickname is HGAlex.

Good luck and have fun!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
A very fun map!

The gameplay is extremely fast-paced and action-packed, so there is never really a time when you are sitting in a fort waiting for the hunters to attack. The instant build for the runners is a nice touch, as it can be quite boring waiting for towers and walls to build. Hunters recieve regular god powers, which makes their time playing the map both easier and more enjoyable. The hero that hunters begin with is also a nice idea; it's a double-edged sword that can help both sides, as if the hero dies all runners recieve a resoration.

The only problem I had was with when the hunters got extra temples; I was right next to one when they converted, and I nearly died because of it. If you gave a warning like I suggested, i'll be happy to raise the score to 5!

Balance: 5
The balance is definitely what makes this game great, and what will hopefully make this game popular then all the rigged versions on ESO.

At the beginning, the runners start on opposite sides of the map with a 40 second headstart on the hunter. I thought this was excellent, as it helped stop runners from joining up to create one massive, inpenatrable fort. When the 40 second is up, the hunters can rapidly create Heka Gigantes and Fire Giants and easily explore most of the map between them. Hunters also recieve god powers such as forest fire, which can help create holes in large wall sections. During the game, the hunters also are given many handy things to help tip the game in their favour, such as extra temples and a god!

You did amazing in balancing this scenario out Pepsi! Well done!

Creativity: 3
Although you introduced a lot of new concepts to this escape map, it still remains an escape map, and one can only add so much to the style of game.

I loved how you tried to make a small world inside the game with the beginning cinematic and various events that happened throughout the map; this was a very nice touch. I also liked how players actually got to see a native god near the end, and hunters could command it. Giving the hunters a main character to use, with special tactical abilities, was another good idea; the Amanra's could be used to jump walls and kill the runners when they least expected it.

As I said before though, not much can be done to raise the score of an escape when the syle of map is abused so much on ESO. Perhaps focussing more on the storyline would have been a good idea.

Map Design: 4
The map was just designed well enough to make sure players enjoyed exploring, was fairly tactical, but didn't lag at all.

Exploring this Amazon rainforest what very fun to do. Climbing over the cliffs and walking over the shellow rivers was always very exciting, as you never knew if some enemy units were hiding there. Although the design wasn't incredibly unique in itself, it felt quite real; this feeling was enhaced with the day/night cycle. The terrain was mixed approprietly, and I thought it looked very nice.

The thing that the map was majorly missing though was any sort of emballishment. I don't really remember seeing any waterfalls, bushes, rocks, sprites, or even animals. It would have enhanced the map design so much more, and would have only caused minimal lag if that. If you plan to create another version, that is what I would be focussing on.

Story/Instructions: 4
For me, the thing that made this scenario interesting (besides the gameplay) was the unique storyline.

The beginning cinematic focusses on a few temples and the hunter's heroes. A minion arrives at the temples bearing news.
"Trespassers have been spotted near the forst."
This really brought me away from the fact that I was playing an escape; in my mind, I was a trespasser, running away from the natives and their gods. It was awesome.

The instructions were lacking a little bit, but the escape concept is fairly known already so I don't think this matters too much. There is an objetives banner flashing in the corner for anyone that really needs to know how to play.

To enhance the cinematic beginning, I would have added interesting sounds and musics. I know you tried the fades, but couldn't get them to work, so good job for trying. Again, I would have also tried to make the storyline go deeper; great job in incorperating any storyline at all though!

Additional Comments:
There's your review Pepsid00d! It is a fun, fairly unique, interesting scenario, and I look foreward to playing it with you again sometime in the near future!

I hope my review didn't phail. :P

[Edited on 01/21/07 @ 11:52 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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