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Age of Middle Earth (Beta)

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Stephen Caines
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
AOME UPDATE ISSUE: 7 - 13.08.07

The AoME Beta has now been merged with Liquid Fire Studios modpack to be used as a basis of the forthcoming TTT and ROTK scenario modpacks.

As the Beta is changing weekly we have temporarily moved it off AoMH.

Those wanting to Test the latest release or play FOTR under AoME can get the current version by downloading the following files from megaupload:

Part 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H76W07Y4

Part 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9WKHZGXJ

Part 3: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RI6D3MRU

Part 4: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JXTD1SCG

Download and unzip all 4 files and run the install .exe's.

Once this is done dowload the latest update patch, currently:

Update 1.8 is available at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9J8MTYDF

I will advise on future updates from time to time.

Original Post



Release 0.6 (Beta)


Age of Middle Earth is a complete game makeover of Ensemble Studio's Age of Mythology: The Titans, and requires a copy of AOM:TT to be installed in order to run.

The makeover uses a modified version of the AOMX.exe called AOMEmod.exe. This in turn uses a separate set of .bar files which use newly named data files, ie. protom.xmb, techtreem.xmb and so forth. Similarly it uses renamed language files, ai files and user config files. In short, as issued Age of Middle Earth will have no effect on the standard game or any mods you may have added.

The exception to this is that in order to make the game AI work I had to reuse a number of standard units - Settlement Level 1, Villager Greek/Egyptian/Norse/Atlantean and a number of economic buildings. Inside the AoMEanim.bar file there are therefore _anim files with names used in the standard game. These files will have no affect on the standard game unless they are extracted into the Age of Mythology/anim folder (eg. using AoMED) in which case they would be loaded over the games standard versions.

If they are extracted, they will use AOME models for the units rather than the ES standard issue. This won't adversely affect the standard game, just look a bit funny. If this problem arises you can just delete the freestanding _anim files and all will be well.

The game will not affect LFS's Legends of the Third Age mod (which uses AOMXmod.exe), though it does share a number of units as the plan is to merge the two for the next installment. Unfortunately AOME does not run the existing LTA Scenarios at this stage.


This release includes an install script called AOME Beta - 11.01.07. Running this program will install all the relevant files into the standard Age of Mythology folder structure. The install does not overwrite any existing files (unless you are reinstalling AOME).

Once the install finishes you can either click on the AOME icon or run the program AOMEmod and the game will load.


Age of Middle Earth plays exactly like AOM:TT it just uses a different set of civilizations:


I have updated most of the online help to assist in finding your way around.

Elves, Men and Mordor all have 3 Major Gods, Dwarves just the 1. In the dwarf category you will also find a Major God for the Fellowship and the Hobbit. These are basically there for LOTR type scenarios (for example when we merge AOME with LFS's Legends of the Third Age that will use the Fellowship stream).

You can play as the Fellowship, but this is a very different structure to the normal civs. You basically start with the four hobbits, who autogather food, wood, gold and favor on their adventures. They can then create the other members once they have the resources. The Fellowship civ also differs in that it has 8 ages and 9 god powers. These just coincide with parts of the book and provide a GP to help on the way. Unfortunately I haven't yet figured out a way to show all nine on the screen, so basically after age 4 if you haven't already used the god power you lose it (sorry!).


AOME contains the work of a lot of people within and without the AoMH community. Sorry if I missed someone, but ....

Concept Development: Stephen Caines and David Bullen

Programming: Stephen Caines based on the AOMXmod by Ykkrosh

AI: Stephen Caines based on the Admiral AI by Kalus

Original Artwork: Daniel Govar, Lisa Dmytruk and others

Original Music: MscMixer

Modellers: Stephen Caines, Dnas, Joshua Hickman - aka FlipBizcut

Texture Artists: Stephen Caines, Dnas, FlipBizcut, Jared Vitt - aka King Jared, Waveslave

Game Testers: Petar Tasev, OrcMaster, AgeofKnights, Matt Jasinski - aka dackrendark, David Bullen, Sam Goosens, Urgwaine, Oscar

Special Thanks to: Lars Hillewaere - aka guardianofisis, and the rest of the crew at LFS.

Information Sources: annalsofarda.dk, wikipedia.org, tuckborough.net, patriotresource.com/lotr, valarguild.org, lotrlibrary.com, glyphweb.com/arda, fan.theonering.net

Development tools: Ykkrosh's AoMED, Vachu's AOM Game Text Editor, Discreet's GMAX, Microsoft Notepad and Paint (Dnas uses Gimp), Echo Software's Programmers Notepad, and Inno Setup.

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yay ill comments later
Khan And Steak Yay 5th Download
MythicRuler Teeheehee...I know this one...
Khan And Steak Holy quap! This is AWESOME! I have to review

[Edited on 03/13/10 @ 12:19 AM]

Khan And Steak
Rating: 5

NOTE: I am only touching on what could be said,

This is definatley one of the best (If not the best) thing to Download on AoMH! this has everything that you would expect to find on Battle for Middle Earth 3 and more! this has eveything that you could every want and more! once you see this, you WILL be amazed! it's like another expansion to AoM, with 4 new races, 12 new major gods, every hero, monster and thing in the LotR series (e.g. a Balrog, Shelob the spider, Nazgul, the fellowship hero's and Mumakil to name a few). I first played as Elves and was to amazed with all the new units and building also while getting used to everything (And ringing my firend to tell him all about it :])

whislt playing I found that I could research both gods/spirts to the heroic age. but that of course didn't bother me, as I then went and played as mordor. The vast possiblities can only just see the horizon for where you can go from here.


Additional Comments:
You may think that this may not be the 'thing' for you but everyone that liked the series LotR you'll love this! I personal own Battle for Middle Earth, and I would reccommend this mod over buying that!


On water maps, like islands, Definatly play on Titan, as I am between moderate and hard, and I played on hard, and slaughted them :) (you'll probably want to play at least Titan on land maps too :])

Congratulations!!! ~ Khan And Steak

[Edited on 01/24/07 @ 09:26 PM]

Aliblabla1942 A must DL
Stephen Caines
File Author
@Khan And Steak

Thank you for your kind review. It has taken about three years to get this far and comments like yours make it time well spent.

One question ... you said you could only get to the heroic age (or only got to?) in elves. You should be able to get to the Mythic Age (after building a market). Can you please expand?

dangarello Yees this is what i have been waiting for..
another lotr civilisation mod.
I just love them!!!!
I cant wait to play, i'm downloading now.
Khan And Steak @ Stephen Caines;
Ok what I meant by that is, when I researched the heroic age with one Towncentre, and then clicked on one of my other Towncentres I could age up to the heroic age again, but only the other god came up, so I got both god upgrades and powers. This didn't happen when I played it in single player (It happend when I playteseted a generated map in editor)

Also I have found a few bugs/could be inprovements that have come up whilst playing on LAN with my friend;

1) As orcs you can get the "Halls Of Mandos" which is a Citadel Centre, but unfortunaltly your Hall loses 6000 hp when converting, I was expecting the opposite to occour, but then again my mum warned me about thinking :)

2) When playing on LAN Lurtz and Gimli were created invisible, as in we could see their shadows, but the object themselves didn't show.

3)Archers don't have heads :( (thats in orcs and elves, not sure about the other 2 races)

4) I think that the unit infomation is lacking in some areas :( as I can't figure out how to summon watchers, and I'm also lost on what to do with one of the orc's mythic age God Power - "rings of Power" (as it you cannot target it on a flying Nazgul)

5) They may be the counter unit, but, the Nazgul get slaughted by elven archers, 1 archer killed the Nazgul that had just been spawned.

6) The AI is good on land based maps, but on mixed and water maps, the AI is not so good in dock-wise. The AI builds like crazy on-land but doesn't make ships of any kind. I do happen to know that making water and Land AI's is quite hard (or so I've heard).

Thats what I have found so far, as a reviewer to see this is what I could have only dreamed of let alone seen with my eyes! Please keep making this bigger and better as soon you might be recognised by ES :)

[Edited on 01/25/07 @ 06:00 PM]

Stephen Caines
File Author
WARNING: For some reason, selecting Information on Archer Units under Major God Varda causes the game to crash. The game will restart OK, but it is a nuisance. I will try and fix this in the next release. I think it is to do with link problems, but haven't narrowed it down yet. Other units seem to be OK as are the bits of the faketechtree implemented so far.

Also other known errors are:

1) The Invisible version of Bilbo is not invisible!

2) The version of Gollum is just a temporary unit, I have a slightly better one for the next release.

3) Halbarad (Age 2 Luthien (Dunedain)) can be retrained when the original has died a HeroDeath.

4) Halbarad and Galion (Age 2 under Ulmo) have a texture error that gives them AoM shoulder pads.

5) The .ddt format on the cape of the Legolas (Riding) characer is incorrect so just shows the player color.

6)Thranduil (Ulmo/Mirkwwod)is the same as Celeborn (Varda/Lothlorien).

7) The anim for Derhelm (infantry) is the same as Eowyn.

8) The shield on the Faramir (armored) isn't working (just shows player colors).

These and no doubt others you find will be fixed in the next release.

Note: Future fix-releases will be significantly smaller (
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